Pearypie x Kat Von D : Orange Eyes and Ombre Lips

Pearypie x Kat Von D : Orange Eyes and Ombre Lips

Hey, that's her story to Kat Von D and now I live with Pa Pa Pa Pam Priestley's pie !!! Ha      Â.

Now I am very excited yet Because this girl will show.

Tips for using cosmetics Kat Von well.

(Ah, lol).

The beautiful orange eyes of hers here, too.

Serious art class excited to sit beside her and Luke show up like this.

Do not dawdle too !!!! Then ask me I tried this product yet ?? Of course, John !! I'll start out this way.

That is so good prime alumni.

She was not one to press the pump as meals.

Then mixed with wash her skin color to match the two as meals.

Okay, then I will remove under-eye concealer with a little bit too.

Started off very Blend it with a sponge, right now.

New is also seen For the eyes, I want to make it look a little brighter this summer.

Luke, it's fun to watch.

a K.

It will focus on the orange layer.

It does not look too dark Nice This mix her lip color, two shades together now, right? Laver was just a little too well.

Do not Galore I think it was like.

That's pretty, right? (555) The next layer is then used to brush neat blend.

Cool started off pretty much.

So while she applied lipstick smeared her eyes on me.

It will use the same lipstick color lipstick to class with them.

Hmmm Here I will use this color though.

Very sharp eye! That's a new contour quad.

Every color in the palette is really excellent, very wrong.

I like it even more now The Daaa !! That's pretty much Then the color of her skin so much.

(Already yah) Kate's eyes when I finished.

It will press metallic paint down a little in the middle eyelid.

My next class, I will wipe my eyes.

Brush was measured from this nose.

Okay, just meet the eye, right.

Then I will paint this.

The highlight right.

She used a small brush head to head match highlights her eyes to me.

Then it's bang Patrick highlights over highlights another layer.

I would bang OK! For just this socket tattoo eyeliner class that I love very much.

Use it every day! Yes Of course, it's I think you'll be good at it! This is pretty much it.

Oh, this is great, huh cheeks! Her skin is warming much on this one! A healthy yet It's a pretty But I do not envy anything Hey        Â.

(??????) Amazing descent !! Love the sensitivity of the magic spell it! (Floor, waving at the second hour of my แhaๆ).

Perhaps it was like, what color it's very tight.

Then that class can use it all over the front of it.

Cheeks will be like this or like this mouth.

Also, it was pretty bang exhausted climbers.

I agree (Bo more) Geisha like you? 5555555 Okay graduated as an Cabaye (the teasing).

Floor mouth your mother made it difficult in the world.

Then came to the lip right now.

I like it Colored floor paint is just paint it a color that vampira red.

After that, it will use the same color as the doubters are now color (Damned).

It was dark and black berries.

I was wiping it down first on the floor.

This class uses two brushes.

Gradually add dark lipstick out of the corner of her mouth.

She said it would not suit me.

It would make more mouths floor dimensions.


think I will stick a gold star.

With silver on it The idea was to put a straight face about racism.

good! Go ahead! Look What Ya !! Ho !! I have not tried the top lip like that.

I know the track from the dark corners of my mouth, it gives more dimension mouth again.

That is why many people like to paint mouth style ombre.

But to start off than I'll fill vampira added to the middle again.

Just brush the paint a little more like me.

Then touching the mouth it here.

Her use of color is not the highlight.

Yes, I like the color of the floor, it highlights that.

Red glaring! 5555555 Most people do not use this paint layers that are not.

But like the style class.

After this, it will use eye shadow brush.

Oh Lowe Link to it here Blend it like when you blend the eyeshadow all.

Then look at me this story is what inspired my 555th.

She then cooled here.

Like my 555 Floor impressed that she chose a dark lip color.

The mouth tightly with orange eyes so chic.

Hey, look, she's fine with it a bright berry.

I would really like her to just use the eye (ie DOCE), but this name "Raw Power".

The texture was really good.

Colors like ruby ​​something like that.

I think I'll try it to see the mouth with it.

Just tap into it bit me in the middle.

It makes her feel like a dry mouth? Too much She looks good now.

Not lying Golden 555 Color Graham is now very clear.

Really? I'm really confused why 555 555 This glowing color, descent yet I love it so much, Oh My Gods.

Class so much fun today It's so cool It's the same story !! Thank you very much Thanks Ceaaaaaa.

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