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Today i'm going to teach you, how to make PORO That is basically an Omellete but parsi style.

Firstly I'll teach you, how to chop the onion.

Its a different style, we call it Chhuna-No-Kando.

Here you have to mark cuts very close to each other People even cut it on the board but this is the authentic way of cutting.

Then chop it out, take a very sharp knife so that it cuts really smooth and small.

If you are making the dish for 2 people, take big onion Otherwise this onion is sufficient.

Mark more cuts and chop it very finely Take green chilli, as we can't put whole chilli in it hence we'll chop it.

Now add little bit of ginger-garlic paste, otherwise it will overpower the dish.

Coriander leaves Little fir of Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder & Salt to taste.

Place the frying pan on the flame and add clarified butter in it You can even put Oil if you don't like clarified butter but try to cook dishes in clarified butter only as in its healthy Till its getting warm up, blend all the spices with chopped onion So that onion gets all the flavour Else sometimes the onions remain tasteless If possible you can blend the spices with your hand or else you can press it with the spoon Now the clarified butter is heat up, here we'll break the egg And then beat it And your batter is ready Don't make it prior Else onion will leave the water and the omelette will not turn out good & will be tear.

Till the time clarified butter is heat up, blend it well and then pour it Make sure that all the chillies are not on one side.

Else you'll get all the chillies in one bite only Its necessary to cover it so that onions will be cooked.

We'll cook till we can see that its cooked and egg will not look raw from outside & will release its aroma.

Then we have to flip it up Its necessary to check that whether egg is getting cooked or not.

Sprinkle the clarified butter on the top like this Its about to done Then carefully pick the bottom part and flip the omelette.

Make sure that the clarified butter or oil doesn't harm you while flipping.

Back again turn the heat on the slow flame.

Let the onion cook inside, its necessary to spread the egg as in it will taste more delicious It will get cooked fast and onions will not be raw while eating.

Once its done, then after a min or so Flip it slightly and check, don't flip it completely unless its burning.

Your omelette is ready, its just right golden brown & delicious.

Normally you can have it Chapati, as a sandwich in bread slice, or like that.

But we enjoy this with some jam.

Take hot chapati and relish the recipe.

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Thank you.

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