MASHA FRANTSEVICH Make-up Tutorial | Beauty Fix

MASHA FRANTSEVICH Make-up Tutorial | Beauty Fix

My name is Masha Frantcevich and I'll show you how to do a light summer makeup.

To begin with, we need Micellar water to clean the skin, I have got Vichy.

Next, we moisturize the skin with cream that suits you, I have Embryolisse.

Next, go to the foundation, my MAC C1 shade, but also moisturizing, because the skin of the model is dry enough.

This is light foundation to avoid differences from face to neck.

I use concealer in a shade Estée Lauder C1 and use MAC Pro Longwear concealer of NC 15 shade.

Further according to the plan we have a slight face correction, I have cream concealer Becca here.

Then I turn to blush.

Mine is Bobby Brown cream blush, it can also be used as lip gloss.

For the eyes I use MAC Paint Pot in the shade of Point Ground Work.

They are well used as a base, but also provide beautiful colour, which fits all, because it magically adapts to any skin shade.

Paint Pot we put on top lower eyelid as a base and toning of the background.

Now we take Kiko Eyeshadow.

This light golden veil which helps us to shade borders so that they would be more like a haze.

Now it seems to me that the eyes are not bright, and make-up as a whole cannot be read, so from the mosaic Mac Smoke Lux I chose coffee shade and add it to the corner of the eye.

We have emphasized the eyes' color, and the whole shape of the eyes become more expressive.

In order for us not to overload makeup with active eyelashes, because the girl is tender and beautiful, I first tint her eyelashes with transparent gel for eyebrows, it gives us the effect of wet, slightly matted eyelashes, and since they are not very bright I am finishing them with Helena Rubinstein mascara.

Now I am taking the mosaic, Anastasia Beverly Hills, here is taupe eyebrows shadow, we stain the shape of eyebrows and then comb eyebrow transparent gel and to the top, I add a little golden eyeliner to her eyebrows to look a little more elegant, still it is summer, and want everything on the face shine.

Finally this powder to fix the makeup so that it lasted right up to the evening, when you suddenly get out of the house in the morning, and if you go out at night to last until the morning.

The main thing I want to tell you about summer makeup.

Please do not overload your skin with makeup, because at high temperature cosmetics may not behave the way you planned.

That's all.

Masha Frantcevich was here with you.


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