Hi guys!! So, today I'm going to show you HOW TO PLUMP YOUR LIPS And make your lips BIGGER and WIDER Stay tuned y'all First, you're gonna need a toothpaste, Today I'm using Darlie All Shiny White.

And you also need an "Exfoliator Cloth" And if you don't have one, you can use sponge.

Or other SOFT CLOTH.

First you have to apply the toothpaste onto your *exfoliating* cloth.

In this process (exfoliating) you want to apply too much toothpaste onto your lips Just a tiny bit, so it will help the exfoliating process.

At first you may feel numb, but it's okay.

Exfoliating helps to remove your dried an dead skins on your lips.

Just keep scrubbing it until you feel there is no more dried and dead skin.

And after you are done, clean up your lips.

To get all the remaining toothpaste off.

And now, we're going to outlining your lips.

Make sure that your outline is (a bit) bigger than your actual lip line.

Well, usually I go a little bit over than the edge of my lips (lip line).

Because you want that plumped illusion (your lips).

Today I'm using eyeliner (gel) because my lip liner is gone and it usually works fine though.

Just remember not to line it too boldly or too thick.

Because you just want to line it out of the line.

just a bit out of your actual lip line.

you down mad libs take today I'm using beingplaced by revlon number 49 sorry the camera time and youjust a fly it over yaar lining your lip liner 0 this dilution again well pumping your lips means like tolisten to your lips to make it bigger and apply it all so your lips until ourlips is just too early and now we're going to you to bristol I lack easilyyou can use lipglass to make the catch daylight to make it more plan B to getall the illusions your lips to get all the attention onto your lips and Ithought you down applying the lip glass instead in with your finger to make itmore even and so that's how we'll get your legs eager release and if you likeit don't forget to hit the like radisson don't forget to subscribe me and if youwant the US I'm seeing just comment question below and I'll be replying youknow things guys dont forget to catch my makes video on a saturday by.

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