Requested! Seriously Hot Marsala Eyes Tutorial!!  مكياج عيون بلون المارسالا

Requested! Seriously Hot Marsala Eyes Tutorial!! مكياج عيون بلون المارسالا

I have finished this eye makeup and I'll start by the other In order to get this copper color, I used the shadow of Kevin Okhwan named Titan It is a beautiful copper color, I bought all the colors of this group and good But this is my favorite color and I have two I bought him I will use Concealer Brush to extend the shadow cream on the entire mobile Eyelid Specific parties are still of course I will use a soft brush Zoghbia to merge This brush is not very dense and is Zoghbia which is capable of integrating this shadow cream You can adopt multiple pallets for this make-up, like Venus Palit from Lyme Kraam It contains a lot of colors Almarsala Jacqueline Hill Palit is also great as well as Palit Pantone from Sephora I will use Palit Venus today because they contain this wonderful color and name MUSE I'll start with the integration of Venus and my shadow Kraaishn And Sodaha on the eye and Sodmjhma fold towards the top Then I'll have a flat brush and I will use a combination Meuse and Kraaishn to Mayorma on the bottom line of eyelashes Then I came across the upper shadows Bambassly at the outer corner of the eye I will use a soft brush Zoghbia to integrate the shadows well last time Then I'll take these two Zlin Albracan color Almersala Pacific Sorepetthma on the eyelid mobile And now I'll have a black eyeliner from Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil In Bedroom Black It's a very sharp color, I'll put it inside the eye Then Somoh Kohl slightly this small brush I will use Aaleiner from Zou Palm chewing eye to determine I will make the colors more intense on the line eyelashes bottom by adding more color Almarsala Then I will use Lashes Marilyn from the new collection of Huda Beauty And now I will put on the Mascara Tarte Gifted artificial eyelashes Now Somlo voids Hawwaajabi by Mac Lingering pen Then I will use shades Rimmel Brow This Way number 002 On the inner part of Usher And now I will use Palit Coco from the Contour to Vaasd I'm excited because I got them because they did not send it only a few people I use some time ago and I loved her very much for two reasons.

These contain Albulaat on everything you need to CONTOUR, Alhaalenz very beautiful But I'm still the best Hailenz Kandleight of the brand itself, it is my favorite at all This Alhaalenz contains a little sparkle but very beautiful It also contains two colors Madiom Coco Contour and Arc Coco They are full face to nothing short of amazing selection, Dark Coco Excellent Face & Madiom Coco for chin and nose I'll Dark Coco first to determine the bottom of the cheeks and forehead on the edge This excellent brush, it is the number or 510 of Morph I will put all the links to all the products used in the information box This is an excellent brush for CONTOUR because long bristles and is not very dense And now I will use Madiom Coco to carve the nose I have already set my nose by Contour cream but now Sothbth powder for more dimensions I liked this Alpali a lot, only 3 colors they contain very simple But I think that the colors they have chosen excellent There is a light color and you can also use it to Tthbyt face but on my skin Vathhjadda Now I will not try them but I am sure it will be suitable for many people Sodmj Contour well by a large brush For the lips, you can adopt the color Almarsala or Alnaod I'll show you how colors you choose what you like most I'll start with the color of Alnaod and I will set my lips first Rogge then I will put Anita NARS Cosmetics Boys from Rogge will add Doz F Colors So lips look Alnaod with this eye makeup And now I'll show you how the lips look like color Almarsala By Alnaod will remove Gucci Cleansing Water This product is amazing, tried Take it All Off from Charlotte Tilbury and Bioderma I liked a lot of Gucci I was looking for the Abcetk Cherry Cordial is a wonderful color marsala but I did not find him I will use this color from my home NARS Cosmetics I had to do I set my lips first, I'll do it now I'll add little to my house Abcetk If it is a dark version of the color of Almarsala and I loved tune these colors I may be noticed that I have adopted this make-up a lot lately I will put links to full product information box for Onken Tsolnna always reported I hope not to be available to Tual Taatmkny from buying what you want If were not available I will try to find alternative I hope you enjoy your this video Do not forget your subscription, channel and follow me on Alanstaqram to the meeting.

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