Wet n Wild One Brand Tutorial – Glam Look Lips On Point | Dhenok Pratiwi

Wet n Wild One Brand Tutorial – Glam Look Lips On Point | Dhenok Pratiwi

Hello! Welcome back to my channel.

This is me again, Dhenok.

Now at this time I made the video.

One Brand Tutorial of drugstore makeup.

What you also must already know.

Brand is very affordable.

and is also famous for its good quality.

Namely: Wet n Wild! So, yesterday I finished was given a package of makeup.

complete, from Wet n Wild and Blogger Ceria.

I had to create One Brand tutorial.

So, the theme this time is Glam Makeup.

I often really create the glam makeup makeup.

Because I like the look of bold.


So yeah, that's me! In makeup this time, other than I wear.

a given package Wet n Wild, I also added Wet n Wild a few products that I've got.

Because previously I've bought these products.

which is good and recommended.

of some beauty teachers.

I previously had this.

Contouring palette.

This is my favorite really, every day I always wear it.

Because it is so easy and really enter my skin color.

Then I also had, there higlighter There Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar.

the limited edition.

So because of this limited edition, I feel the need to have.

And this is really good highlighternya.

so should I enter in this tutorial makeup Then I had her it is.

Photo Focus Setting Spray.

It's really good tuh.

According to me using this spray setting.

before and after makeup.

Makeup become more durable and not easily slide Well then at the end of the video after all makeup is completed, I'll swatch lipstick.

Because I can lipstick loads.

so I had to swatch.

Yes maybe not all.

But some colors that I liked.

So without further ado.

We immediately wrote to the tutorial.

nah I'm done makeup.

Looknya like this, the result.

How? Like you do not? So far the hell I like products.

I hope you like the video this time.

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I will answer as much as possible.

I am very happy, if for example.

if you talk so.

I want to make friends.

I'm lonely.

So yeah, see you guys on the next video! Byeeee.

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