TATTOO EYEBROWS AND LIPS? | Unique Korean Makeup| Peel off makeup

TATTOO EYEBROWS AND LIPS? | Unique Korean Makeup| Peel off makeup

Hi everyone this is Kimdao and welcome on my channel, and now I'll do something different on the chain! So I decided to do a series where I will test a lot of products coming from Asia and as unique And as I live in Japan it's easier to get your hands on products So if you want me to test some products tell me in the comments And I'll be happy to test new and exciting products! So today I'm going to test two products which Internet has become crazy about it So the first product is the teinteur eyebrows brand Etude House And the second is the Berrisom teinteur lips And these products are truly unique because it is like tattoos So when you apply on your face you need to remove it sounds interesting! I'm super excited to try the test so now! So the first I'm going to test is the Etude House teinteur eyebrows So what you do is you put it and you let it 2h then you remove it.

And apparently it lasts quite a long time so we will try that! So what is the packaging is very simple, when you open ~ Oh it's like glue false eyelashes.

So now I'll try to put it on my eyebrows, oh ~ waaaaaa I try to put the best possible But it's hard if you're zero for eyebrows.

So it's as if I had the crazy eyebrows and I do not know if it's spread but.

We'll see what happens anyway my eyebrows are not perfect ~ Someone should give me lesson eyebrows vraiument I stink at it ~ It's the really crazy air.

So now I'll leave that for 2 hours So I'll leave it like that and make my lips now! So test the Berissom! So it's packaging for teinteur and you need to open this section, And hurry to leave as a gloss for your lips.

Ok so hurry and apply it to your lips.

Ok so I put him on the lips and it's a little hard to talk about because it is still wet.

I'm so scared there and I can not even speak properly So I'll leave that for 10 to 15 minutes and remove it first and remove the other later So we see again in a second! Ok so it's been 10 minutes and I can finally take that and I can speak properly So yes it is already dry so you have just removed so do! Ok so go, Oh its comes off easily! I am really impressed and I love the color I did not expect that it is a beautiful color! So I feel my lips dry and there would need to gloss over too.

So I'm very happy with these lips is so beautiful I'll leave that for 1h, I'll eat And I'll do some stuff and we'll see how it teinteur rest and hope remains for a long time So I'll see you in a second! Ok so it do 2am and I will now take so let's go! So I try to remove it Oh waw! It comes off easily! I love! This is so cool! So there is still the piece here and there but it waw dyed my eyebrows so well! I love! I really like! this is too much! There's still the piece but you get the idea It really pigmented, I love! So as you can see my eyebrows are dyed now it's great! I just love it! It was rough when I put the product but after removing it is too cool! I just love it! As you can see this is very pigmented and I will use this much! And the lips as it is currently not bad it is removing a lot after I ate So it's not as intense as before but it's 2am and I have dinner And always after I eat my gloss, teinteur or my lipstick comes off But this one remained so it is not bad at all! So even after you eat and it is not as pigmented than before, To be honest I think it teinteur lasts 4-5 hours But eyebrows are great and I think it will last long trtès! And I think it lasts 1 week so I'm glad I do not do my eyebrows to 1 week because it saves me a lot of time in the morning.

So I recommend these products, I think they are great and yes you must Definetely test! Because I love the products! Anyway, thank you for watching! That's it for this video I hope you liked and I hope it helped you.

If you have other interesting products to get tested tell me in the comments below And I will do my best to get my hands on and test Follow me on social résaux if you want to see my life in Japan Also follow my vlog channel because I post many vlog over Japan.

Anyway thank you for watching and we see him in the next video! Bye !!.

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