STYLE: Illustrazioni Beauty | Fashion | Makeup (tutorial di disegno Photoshop)

STYLE: Illustrazioni Beauty | Fashion | Makeup (tutorial di disegno Photoshop)

Mini tutorial of the day: a cool way to say I show you step by step the random things I make How to draw little dolls illustrations for a cosmetic brand! The firs tthing I make when I have to create the identity of a brand, a label, a person, anything that need an identity basically, is to look for the right color.

If you think of McDonald, you think gold and red.

If you think Nivea, you think blue and white.

Any brand has an identity, that's even chromatic.

In this case was easy cause I already had their colors: the purple of the logo, and some other colors I took from their website.

But I didn't used all the colors.

For example the first purple, because their new logo is more violet, and because I thought it was too cold and dark.

You don't need to feel forced to use all the colors anyway; you can avoid the ones you think don't fit with the illustrations you're going to draw.

I didn't use all the colors, and I created others mixing the previous palette.

2nd part, maybe the more chaotic and fun: the sketch, the part that will be the basis of the illustration.

To make the sketch I always use a very rough pencil-like brush because make me feel I'm drawing on paper.

and this help me thinking more quick, putting freshly ideas on the canvas, than using too.

presumptuous, neat brushes.

This part really no need to be precise, but well thought.

Ideas, more than a neat shape.

Indeed the doll's face is totally different in the end, different eyes, head shape, all different.

but I needed to decide the volume of hair, of the body, the disposal of the flowers and so on.

Yeah, there a lot of flowers because the name of the company is Flight of FLowers u_u And even butterflies.

I putted lots of butterflies because if you use the same symbol in all the images you make a link, a connection between the illustrations.

This helps too if you want to create an identityt.

Like a smell if you have a physical shop, or a jingle when you make advertising.

Like [Mc jingle ♪] I swear McDonalds didn't pay me.

It's just that's a company with a very strong identity, in every way.

Except for taste maybe.

By the way! Then, after sketches have been approved I had to decide how to realize the final illustrations.

In the end I decided for a clean lineart and colors a bit out of the edges 🙂 In this kind of works (cosmetics, fashion, all the beauty stuff) they often choose between 2 styles.

The first: with vector shapes and flat bright colors, maybe to give the idea of fresh, perfect and new.

Or, 2nd, try to recall the high fashion sketches, undefined, artsy, where you don't know where the hair finish or if they've ever seen a real woman before.

That finish-not-finish look that give you the impression they had a sudden idea and had to fix it on paper immediatly; very creative.

Me, I decided for a neat but open lineart and colors out of the edges.

In the coloration phase I used this sharpie-like brush, with a grainy, almost liquid, texture, trying not to be so precise following the lineart.

Once I did a tutorial about Lineart, you find the link in the description and in the (i) info.

Colors: I used obviously the previous palette but I mixed the colors to create a lighter pink for the skin, and a peach pink I used always for her cheeks.

While I gone wild with eyeshadows and lipsticks, using always colors to fit the outfits.

And the hair.

well, I needed something weir, but I made it grey-purple and aqua because I love Giada from White.

I'm a bit Gumitien addicted i've to say.

Plus it was perfect to give the girl a new age look, indipendent, fancy but elegant.

In this illustration, and few others in the set, there were decorations such as the tattoes and the flowers.

This illo in particular was special, because it focus on her face, almost a close up, and I wanted to enhance it.

And seen that tattooes are just decorations, with a different importance toward the body and face.

so I wanted to give them a different look, to make them more "light" in the weight of the image.

So I used the clipping mask, that I explained in the last children illo tutorial.

Find the link in the infobox or (i) With that I've been able to color the lineart of tattooes and flowers, making them more light and precious.

Finished that.

repeat for other 18 times to finish all the 19 illustations XD Obviously when I realised the set I made first all the sketches, then all the lineart and colors, all in stock.

Because otherwise.



Today's word is otherwise apparently SO, the video is finished.

I showed you a bit of the other dolls.

Hope this video is being useful and lot of butterflies to everyone! See you next video! Ciao!.

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