Review & Fall Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial – Honest Beauty Falling For You Palette

Review & Fall Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial – Honest Beauty Falling For You Palette

Hey, everyone.

Welcome back and hello to you new people,too.

I'm Courtney, this is Phaedra.

Today I've got a review and demo for you onthe Honest Beauty Falling For You everything makeup palette.

This is an eye, lip, and cheek palette, soyou get five eye shadows, one cream blush, and two lip products.

I bought this at Ulta.

I'm going to go ahead and swatch the eye shadowsfor you first.

I've already put Urban Decay's Primer Potionon the back of my hand.

This is the Sigma E47 brush and I'm goingto use it with the first color here, which is the matte blackened burgundy.

This is a dark burgundy with a matte finish.

It's a little sheer and I wish it was a littlebit easier to blend.

I didn't think it was terrible and you'llbe able to see that in the tutorial.

It's not really bad to blend at all, but it'sdefinitely not as buttery smooth as I'd like.

I'm going to apply this color right here,which is the chromed rose with this naked brush, it's an Urban Decay brush.

Honest Beauty calls this a taupe with a shimmer.

I guess it might be a taupey brown, but tome it looks very much like a brown with a golden shimmer.

I'm going to apply the gold color next, andthis is another Urban Decay shadow brush.

This is a yellowed gold.

I will zoom in close up on these so you cancheck them out.

This is a dusted copper.

This is another Urban Decay brush.

That's a sparkly, coppery shade.

Where the yellow gold is more like a metallicgold, this is like a metallic with copper sparkles.

The last color we have is smoked aubergine.

Honest Beauty says this is a blackened eggplantwith shimmer.

I really feel like it looks like a soft blackwith subtle purple shimmer.

I'm going to show you all five of those colorson the back of my hand.

You can see how pretty they are.

I'm going to show you the blush.

It's a soft pink.

This is the lighter of the two lipsticks.

It's like a dusty rose color.

This is the darker of the two lipsticks.

It's a blackened maroon shade.

I'm going to be honest with you, in a paletteI want it to be all power products.

I don't really like mixing creams and powdersbecause I feel like you're going to end up with the colors mingling when you shut thepalette.

Because these colors don't have much, if any,fallout.

I did have a little bit of fallout when I used this color on my eye.

I feel like it's not as bad as some palettes,but when it comes to ease of use, especially with a dark color like this, you absolutelyneed a lip brush to apply this color.

I like the color, don't get me wrong, butI don't really like this formatting for it.

I do feel it's okay for softer colors likethis that you can just apply with your fingertip for a wash or a hint of color because it'snot so hard to get it to apply easily.

The cream blush is actually pretty easy toapply.

I think it's a very flattering color on myskin tone.

The reason I bought this palette is becausewhen I saw it it really did immediately scream "fall.

" Here in Florida right now, it's ninety-twodegrees.

I'm trying to pretend like it's fall, butit's not.

It is so hot.

Still so, so hot.

It's one of the things I dislike about Floridais that we really don't get a good fall.

I love fall.

Fall is a great time.

I love pumpkin spice.

I love all of the things that go with fall.

I kind of wish we had a better fall.

I saw this palette and these are the colors,like the burgundy here, this dark sparkly color and the copper, are really the colorsthat I've been gravitating towards recently, so I saw this palette and I went, "This isa perfect fall palette for me because it has this matte burgundy, it has a sparkly burgundy,it has a pretty copper, and I like the gold shade.

I don't know that I care about the brown.

" Maybe I'll try it and maybe I'll like it better,but these three colors really sold me on the fact that I needed it.

I like the cream blush better than I thoughtI would, especially because it's a very flattering soft, neutral shade which works really wellwith either the soft lip or the bold lip, but I'm not really crazy about the bold lipin this palette just because I don't find it very easy to apply.

To put this on, if you watch the demo later,you'll see that I used a lip pencil first and then I went back with a lip brush to applythe lipstick.

I normally like to apply lipstick out of atube or a pencil, so it was okay, but I do like the color a lot.

This palette is $35.

As I mentioned, you can pick it up at Ulta.

One of the things I thought was really coolabout it is that Jessica Alba, who's the owner of Honest Beauty and Honest Company, teamedup with celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin to create this palette.

It's supposed to be a nod towards the '90ssince the '90s have been making a comeback.

Once I saw that, I could completely agree.

In the '90s I wore very dark lipstick.

I didn't really do a lot with eye shadow.

I did like super thick black eyeliner.

It was not really.

I was not good at makeup.

Anyway, but I really do like the colors chosenfor the palette.

Like these three colors, these three eye shadowcolors really speak to me.

I absolutely love the dark lipstick color,just don't like it in this palette in the sense that I don't find it easy to use.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and jump intothe tutorial and talk to you a little bit more about it afterwards.

Start by applying eye shadow primer.

I put Urban Decay's original primer potionand I let it dry.

I feel like most people don't mention that,but when you put on eye shadow primer you should make sure and let it dry so that youhave a nice bare canvas to work with.

I'm taking the color Baby Cakes, which isby Anastasia Beverly Hills and I'm going to use this as a base shade on the brow boneand hood of my eye.

I'm using the Sugarpill large eye shadow brush.

Basically, this is a pale pink color.

You could use a pale skin tone shade if youprefer.

Another dupe for this color would be UrbanDecay's Strange from the Naked3 palette.

That's actually why I bought because I thoughtit would be a Naked3 palette Strange dupe and it is and I love it.

I'm going to take the black and burgundy colorright here, which is a matte shade with the Urban Decay Moon Dust brush.

I'm going to sweep with on the lid and thenI'm going to blend it out onto the hood of my eye.

I'm actually going to switch to the Iconiceye shadow brush to do the color on my hood.

I'm doing the smokey dome shape, which meansI'm not going to go past the outer corner of my eye or the inner corner of my eye becauseI'm trying to make this flattering for hooded eyes.

I want the color to just be visible when I'mlooking straight ahead, so just barely visible because it creates the illusion of a creasefor hooded eyes.

I actually think the Iconic brush is really good for doing this because you can use itto apply a shadow or blend, and it's a softer brush.

Really you just have to pay attention to thebeginning and end of your eye.

To further blend this out, I'm going to takethe tapered blending brush.

Right now I'm doing windshield wiper motionsback and forth, but at the outer corner I'm swirling it in little circles.

This is just to soften the edges.

Okay, now many of you have asked me to stopand stare in the camera so you can see what it looks like when you're looking straightforward.

When I'm looking straight forward at you,this is what I see.

To me, when I'm looking straight forward.

Idon't know if I'm too far down or not.

You can just barely see the black and burgundycolor up on the hood of my eye.

When I close it, you can kind of see it'sa smokey dome.

Next, I'm going to take the smoked aubergineshade and I'm using the same Moon Dust brush.

I'm just going to layer this on top on thelid.

I just put that on the lid to add more dimension.

I'm going to take the detailed smudger brushand I'm going to use the matte color again, the blackened burgundy, on the lower lid.

We're going to take the coppery shade andthis medium eye shadow brush.

I'm padding it onto the lid.

I'm actually going to spray my brush witha little bit of Urban Decay's All-Nighter.

We're going to intensify this color on thelid.

I think I'm going to add a little bit moresparkle with Urban Decay's Space Time.

This is a liquid moon dust shade.

I'm going to go back over it with the copperycolor just to set it in place.

I'm going to take Anastasia Buon Fresco withthis Iconic eye shadow brush by Urban Decay and just soften the edges of this in the creaseso it looks better.

I'm using this as a transitional color.

I'm doing gentle windshield wiper motions.

I'm going to use the Urban Decay large blendingbrush to very, very softly blend on the hood.

I just want to make sure everything lookssmooth.

I'm going to apply the cream blush.

This is crushed pink.

I'm going to highlight with Urban Decay'sAura.

I'm going to line my lips with Urban Decay'sBlackmail pencil.

I'm going to take the garnet shade from thepalette.

I do not like applying lipsticks from a palettelike this, much like I don't like cream blushes.

Now, for the first time since I had my browsmicro-bladed, I'm going to put on some brow gel.

This is Glossier's Boy Brow in Black.

I'm just going to use a tiny little bit tojust hold the hairs in place.

I'm going to use the red side of Aura overhere and the Sigma tapered blending brush to highlight at my inner corner.

You know what? I'm actually going to go back with a littlebit of Aura, the highlighter.

This is my first time applying highlightersince I got my brows done.

I'm going to zoom in so you can see the finishedeye look.

I promise there will be no trying to makelove to the camera with my eyes.

Here's my finished look.

Okay, I hope that you enjoyed my fall tutorialthat I created mostly using the Honest Beauty Falling For You palette.

I really had fun putting this look together.

I think it's really pretty, obviously, orI wouldn't have done it.

I'm really, really into this coppery shadeon the lid and I love the burgundy for the crease.

I just want to wear the burgundy all the time.

Yes, the dark lips, holy crap.

I love dark lips.

I'm feeling these colors.

I love this.

I think it's a great.

What I think is greatabout it is that you're not overwhelmed with twenty or thirty colors in a palette.

You just have five shades and you can geta lot of different combinations with the five shades that I think are flattering.

Yes, for me, because I have hooded eyes, Ihad to use other colors with this palette.

I used a pale pink beige shade and then Idid use a light mauve color as a transitional color.

I feel like it works really well with thispalette.

I'm a fan of Honest Beauty's eye shadows asyou know, or maybe you don't know.

I'll put a link in case you don't.

I went out and I bought a couple of the trios,fell in love, bought all the rest of the trios and the other palette that Honest Beauty release.

I have swatches of all of them up on my blogand I've reviewed them all.

I really like the colors.

I feel like they're very nicely pigmentedand they are definitely more in that organic, clean beauty category.

If you are really looking for products likethat, I think you should check out Honest Beauty because I think they do a great jobwith that.

As far as I'm aware, the products are allmade in the USA, so that's another thing too if you care about buying products that aremade here.

I know for me personally, even though I lovethis color, I would prefer it to be in a lipstick format or a lip pencil format rather thanin this little palette because I just.

It's hard to apply dark colors without having alip brush and a lip pencil just to get them just right.

It bugs me, but aside from that I love thecolors in this palette.

I think if you're looking for a really easypalette to create fall looks with, you can do it with this because you have this greatgold.

You have the copper, which I think is outstanding.

I really love how the copper works with myblue-green eyes.

You have the burgundy, obviously, that I loveso much.

Anyway, what do you think of the Honest BeautyFalling For You palette? Please be sure to let me know in the commentsbelow.

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