THIS IS MY FACE #5 – LIPS, CHEEKS, ETC.: Finishing Touches!

THIS IS MY FACE #5 – LIPS, CHEEKS, ETC.: Finishing Touches!

This is my face Part 5: lips, cheeks, etc.

I'm Kimberly Clark and this is my face.

Welcome to the fifth and final episode of my series how to make this makeup, this face Kimberly Clark's face.

Now you can become Kimberly Clark! Part one was my base, contour, etc.

Part Two, the eye, eyelid and glitter.

Part Three were eyebrows.

Part four lashes and it was now part five finish my makeup, I give the finishing touches, I get highlighter, blush, seal my makeup spray.

Bum! Bim! Bam! Bang! Zip Zippity do.

SHAZAM! So seeing term Stay my face, right now! First remove any dust that I used to bake my makeup, and my outline framework to ensure that everything looks good.

Using this fluffy brush Morphe, which is vegan line, I'll take the illuminator Becca in the moonstone tone, I'm obsessed with him, I'll put it on the high points of my face: cheeks, forehead, nose tip, Cupid's bow and chin.

My favorite blush Real Techniques brush, I will apply this Nars blush in Almeria tone, which is my favorite time, I start from behind the cheekbones and I go down to the cheeks.

Put blush on the illuminator helps it look more natural glow, but do not worry I'm still dramatic.

I like to add a little color on my forehead and my chin.

On the lips I'll start with NYX eyeliner in deep red tone, I'll leave the natural line my lips, especially on the upper lip is very thin.

Then we're going to blur this.

Now I'll fill my lip pencil in tone NYX Nude Suede Shoes and I'm going to blur a bit of both colors.

With Maybelline lipstick I'll finish all my lips blur, then using a brush lip I'll clean the edges, this is crucial if you have a lot of texture on the skin.

I will mark depth with darker eyeliner, applying it by the edges.

Then I will make even the edges with this Mac lipstick.

With a brush I'll blend all the colors that I applied.

I will correct this lip clown with my corrector, which is my Mac based on the W10 tone.

I am using a flat brush, and this base is so that coverage to cover this dark red.

Be sure to blend concealer.

Palette Kat Von D I'll take this bright pink and will apply in the middle of my lip to light.

Before wearing a white lipstick Mac but now use this technique.

I love it because it creates a real flash which gives more dimension to my lips and I feel that use shadow It is much more effective than glitter as it falls, is transferred.

Instead shadow sticks and maintained.

I'll take this Nars bronzer with a big fluffy brush and I'll spread it all over my outline.

And now I'll add a very dramatic lighting with Becca illuminator.

Now I add my mole with Kat Von D liner and finally seal my face with sealant spray NYX.

And this is the finished look! Here is her boys.

Here is her world! Here is Kimberly.

That was my face.

That was the fifth and last video of the series, Thank you very much to all of you who watched all the videos, I'm so emocionda and inspired by all your comments and for your support, by the special way we interact in this way and all that.

I hope you enjoyed it, this kind of documentary how.

I always feel very practical look back, analyze and learn.

Waiting in the future say, "wow I now see much better than before" I feel very good right now, being Drag, with this face and I am very happy to have this platform to share this with you and I really hope it has been exciting and inspiring to you.

Thank you for staying.

I'm Kimberly Clark, please subscribe if you have not, Give me like the video, see my other videos on this list, see my beauty videos, see my series and see all the good content you have this channel! I've been working very hard to share this with you and I'm proud you're here.

Thanks for being here with me and my face.

I'm Kimberly Clark, goodbye!.

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