My Current Favourites: Makeup, Beauty & Fashion | PATRICIA

My Current Favourites: Makeup, Beauty & Fashion | PATRICIA

Hello everyone and welcome back here on my channel! I hope you are fine.

So today I thought, I'll tell you my favorite dolgaimról.

it will be a lot of makeup and beauty product But I'm talking about your favorite ruhadarabjaimról.

But mostly it will be beauty products.

And although always buy too much make-up when I walk in the Superdrug I do not so much that I could make The videos on kedvenceimről every month.

But I thought I was doing sometimes these videos When I feel I can have new items about to discuss So let's start it, I hope you will like this video If you like it, then do not forget lájkolni And if you have not seen my videos Then you can click on the Subscribe button.

I can also start with the most interesting part of the video.

As for the makeup! I bought some new make-up recently, but.

My favorite is definitely this mascara from L'Oreal.

His name is "False Lash Sculpt" So this before, months Maybelline Lash Sensational I used But since I bought it Completely forgot Maybelline szempillaspirálról.

So good.

Quite similar, but it is much better It really looks as if you would eyelashes It's amazing and I loved to use it.

It's just a little more expensive than other mascara drogériás But I think it's worth the price.

I think it was probably around 10-11 pounds Up to 12, so it really is not too expensive.

So if you are looking for a mascara Which is better than the mascara drogériás I can definitely recommend it.

So I was quite obsessed with liquid lipsticks lately And I discovered the Barry M from the "matte me up" Matt, liquid lipsticks Things are so good! Also I ordered the two from Superdrug.

One is the normal liquid lipstick And I ordered a "matte me up" lip kit as well.

As the color "pink minimalist" And that's what you're wearing.

Both of them were very cheap It cost £ 5 The lip kit and 7 pounds.

And that's what you're wearing (I know this has been said haha ​​Oops) And so convenient It does not come down to szádról You do not even have to ask again during the day, incredible.

So I like that better than the other Because the other was darker than what I expected.

As the color of the "go to" And it is a nude color is supposed to be.

But to me, it may be just because of the color of their skin but it looks dark brown.

What I like is sometimes, but not every day.

However, the pink used very often And really, really like it.

So the final make-up of my favorites This illuminator on the cheek Tanya Burr Cosmetics onwards.

Which is the color of "forever summer" And actually I use rouge and simultaneously highlight annealed Because I'll take up to my face and up my cheekbone as well.

I think it's a beautiful highlighter Love it.

Very easy to use And gives a very nice glow in your face.

Anyway, sorry, that light is a constantly changing But if you want to video specifically natural light in England Then this will happen.

So I continue my favorite beauty products.

The thing I liked best use This is probably the cream of the Zoella Beauty from.

The name "Wonder hand" hand cream.

I must say that the packaging of the cutest I have ever seen.

And the smell is incredible It is a very good smell.

Now I have to use it.

It's so smells good, I love it! And so will your hands moisturized I really, really dry my hands Even if you do not tend to bleed can I use hand cream But from my hands were very soft And this one is also a cream that does not stick So perfect concrete The packaging 10/10.

I love it.

Another thing I really liked This Pure Detox Clay Mask from L'Oreal.

It is basically a detoxification and cleansing mask It can be used two or three times a week And when you ask, so obviously quite funny gray But I really like these thick, detox masks When you "kényeztetős evening.

" And since my skin is clean, soft and become beautiful.

It is written that there is "Purity" and "Glow" mask So I will then try them out I loved it because it use.

The following products are also favorite with a face.

This is a rich moisturizing Nivea Day Moisturizer This is a very affordable price But enough good quality And it turns soft and moisturized your skin.

Since I dry my skin so I need such intensive moisturizing cream for.

And it was much better than the other, I tried.

This actually is the second I bought.

And I think I'm going to use this for a long time yet.

The following is a body Bestsellers And I found this from Dove By the name "Derma Spa Goodness' Body "Omega oil for silky smooth, even and radiant skin" And I must say, this is so good smell! And that is so beautiful, soft and hydrated skin will be I really like.

I have long been used in lotions for normal to Dove But it's much better.

Another thing that I was obsessed This lip balm Nivea onwards.

This macadamia and vanilla fragrance.

I feel I speak only smells good moisturizing lotion to this video But this is an incredibly good smell.

And I think this is the best lip balm I have ever used.

The last beauty is actually a favorite perfume And it is called Dreams from Avon.

It has been a while And I really liked the smell.

I think it's feminine, but also sweet I think perfumes are usually stronger avonos But it is not so strong and a little bit sweeter also than the other.

So it's perfect for every day This is what I used most of the time.

Therefore, I wanted to mention.

The next category of my video favorite clothes and accessories.

So the thing that I wore every day Without exception In this hour.

I wear obsessively, probably since September It was constantly on me.

I pick up, to show In particular, the perfect color, rose gold is obviously The size is perfect I like to be a little sparkle But not too much, do not insert your eyes But still pretty.

I thought it worth mentioning what denképpen.

I recently some ring H & M out It might also rose gold color to fit them in my class.

Okay, I can not find the fourth moment Now there are only three Add to contact them is to show So that's three out of four They are H & M out And I think were £ 4 Which is pretty cheap And I think very cute, I love them.

And then there was a little H & M's is just my order And what I liked best This is the.

The blue and white striped sweater.

It's basically just a striped sweater But I love this color I think it is perfect for spring The form is also very good So good quality and comfortable to wear This wore the university at least 2-3 times weekly I'm not kidding! And I hunting for a perfect black skirt You find quite difficult nice skirt Because of the thin waist and hip width So it was a bit difficult to find the perfect shape of the shape of my skirt.

But finally I found this Specifically, just a normal black skirt But I think this is a wide range of top of the stack And can be paired with a wide variety of shoes And really everything looks good.

So I think it's a very good piece will be the main ruhatáramnak.

A few months ago I bought a new boots also And that is obsessed with wearing So that's the starting Boohoo It looks like this So it's a lace-up boots with Chelsea And I like it so much And I think everything is going well Jeans, skirts and even clothes can go, really everything So it's really just one favorite piece.

So those were my favorite fashion article I participated.

And now I will tell some random things I have long been looking for the perfect makeup bag I'm talking about months Everywhere I was looking for a nice, big makeup bag And then I found this in Primark, 4 pounds! Can you believe it? So it looks like I've had a very long time I need one application Because I travel a lot And when I go home, for example, I can travel 2-3 weeks And we had such a large makeup bag Fit enough to make up for the time.

There was also a wide variety of patterns and rose gold Stuff So if you're looking makeup bag, make sure you look into the Primark.

One more thing worth mentioning The something I've talked to the "What's in my bag uni" my video But as I have used this a lot Organizer And I still love it.

I think it looks really good Inside, there is a to-do list, to do your cards well And it has calendar, diet, shopping lists, budget planner, notes Everything you could possibly need So I thought, I mention this And a lot of different patterns and sizes will find in this Paperchase So if you are looking for a new calendar, Organizer I can definitely recommend the Paperchase is.

And we got to the end is my favorite video.

So thanks for watching I hope that you liked this video Please lájkoljátok, if so.

Write your comments, to your makeup and beauty products which you used lately What are your favorite And subscribe to my channel if you're not yet.

And we'll see you soon.


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