Masha get’s her hair and makeup done with Minnie’s Beauty Set

Masha get’s her hair and makeup done with Minnie’s Beauty Set

(You can hear space sounds) (You can hear a siren) (You can hear space sounds) Robotoy: Hi boys and girls and welcome toTOYS on the go! Robotoy: If you like this video, don't forgetto give it the thumbs up and share it with all your friends Robotoy: Ah! And subscribe to the channel to see new videosevery day! (You can hear feet skating) Hi boys and girls and welcome to TOYS on thego! Today we’re going to play with Minnie’sbeauty set Masha creates a really cool hairstyle.

And she also puts on makeup Would you like to aswell? Let’s start…! Look at how many hairdressing accessoriesand beauty products Minnnie’s got On this side it explains what each one is Minnie: Hi friends! Welcome to my beauty salon Minnie: I’m going to show you some tricksso you can make yourselves look even more beautiful, ok? How cool Minnie! Hey, you’ve got loads of super cool accessories Mascara for your eyelashes.

A hairdryer.

How cool, a box full of bows You can spin it around and choose whicheverone you like That’s so cool! There are also some other cardboard accessoriessuch as this mobile phone Or these sunglasses Aren’t they cool? Look boys and girls! Here comes Masha Masha: Hi friends! I’m looking for a beauty salon to make myselflook really pretty because I’ve been invited to a birthday party Minnie: You’ve come to the right place Minnie: What would you like to get done? Masha: I want to get my hair and makeup done Minnie: Let’s begin Masha: I’m going to take my headscarf off Masha: Isn’t my hairstyle cool? Minnie: It’s great, it’s really in fashionright now And I know what I’m talking about, hee hee hee Minnie: First I’m going to wash your hair Minnie (singing): La la la la la la la Minnie: We’re going to keep this cool cutthat you have Minnie: Let’s dry your hair Minnie: And now comb it Wow, Masha you’re starting to look stunning Masha: Yes, that’s because I am really beautiful Minnie I’m going to help you a bit, is thatalright? Look Masha, I’m going to put a little colouron your lips.

It’s natural and you won’t notice it much And mascara to make your eyelashes stand out,ok? Masha: Hee hee hee, how cool! Now I’m going to use one of the cardboardaccessories It’s a brush for the blusher I’m going to put a little colour on thesesweet little freckles you have Would you like me to? Masha: That’s so cool! Would you like me to paint your nails? Masha: Yeah! cool…! They’re going to be amazed when they seeme! A little perfume here.

And here.

And now I’m going to put one of Minnie’sheadbands with super cool bows on you, ok? Look, the headband has a big bow on it, butyou can change them for these small coloured ones Do you like it like this Masha? Masha: Incredible, it’s so cool! Masha: But I prefer my headscarf No problem, I’ll put on your headscarf Put your head in Like this You’re as beautiful as always Masha: Hey Minnie, I loved your beauty salon Minnie: Yes, you’re unrecognisable… For those who don’t know you of course,hee hee hee Why don’t you put on your headband Minnie? Both of you look stunning! Did you like the beauty salon? Let me know in the comments box, ok? And subscribe to the channel to see more videosfrom TOYS on the go! every day! Bye boys and girls, see you in the next video…!.

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