[twinXiz: Beauty] B2’s European Drugstore Makeup Haul 欧洲开架彩妆购物分享

[twinXiz: Beauty] B2’s European Drugstore Makeup Haul 欧洲开架彩妆购物分享

B1: Oh my god this is what my hair is too oily, right B2: Oh, good dark B1: Ha slightly Hello everyone B2: Hello everyone ~ B1: That is my dear little back to Singapore Zhang (not a come back) B1:.

is stopping.

stopping the B2:.

stops short stop.

B1: She is just regarded her from Europe tour from Europe.

to learn? B2:.

Study Tour B1: Well then.

Study Tour B1: To fly back to Australia then it stops in the middle of Singapore B1:.

to live a two nights of B2: two nights ~ B1: Then she just bought a lot of European cosmetics cosmetics B1: So you would say that to do a record about that.


B2: Share ~ B1: Share of B1: OK ah good starts soon B1: too much nonsense B2: too much nonsense.

Okay, I'll go by brand B2: First of all it should be called many places this brand essence B2: essence I bought three things B2: This is the first shadow brush eyeshadow.

B2: And then there are two.

two mascara mascara B1:! Mascara! B2: Then this is the essence of things B2: the second is then catrice B2: Catrice I bought a few things B2: is the shadow.

B1: Catrice.

? B2: I actually bought this major cosmetics mostly eye shadow B2: first, then two eye shadow pen B2: It is inside powdered.

B1:? Oh powdered do not spread to.

B2: Then there is a sub-applicator B2: I do not know how to get that anyway should be pink in the head B2: Then you go in and then you get so used B2: Then.

I bought two.

anyway, are brown B2: are all brown nudes B1: good use of earth tones ~ B2: ah earth tones B2: then buy an eye shadow B2: And then there's a concealer B2: It is said that this concealer with the Benefit of the boi-ing.

B1: you've not used it? B2: I have not used boi-ing B1: yeah.

there B1: the purple one that you used B2: that is erase paste B1: Oh ok well.

B2: It is with that effect boi-ing is about the same B1: (I'm sorry.

) B2: Camouflage Cream B2: Well then like this B2: Then other brands is very random single individual B2: Bell's Face and Body Illuminating Powder B1: (what.

?) B2:.

that should be the highlight of highlights it B2: It is a cosmopolitan what last year's winners have a thing B2: like this then I think eh okay anyway, very cheap B2: it seems as if just for five.

five euros? B1: five Euro (RMB) B2: five of European B1: (Chinese how you so bad) B2: just bought two lipsticks in the open-shelf B2: Oh, I bought the brand for all open-shelf B2: because other large department store brands in Europe (counter) can buy it B2: then one is Deborah's B1: Then Bellaoggi Italian brand B1: Do you want to talk about where did you go ah? B2: * no reason * B2: for passion red and then one should be a nude color B2: I do not want to dismantle it B1: So you do not want to talk about your gone B2:? I went to.

B2: We are go to the Slovenia Slovenia B2: then went to Italy B2: Then go to the three places in Croatia B2: I actually stops in the middle and then a few hours out to play in Turkey B2: I just was not there to buy cosmetics B2: Then there is the.

B2: I actually.

this brand looks very cheap.

B2: But anyway, I feel very cheap to buy what ah B2: Then is BeYu or BeYu B1:! BeYu.

(ha ha) Be You Be yourself! B2: these look like and then I bought two colors B1: Ya be yourself! B2: No.

283 with No.

223 are earth tones B2: a is a partial orange brown B2: two eye shadow eye shadow ~ B2: And then another thing, the Italian brand Pupa B2: Blush is a B2: Then this seems pretty nice B2: You help me look at this tape dismantle B1: tape.

(indicate how discrimination against Chinese so bad) B2: Let me say something else B2: Oh, then you know that the air cushion is now very popular foundation B2: But all the cushion Korea Foundation are doing B1: Yes – (carefully unpacked ing) B2: And then I saw B2: I was in Croatia when there is just in shopping B2: then see a makeup shop B2: I then have a foundation cushion turned out to see turned out to be the Italian production of B1: how is it possible ?? B2:! Oh and then I felt amazing B2: then I said, no matter what I have to buy it really easy to use B1: Yeah, but it looks very cheap for everyone to look good quickly B2: Then is this Heaven Foundation B2: Heaven Foundation Lightweight Unifying Foundation B1: Heaven Foundation.

is paradise pink do.

B2: It is the Douglas brand and the store also called Douglas B2: So I think if they were its own brand B2: is like this then it is made in Italy B2: Made in Italy.

look ah made in Italy B2: I felt wow I have to buy it B1: But it's a bit cheap oh packaging B2: it is cheap.

B1: it is not like that of a general hard brush box is directly above B1: It is then posted up sheet B2: stickers B1: see God do you see B1: It is.

B2: Anyway, I do not know I feel good magic I have to buy a try B2: Then I bought B1: it is a little ugly look a bit simple B1: But we do not know it really easy to use B2:.

do not know B2: Then just that I think is very beautiful blush B2: it is like this B1: It is.

it will trans.

88 (light) B2: in this way is then B1: Oh ~ B2: You look very pretty I think that looks nice B2: I did not go to trial anyway, I think the color looks pretty good oh B1: Oh, a little purplish B2: the problem should be light, but I feel pretty good oh B1: * Well like like * B2: Then again is called itStyle B2: Then this is the last time I was the next day B2: In a place called in Zadar, Croatia B1: Zadar B2:? Then we have for a bonus free time B2: Then I said, eh there is a cosmetics (shop) went to see B2: call itStyle I think it should be an abbreviation for IT Italy B2: Then comes the IT, itStyle B2: It is an Italian brand it right, then the Italian brand B2: And then I also bought two eye shadow on this B1: What this is B2:? Cream eye shadow B2: a is a plum is gold.

intense gold B2: All over intense gold and All over plum B2: is a partial purple and a red rose is.

then it is a little bit.

it considered the golden Gold B2: there are then two and then two cool B2: What do you guess? B2: This is the eye shadow, but it is a rollerball B2: then it is below this powder eyeshadow powder B2: Then you seem so so roll on rolling on your eyelids B2: pink then it will come out and then you wipe over there B2: (I think) Oh, good magic eh then bought B2: quite lovely B2: Just like that B1: it is quite lovely still available? B2: a sign on it and then finally called Art Deco is a.

B1: heard eh B2: ah is a German brand B1: Oh ~ B2: Because I feel like B2: I was the day I went to try it eyeshadow Well B2: I went I tried it when eye shadow in Slovenia B2: I tried Then I went around my back B2: wow I can not erase this eyeshadow has been that I get a napkin to wipe hard wipe been indelible B2: to rub my hands were red I said, wow I have to buy, oh good magic B2: Then I bought it eyeshadow B2: it is a monochromatic single eyeshadow B2: Then you can buy it with their own then that.

B1: box it B2: So I bought a box of four colors B2: 14.


B1: Brown B2: Anyway earth colors B2: 14 and 94 as well as 508, 225 B2: ah then it's box is like this B1: Box.


it is then box B2: There bought a lip gloss B2: it should also flesh like No.

115 B1: look B2: for then the last one is its HD Compact Powder B2: this way B2: We mess Oh good disorganised B2: ah it's the last one is the powder B2: I do not know really easy but I think eh B2: I tried it can also feel is No.

3 B2: I bought No.

3 B2: then it is like this B1: I want you to look at this B2: I think it is not very classy feel very open-shelf B1: The Lord could not get B2: okay.

B2: But I think it is very beautiful ah not feeling very open-shelf B1: open-shelf are now doing very high-end B2: to ~ super nice B2: Anyway, just like this B2: for it this way it then B2: in fact, did not say a lot of things anyway B1: Yes, I found the thought so much of it B2: Because I actually bought back from Europe B2: things went to Europe to buy back as if B2: two pieces of clothing may be two skirts two dress B2: Then all these other B2: Why then did not set a good buy B1: So are you yourself do B2: no ah ~ B2: these two I was going to give you one of B2: two boxes are then B1: Oh ~ ok good B2: Then the other two also want to give you one B2: Then both of which I would like to say two gave you B2: Then.

B1: yeah !!! B2: Then both of which I would also like to give you two do not B2: a man a right to this B2: Then the other lipstick which you can you can take B1: Okay just kidding I also used up a lot of B2: these friends of friends anyway, there is no other special anyway, these B2: some are very basic very basic something it anyway B1: OK very good very good very good B2: ah anyway, so it B2: Then I would like to actually intend to share the spoils of a South Korean B1: Oh yeah, B2: it seems to have had two months do not know whether or not.

B1: Some mask run out.

B2: right B1: There it has stored photograph friends have friends B2: Do you want it? B1: I do not know whether or not it yeah B2: Anyway.

you have to see them then there slightly B2: If not then it.

B1: No slightly B2: slightly no B1: Look B2: Anyway, this way it today on the first B2: We do not like the movie is too long B1: in fact, have been a bit long B2: See you next time ah good then B1: Good byebye B2: byebye ~~~.

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