PRANAYAMA & EFFECTIVE TIPS TO REDUCE TUMMY FAT | पेट की चर्बी घटाने हेतु प्राणायाम  ऐंव उपाय

PRANAYAMA & EFFECTIVE TIPS TO REDUCE TUMMY FAT | पेट की चर्बी घटाने हेतु प्राणायाम ऐंव उपाय

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode we were talking about Tummy Fat, so let's take that conversation further.

You'll be surprised to know that consuming little bit of Red Chilli is helpful in weight loss.

As per the latest research , if you consume 1/4 tsp Red Chilly powder at night Then too its helpful in your weight loss.

Stop taking sugar and starch for weight loss.

Talking about starch, we think about potatoes but eating boiled & baked potatoes are not harmful.

But now a days potato chips are very popular, once potatoes are fried in the oi, It become very dangerous that increases you fat.

Don't consume fried potatoes as in its full of starch And the starch contains in chips get converted into fat Also minimise your sugar intake You'll be surprised to know that 500 ml cold drink contains 20 tsp sugar.

In summers people drink such amount that means you had 20 tsp sugar.

If I ask you to eat 20 tsp sugar, I claim that you'll not be able to eat more than 5 tsp.

But If ask you to drink cold drink, people easily drink cold drink up-to 500 ml.

So stop drinking cold drink Also stop consuming Red Meat as it not only increase fat but also increase cholesterol.

It is also responsible for several types of heart diseases If you are non-vegetarian you can use white meat and fish speicially But don't consume red meat instead if you'll consume seasonal vegetables that'll be beneficial for you.

Now I'll suggest you to do yoga if you want to loose weight ,tummy fat.

But people get irritated with the name of yoga, so let me give you its substitute This substitute is very easy and very beneficial Turn on your choice of song and dance freak out, the way you like or people dance in marriages If you dance on at least 3-4 songs, it gives complete exercise for you body.

You sweat and your fat reduces and especially your tummy fat starts reducing.

Now let's talk about remedy, take 2 tsp Radish Juice.

Add 1/2 tsp honey and 2 tsp water Do this remedy for 1 month, you'll notice that your digestive system will start working.

And slowly you'll start getting relief in the problem of tummy fat.

Do one more thing, drink Green Tea instead of regular Milk Tea.

You can drink 2-3 cups of green tea in a day as it helps a lot to reduce tummy fat.

People who lives in metro cities (buildings) Don't use lift instead if you climb stairs it also helps a lot to reduce tummy fat.

Use Bottle Gourd Juice, not only as a juice but also add it into your meals.

if you cook this veggie in minimum oil It helps a lot to reduce tummy fat, its juice is also very beneficial.

Consume 100 ml of Bottle Gourd Juice for continuous 3 months Its good for your heart, it will also reduce the weight Along with Bottle Gourd you can use Pumpkin.

Cook this veggie in minimum oil and eat it It contains lot of fibre and less in fat.

If you'll follow these remedies, very easily your tummy fat will be reduced.

Let me tell you an acupressure point which is in the centre of our ear.

How to find out in the centre of your ear, let me tell you The place where our jaw line finishes and our upper portion begins, place your finger there And start chewing Where you feel the maximum movement, as in I'm feeling here That's your acupressure point, press this point Press this point lightly for 1 min instead applying force.

you can also do massage like this.

This will control on your appetite that means it will not make you feel hungry.

Some people have craving seeing junk food, this controls your craving.

When you'll feel less hungry, your craving will be in control Automatically your weight will be reduce.

You can do Hastapadasana, as in its very much beneficial in reducing tummy fat.

Stand straight, bend yourself and touch the thumb of your feet.

Make sure your head touches your knees Initially you won't be able to do, but slowly when you'll practice you'll able to do this asana.

This asana is very much beneficial to reduce tummy fat.

Do kapalbhati pranayama as it also helps to reduce tummy fat.

Regularly start doing kapalbhati pranayama from 5 mins to 15-20 mins With this too, within 3-4 months your tummy fat will start getting reduce.

Also do bed cycling.

Laid down on your back, bend your knees and start cycling It also reduces your fat There is a major reason behind any type of weight gain.

Stress, Stress eating gets converted into fat.

And that stress increases your tummy.

So how to control over stress & stress eating What all acupressure points are there & what all remedies you should follow That all information I'll share in the next episode.

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