W7 Mega Matte Lips!review-swatches +English subs!

W7 Mega Matte Lips!review-swatches +English subs!

Hello!!! Welcome once more!! Today we are testing (we are not actualy testing it -i have already tested it) Today we will talk about the W7 Mega Matte lips Now,before we say anything else,i have to say i'm not wearing any makeup today I didn't want to put on any make up (make upwise :P) Glasses on! I have here two shades of the Mega Matte lips They are the shades,Oddball (a pink one-an intense pink one!) And the shade Hasta la vista(yes i know i said that wrong) Which is a very bright red! (See them once more) they are long lasting lipsticks They say before you apply them you shouldn't have anything on your lips But i always apply first lip balm Because my lips are very dry Even though i apply lipbalm i don't have any difficulty with the product Before i say anything else,i had one more shade,but it became a present (patience, the testing is not far far away) There are different shades,browns and pinks and reds etc I don't like wearing brown shades thus i have the bolds red and pink Let's start with oddball (now come the swatches!)(finally) (rip lamp) If i want to make them darker than they are already i apply first another color ,lip liner usually there are no rules on lipstick(even if they say there are) And here you will have the honor to meet my unbelievable old-favorite lipstick We shouldn't keep cosmetics for soooo long,not even a bit after they expire(but we all do it admit it!) Here is the "expiration date"kind of And this is what i apply first to make the listicks darker.

(blah blah blah) Now you will see the "clear" application,without any liner This is oddball in case you want to use a liner on the shade of your lipstick but you don't have one, i use the tip of the applicator and line my lips with it Now we are waiting for it to dryyyy And while we are waiting,i will brew a cup of tea ,to test if the color transfers! Tea is ready,the lamp is officially dead but we will continue no matter what Not completely dry but we will wait a little more meanwhile i'm gonna try and save the lamp Its not completely dry this is why it leaves a kiss mark.

We will wait a liiiittle more When it dries it doesn't leave a mark and wait.

and wait.

(thumbs up if you whould like to see a tutorial for that negative space ,triagle nail art!) My amazing neighbor takes care of the music for the video by listening music pretty loud feel free to dance ! (blaaaah blaaah) I have to admit that even i realise the practicality behind long lasting lip products I enjoy veeery very much the lipsticks-lipoils etc that i have to re-apply after a few hours And of course when you are getting ready to go somewhere you don't sit and wait for it to dry It dries on the way It is finally dry! and it doesn't leave kiss mark double check so it is kind of kissproof till some point at least (Anyone that follows me on instagram already knows i love mugs!) I have tested that lipstick on a night out after water,coffee,drinks and water again it was still in place something that i didn't expect As you see it didn't come off of my lips on the mug there is a lip mark but i think it's because i grabbed it Lets test Hasta la vista(baby) Also it is very important,when you want to wear dark or longlasting listicks to exfoliate your lips first sugar-oil,salt-oil whatever works best for you I will apply on my upper lip first the liner so you will see the difference They also smell great! That's the best i could do at the moment You can't see the difference cleary but it is obvious in reality Long live the neighbor! The result when it dries is the same as the other one the only thing that is different when you apply it on top of a liner is the color,not the lasting These are the w7 liquid lipsticks Mega Matte* Its is quite affordable,in cotrast with other long lasting lipsticks that the were about 12-15€ each Not that they are not great but anyway DISCLAIMER!Each one costed 8€ It is a very good product even if it is the first time to use a liquid lipstick The only con i found is the fact that it doesn't have great range of colors Thanks for watching!!!! If you liked it THUMBS UUUP! SUBSCRIBE to see what's coming on next! Follow me on :Facebook-Instagram-Pinterest See you next time!.

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