My First Q&A | Favourite Non Toxic Makeup Brands, Non Toxic Beauty Guru?! LOL.

My First Q&A | Favourite Non Toxic Makeup Brands, Non Toxic Beauty Guru?! LOL.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi everyone, and welcomeback to my channel.

I hope you are well.

Today I thought I woulddo something a little bit different.

And I thought I would do aQ&A video because there's a few questions that keeppopping up on my channel and on my social media thatpeople keep asking me about.

So I thought it might bekind of fun to do one here.

So I've picked the top– I think there's nine– questions.

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So let's get into the video.

I've got the questions on mylaptop which I just sat here, so that's what I'mgoing to refer to.

So the first question is howdid I get into organic beauty? I got into organicbeauty because my skin– probably, it was maybeabout six years ago– my skin wasabsolutely horrendous.

I had really bad acne.

I just always hadproblems with my skin.

And I had tried Dermalogica.

I had tried Clinique.

I had tried every singlebrand under the sun to try and get rid of my spots,and none of them were working.

And, also, they were makingmy eyes water like crazy.

Like, properlystinging my eyes when I would wash mymakeup off at night, or wash my face in the morning.

So I was just kind of– I just thought that wasthe norm, to be honest.

I just kind of resignedmyself to maybe having rubbish skin forever.

And just would keep on goingwith, say, Dermalogica.

But then I discovered a brandcalled Pai Skincare in the UK, and that was created by alovely lady called Sarah Brown.

And Pai Skincare was organic.

It was SoilAssociation certified, and it was specificallyfor sensitive skin.

And I think I'd seen somethingabout them saying that it wouldn't make your eyes water.

So I was like, OK, great.

Let's try this.

So I ordered I think it waslike the little starter set, and tried it.

And within a weekand a half, I think it was, my spots hadsignificantly reduced.

And I wasn't getting anyirritation from my eyes.

They weren'twatering whatsoever.

And my skin looked a lot better.

I felt a lot better.

And I was just like,oh my goodness.

What is this organic beautyworld that I don't know about? So I started to look intoit a little bit more, and then that's kind of– I just started to keepgoing with everything.

And started to look atwhat the ingredients were in my products, in my makeup,and in my skin care, also in my body care products.

Just everything startedto become a bit curious.

And that's when I kind of gotinto organic beauty I guess.

And then I started toreplace each product that I'd run outof with an organic or a natural alternative.

And it started offwith skin care.

Then I think itwent on to makeup.

Then it went on to body care.

And then it just kindof spiraled from there.

I'm not saying that myskin is perfect now.

It's not.

When I get stressed out, Iget spots all behind my ears and down my neck.

And when my hormones area little bit of whack, I get them all down my neck.

But on the whole, my skinis just so much better for using organic skin care.

So yeah.

The next question.

What are my favoritenontoxic makeup brands? Oh my goodness.

We could be here for hours.

My favorite nontoxicmakeup brands would be Jane Iredale,RMS Beauty, Karen Murrell lipsticks, EcoBrowdefining wax, Lily Lolo– that mascara, oh my goodness.

They're the ones that– oh! Hynt Beauty concealer.

Oh my goodness, blows my mind.

Did I say Jane Iredale? Jane Iredale foundation.

Like some of the videosthat you've seen, I consistently useall of those brands because they are phenomenal.

They are absolutely amazing.

They are definitely myfavorite nontoxic makeup brand favorites.

Fravorites? Favorites.

The next question iswhat nontoxic makeup brands should Iuse for my wedding, or if I am a wedding guest? And I have this questionfrom a really lovely lady who found me on YouTube.

Hi, Corinne.

Good luck with thewedding next week! So Corinne had said she'd hada slight disastrous makeup experience, or a trialwith a makeup artist.

And she wanted to go natural.

So she emailed me andjust kind of asked what would be a good mascara.

And, like, some ofthe bits and bobs.

So I feel like this iswhere nontoxic makeup and conventional makeup kind ofstart to overlap a little bit.

And this is because whenit's your wedding day, or when it's a reallyimportant event, sometimes I feel like a littlebit of non-natural mixed in with more naturalmakeup can really benefit.

So for example, awaterproof mascara.

I'm just not entirely sure thatI would use a natural mascara if I was getting married.

I would recommendLily Lolo in terms of if you were atan event and you wanted to use a reallyamazing mascara.

I think Lily Lolois the way forward.

But for a waterproofone, if there's any hint of you wanting toblub throughout your wedding, then I'm just notsure that I know of a really decent,natural, waterproof mascara.

Now, I will try and find out.

But if you have a reallyamazing organic waterproof mascara that you know of,then leave a comment below.

But I just haven'treally found one.

I've tried quite a lot of them.

I don't know.

Hang on a second.

There was one.

I just don't knowwhat it was called.

I will find out.

For your wedding,sometimes I feel like a little bit ofnon-natural is actually OK.

Like you don't have to bepurist about this sort of thing.

So going back to the question.

Foundation, I would use theJane Iredale Mineral BB Cream.

I use BB7 in thecolor of the moment.

But for winter, I wouldprobably use BB6 or BB5.

For concealer, Iwould use Hynt Beauty.

For bronzer, I am reallyloving the Living Nature summer bronzer at the moment.

I would probably use that.

For mascara, probably Lily Lolo.

Or if you can find awaterproof mascara, then– I used to be obsessed withHypnose, the Lancome Hypnose mascara.

But I have no idea whatthat's like anymore.

I haven't used itin so many years.

But that alwaysused to be a go-to.

So maybe something like thatin a waterproof mascara.

I would also maybe think aboutgetting eyelash extensions.

Now, they are notnatural whatsoever.

And the fumes from havingput them on previously, they are just horrendous.

Like, I cannot deal withthe fumes in my eyes.

It really hurts for like thefirst kind of thirty seconds after I've had them put on.

But once the fumes havecleared, then they really do look amazing.

I think I wouldprobably get them if I was to get married, justbecause they look phenomenal.

But you've got to go to theright place to get them done, so do some research.

For lipsticks for yourwedding, I would probably try Axiology or Karen Murrell.

They've got reallylovely pigment.

So I think that wouldlook really amazing.

And then the RMS Beauty LivingLuminizer as a highlight.

Ooh, that wouldjust look so good.

So I feel like those would be myfavorite nontoxic makeup brands to recommend for your wedding.

Do you use anytoxic makeup brands? No, haven't donefor a long time.

Maybe like two yearsI've not used anything.

No, I tell a lie.

I have used a mascarawhen I ran out in the UK.

I ran out of myLily Lolo mascara.

I needed one because Iwas going out that night, and I think I ended up buyinglike a Maybelline mascara.

I used it once, andit was really good.

But I just– it freakedme out a little bit when I had it on, so I usedit I think once or twice until my new mascaracame through in the post.

So yeah.

That's the only thing I've usedin the past couple of years which has been like aconventional makeup brand.

Otherwise I just absolutelylove nontoxic makeup, so why would I evenbother, really? I just find it so fundiscovering all the brands, and discovering all these newproducts which are natural.

So I don't feel the needto have to go and try conventional makeupbrands anymore.

So that's a reallynice place to be.

Will you do a fashion lookbook? No.


I'm not very fashion wise.

I'm not very good at fashion.

There's lots of girlsout there who do them.

And I just thought thespring makeup lookbook was a really fun thing to do.

I want to do moremakeup lookbooks, but I just don't thinkthe fashion side will ever come into it for me.

Partly because I feela bit hypocritical not doing organic fashion,or like sustainable fashion.

But not right now, no.

What is your favoriteorganic hair brand? Hmm.

Tabitha James Kraan.

I have a lot oflove for that brand.

They are definitely thenumber one favorite.

But my secondfavorite that has come in recently from abeauty [INAUDIBLE] box is the Innersenseorganics hair range.

Oh my goodness.

Like, my hair feels sofluffy and soft at the moment from using it.

And I just absolutely love it.

So yeah, those are my twofavorites, definitely.

What organic faketan do you use? I use the Oasis self tanner.

It's a New Zealand brand, andI came across them kind of by accident.

And oh my goodness.

Fell in love with this fake tan.

When I went over toFlorida last year for my best friend's wedding,I had it on and she was like, oh, I love your tan.

Where did you get that from? And I bought her some andshe really liked it as well.

But I'm obsessed with it.

I think it's absolutely amazing.

So yeah, you need to checkthat out and try and get it if you can.

It's just incredible.

Will you do a "what Ieat in a day" video? Yes, I will.

I feel like beautystarts from the inside.

So if you eat rubbish,and you think rubbish, and you sleep rubbish,and you talk rubbish, then you're going to looklike rubbish as well.

I feel like the productsare the icing on the cake.

So yes, I will do one soon.

Finally, I getasked this so much.

Where is yourpineapple top from? Oooh! It's so fun, isn't it? So this is from a shopcalled Mirrou in New Zealand.

It's– I think it's justa bit of a cheapy shop.

And I saw it in there andthought it was so fun.

But I'm sure– blah blah blah.

I'm sure it was last year,like the beginning of last year that I bought it, and justhaven't really worn it.

But then loads of you keepsaying you really want one.

So I hope it's stillin there for you, or you can findsomething similar.

So those were my answersto your questions.

I really hope youlike this video.

It's just something a littlebit different, isn't it? It also gives you anopportunity to get to know me a little bit more.

And I would really love to getto know you a little bit more.

So don't forget to leavea comment below and let me know what you thinkabout any of the answers.

Or if you've gotany more questions, then I would love to know.

So thank you somuch for watching.

Don't forget to give it athumbs up and subscribe, because it wouldabsolutely make my day.

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And I will see youagain on the next video.


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