Mermaid Eyes Makeup Tutorial with NYX Cosmetics

Mermaid Eyes Makeup Tutorial with NYX Cosmetics

Hey everyone.

Samantha here! NYX has a bunch of new products available at London Drugs and I'm super excited to show them to you.

Today I'll be using them to recreate a simple mermaid-inspired look.

Let's get started.

For foundation i'll be using the new NYX Total Control drop foundation.

Today I'll be mixing light, clear and cappuccino for my perfect shade.

What makes this foundation so great that you can build the coverage from sheer to full and the droppers make it really easy to do.

For my eyes I'll be using the new NYX Ultimate shadow palette in brights.

First i'll be taking this teal-y color right here and applying that onto about three quarters of my eyelid.

Next I'll be taking this lilac color right here and applying that onto the remainder of my eyelid.

And lastly I'll finish off with this darker purple color in the crease.

Lastly, I'll add a pop of color to my lower lash line using the same teal and purple shades.

Now it's time to line my eyes.

I'll be using the NYX Collection Noir liquid black liner to define my eyes.

It's my favorite because the small brush tip makes it really easy to make skinny lines.

For my lashes I'll be using the new NYX Double-Stacked mascara.

It's a fiber formula you use in three steps.

First you coat your lashes in mascara.

Next you add the fibers.

and lastly you seal it all in which one more coat of mascara.

For my eyebrows I'll be using the NYX Love Contours All face pallette.

Inside you'll find everything from eye shadows to highlight and contour shades to eyebrow powders.

I'll be using this dark shade right here for my eyebrows.

Next from this palette I'll be using this shade as a highlight and this shade as a contour.

Lastly onto the lips.

I'll be using the hugely popular NYX liquid suede lipstick, which also comes in matching lip liners.

The lip liners go on super smooth and help to define the lip area.

Today I'll be using the liquid suede lipsticks and suede matte lip liner, both in Soft Spoken.

And there you have it! A simple mermaid-inspired look that's fun, yet wearable.

All of these products I showed you today can be found at londondrugs.


My name is Samantha – a beauty advisor at London Drugs.

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