SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes EX-04

SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes EX-04

I am Kazumi Obayashi, SUQQU Makeup Artist.

I am going to create an autumn look using SUQQU AW 2016 Collection.

This is a limited edition Deep Nuance Eyes EX-04 that is the soufflé-like soft texture fits to the eyelid to create definition and subtle nuances.

Using the attached brush, spread it over the eyelid wider than eye hole.

And then, apply it along the lower lash line slightly.

This is the limited edition Gel Eyeliner Pencil EX-03 in Burgundy.

Draw a thin line on the lash line to fill in the gap between lashes.

I applied Mascara Volume Curl from the root of eyelashes to complete the eye makeup.

This is Pure Color Blush 04 that creates extra-pure colouration and clear radiance with a moisturising powder.

Using Cheek Brush, spread the cheek colour (left) from the centre of cheek widely.

Using Cheek Bush, apply the control colour (right) above the cheek bone as a highlighter.

This is Extra Glow Lipstick 09 that gives you pure colouration with a natural glow.

Using fingertip, apply it to create a gradation on the lips.

The key point of this makeup today is the balance of makeup.

Enhancing the colours of pink creates a modern, sophisticated impression in a look of softness.

Please visit your nearest SUQQU counter to experience AW2016 Colour.

Source: Youtube