Sparkly Smokey Eye & Dark Lips | Ahumado de Ojos Brilloso y Labios Oscuros

Sparkly Smokey Eye & Dark Lips | Ahumado de Ojos Brilloso y Labios Oscuros

Hello Welcome back to my channel On today's video I will create this makeup look as another look for Christmas so let's get start it I start with the eyes because I will be using glitter The palette I will use is the Chloe Morello by Ciate London I applied the primer in my lids already and I am going to set it with the lightest shade of the palette Then, I go in with a transition shade to make blending easier later on, you always want to apply a light to medium shade in the crease first when creating a smokey eye like that, it will be a lot easier to blend the dark tones Next, I apply the shade of the lid, which is beautiful If you do not want to use glitter, you can leave it as is I think is really pretty like that but I am really feeling the glitter lately, if you haven't notice already I can't stop using it, but is all optional I am going to darken up the outer V, first going with a small and precise pencil brush and then blending it out to the center of the lid and up to the crease I always prefer to apply a little bit and blend and go in again instead of apply a lot at once and try to blend that it gets more complicate it that way Then with a clean brush, I go back and blend everything to put it all together.

Next I apply the glitter base to proceed with the glitter all over the eye lid I clean under my eyes with a makeup remover wipe so I can do the lower lash line I use the same shadow from the lid on the inner part of my lower lash line and the darker one in the outer part then I blend them together with the shadow I used as a transition shade.

I highlight the brow bone and inner corner of my eye to put an eye pencil on the water line which is going to be a bronze color I apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes then apply falsies to finish with the eye makeup After I am done with the base, I will leave the link below if you want to see that I will put some lip treatment on to get them ready for a dark lipstick I will use later on and then I will contour , I have to say that is the first time I used the nyx contour palette but I really like it so far I also apply blush and highlight with an eyeshadow from the ciate london and I also clean under the contour I apply lipstick, is a beautiful brown, of course you could use a nude or red with this eye makeup but I really liked this one and then I put a lip gloss from Anastasia in the center of the lip And I finish everything off with the Chill Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay Hope you guys enjoy this, if so please do not forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel.

I hope you recreate it for your Christmas eve and share this video so more people can watch it Happy Holidays! Bye Bye.

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