Red Lips Makeup Tips | Giselle Ugarte & COVERGIRL

Red Lips Makeup Tips | Giselle Ugarte & COVERGIRL

Hey, everyone.

I am Giselle here withCoverGirl, and today I'm going to show you how toget this red lipstick look.

Let's get started.

First, you want to start off bycleaning and exfoliating your lips.

I'm just using a wet makeup wipe, here.

A clean canvas is going to make surethat your lipstick goes on smooth.

It's also going to extendthe life of your lipstick.

And then exfoliating is going to getrid of any old gloss that you have and any flakes, which are justgoing to stand out even more if you have a color on your lips.

Some people think that by applyinglip balm to your lips first, it's going to give you that soft look.

But really, as long you havea moisturizing lipstick, that is what's going to keepyour lipstick staying on.

And we definitely havethat with CoverGirl.

I'm going to grab my Lip Perfectionlip liner, number 215, in Passion.

I'm going to put this all around mylips, but I'm also going to fill it in.

Make sure you get the cornersand also along the inside.

And get that kissable lookalong the Cupid's bow.

Now I have two CoverGirlOutlast tones to choose from, a cool one and a warm one.

Generally, if you have yellowtones, a warm one is good.

If you have more pinkytones, a cooler one is good.

But you really just want to choosethe color that is going for the look that you want.

And personally, I like cooler tones.

So I'm going to choose that one.

This one is 925.

You want to find a color that isn'tgoing to make your teeth look yellow.

That is one of thehazards of red lipstick.

So make sure that you test it out.

Another reason why I lovethese Outlast lipsticks is because they really do last.

You put it on, and you're prettymuch good to go all night long.

Now, before we move on to gloss, I'mgoing to clean up the look a little bit with my truBLEND fix stick.

This is also going tohelp me get a fuller look.

You know, with red lips,I'm sure people are tempted to go outside thelines for a fuller look.

Not necessary.

So I'm taking my medium color and goingright into Cupid's bow and all the way around for a little highlight.

I'm just blending with my finger.

And now I'm taking mymedium deep fix stick.

I'm faking a little fullness by addinga little contour beneath my lower lip.

Now I'm just going to set thatwith my CoverGirl truBLEND in a powder tone that is just acouple shades lighter than my skin tone, the same color as thecolor that I use to highlight.

And this is just goingto absorb any moisture and keep my color from bleeding.

And what I've done here is I've foldedmy sponge for maximum precision.

And then last, butcertainly not least, I'm going to shine up my lookwith CoverGirl Lip Lava.

This is number 830, in Live, Love, Lava.

And put this all over for extradimension, shine, moisture prettiness.

And especially when you'reusing gloss, but always when you're wearing a boldlip, you want to do whatever you can to avoidgetting lipstick on your teeth.

So a couple tricks.

There is the finger check, whereyou go all around your lips.

Pull it out.

Better clean that off.

Another thing that I really like todo is brush my teeth before and after.

By brushing my teeth beforehand,I get any plaque off of my teeth that could otherwise get mylipstick to stick to my teeth.

By brushing afterwards, Iget anything on the inside of my mouth on the handle of mytoothbrush instead of on my teeth.

And of course, a mistakeis always sure to happen when you're going for a bold lip.

So I'm just taking a little cottonswab, and I'm rolling it around my lip, so as not to smearand pick up the color.

And that's my final red lip look.

Hope you liked it.

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