Universal Fluorescent Highlighters

Universal Fluorescent Highlighters

Today I wanted to show you the Universal BrandFluorescent Desk Highlighters.

These come in five different colors includingblue, green, orange, pink, and the classic yellow.

All of these colours are availablein packsof 12 but if you are like me and you are having a hard time deciding which one to get theyalso come in a multicolour five pack which has one of each color in it.

All of these highlighters feature a wide barrelensuring you will have plenty of fluorescent banana juice to last you a long time.

Is there even such a thing as banana juiceI have no idea.

But Universal actually guarantees your satisfactionwith these pens and stands behind them with a one-year warranty.

Because of the chiseled tip you are actuallyable to make both broad and narrow lines.

Let me show you I have my famous sketch herethe dog and you can see if I use just the narrow end you can highlight just the whiskersjust jazz up only the whiskers by using the narrow end.

If I switch to the broad end you can go aheadand fill in the entire picture in just a few brush strokes.

You can see that the drawing still clearlyshows through the highlighter ensuring that your priceless piece of artwork stays thatway.

Source: Youtube