March Beauty Favorites + Disappointing Beauty Products 2017 | Cruelty Free Makeup

March Beauty Favorites + Disappointing Beauty Products 2017 | Cruelty Free Makeup

Hey, guys.

Welcome back and hello to you new people too.

Today, I'm bringing you my March beauty favoritesand disappointing products.

So the first thing that I'm loving is my GlamTechpalette.

I bought this on Etsy.

They're from a seller that's over in likeKissimmee or they're sort of in central Florida.

They make custom palettes.

Basically after the whole Z Palette fiasco,I was like "Oh, I'm not going to buy anymore Z Palettes.

" I started looking into alternatives, and Ireally, really liked this one.

This is a custom palette, and I had them doa spray of stars on it so it has orange, pink, and purple stars.

I ordered two more, but they're not here yet.

It's really sturdy.

It is not made of cardboard.

The lid is magnetized.

It's really great for travel so you just takeoff the lid, and then it holds whatever eyeshadows and stuff you want.

In mine I have two of the Lunatic CosmeticsLabs contour shades.

I have my NARS Olympia contour, NARS New York.

These are Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and thenthese are ColourPop eyeshadows.

I think that might be an Anastasia BeverlyHills eyeshadow.

Basically, you can fit whatever you want intothe palette and it will stick around.

They have them in more designs than this.

Like I said, I ordered two more so I'll beshowing you those whenever they come in.

It was just great to find an indie alternative,and they're a local Florida business so that's really cool.

Next would be my new brush holders.

These are also from a local Florida business.

They're in Clearwater.

I bought one of these to try it out and thenbought a second one.

This is their glitter black coffin.

Like I said, I have a second one over here.

I needed a way to organize my makeup brushes,and this is great.

The problem I have with my makeup brushesis that my Real Techniques brushes are really, really fat at the end so I was having troublewith the other brush holders that I had that they basically didn't fit.

I didn't want to keep buying small cups sothis basically let me get rid of all of my other brush holders so that I only have twobrush holders like this, and I don't have to have all of my little cups around hereanymore filled with different brushes which is great.

I like how these two compartments are shorterthan the ones back here.

These are great for eye brushes, and theseare great for like face brushes.

I just love it, and I think it's cool.

This is probably going to be a weird favoritesmonth so I hope that's okay.

My next favorite will be the NYX Pro FoundationMixer in Opalescent.

The reason I love this so much and the reasonit made my list for the month is that I can use this to make foundations that were previouslyunwearable for me like the Kat Von D Lock-It 41 and I can wear them because.

I don'tknow.

It just does something so that it's not sodry on my skin so it doesn't cling to dry patches.

It's a miraculous little product for me.

I really like it, and it doesn't change thecolor of the foundations.

All it does is give it like a sheen whichmakes it more flattering on my dry skin so it's not flat and matte.

The next product I don't have in here becauseit's in my bathroom.

It's the Eva New York Mane Magic 10-in-1 primer.

This stuff is awesome.

Basically what it is is it's like a heat protectantand it's a detangler and it's a moisturizer and everything like that so you can use iton your hair.

I just recolored my hair, by the way.

What do you think? I love the color.

But anyway, I took that primer with me tothe Makeup Show Orlando a couple weekends ago, and I used it basically before I flat-ironedby hair.

My hair stayed perfect all weekend which mademe happy.

Then I just used it a little while ago tonightafter I dyed my hair, washed my hair, and then went to blow dry it.

I used it, and it's just nice and soft.

I like it.

It's basically not too heavy or greasy.

Sometimes I feel like the thermal protectantsthat I've tried when they're in like a spritz bottle like that get really heavy or greasyin my hair, and this doesn't do that.

This is almost like a very light fine mist.

It's like perfect.

What's great is it's also good for my husband'shair.

He has more of an oily hair type, and he canuse it as well so really pleased with it.

The next product I'm loving are the UrbanDecay Vice Lipstick Special Effects Topcoats.

I'm sure this comes as no surprise becauseI've been wearing them and talking about them like crazy on my Instagram feed.

I have actually two of them on right now.

This is Litter and White Lie.

I just love them.

They are so much fun.

I will put a link to my video up here somewhereso you can go check that out to see all of these colors swatched, and let me know whatyou think.

But I love them.

They are a blast to play with.

The next item on my list is activated charcoal.

You can get this anywhere.

You can it on Amazon.

You can get it from Whole Foods.

You can probably get it from Walgreens.

I've been loving making my own DIY charcoalmasks.

I've made masks with honey.

I've made them with clay.

I made a carbonated bubble clay mask.

Basically, it's just really easy.

You just take these little pills.

They're like little gel capsules, and youjust pull them apart and then you can make a mask with it.

It's just been a lot of fun.

There are so many different recipes for masksonline that you can just do.

You can find anything that you need for yourskin, but this is great for like acne-prone skin.

It's good for dry skin.

It's good for just.

I don't know.

I feel like it's good for everything withyour face so it's a lot of fun.

I'll put a link to a couple of my favoriterecipes in the description box if you want to check those out.

So the next product on my list are nail polish,and they would be GlitterDaze Moonbeam and Trust Fund Beauty Boy Tears.

I've been wearing these a ton.

They're actually the accent nail on my hand,the unicorn nail.

Basically, the Moonbeam color is like a silvercolor with like a lavender blue shift.

I don't know why, but that just to me screamslike unicorn like either unicorn hide or unicorn horn.

Then when you put Boy Tears on top, whichis just hilariously named glitter, it just pushes it over the edge and makes it somethingspecial.


I just love how they look.

The rest of the colors on my nails are A England.

I can't remember the name, but I'll put it in the description box below.

I think it's like Waves or Making Waves.

Something like that.

Then I also used KBShimmer color that's calledShe's Beyond Kelp as like my little accent back at the cuticle line.

So fun colors.

More so than eyeshadow this month, I havereally been focused on lips, and I've got four lip products to show you.

The first things I'm wearing.

This is Urban Decay's Rush Pencil which seemsto be just a great sort of natural lip color.

It works really well with my normal lip color,and it goes with this Fairy Girl Rose Goddess Matte Liquid Lipstick which I have on.

I also, as I mentioned, put on the Vice SpecialEffects Topcoat on top of it.

This is a great color for everyday if youjust want like a soft kind of pinky color.

This is a good color to reach for.

Now for all of the lip art that I've beendoing when I want to do something bold, I almost always go for Perversion which is myfavorite black.

This is the best black lipstick that I ownin my opinion.

I think it's amazing.

When I want something super bright, I'm puttingon Frenemy which is super bright pink.

My last favorite that I'm sure comes as nosurprise is Makeup Geek Celestial.

I wear this almost every single day.

I'm not wearing it today for once.

Today I'm actually wearing Moon Phase whichis the other iridescent highlighter that I really like from Makeup Geek, but I'm continuingto work on panning this.

I don't know if you can see.

I've made a pretty good dip in it at thispoint.

I just love this color.

I love the like pinky-purple iridescent shift,and I think it looks great on my skin tone.

All right.

Now on to my disappointing products.

So first up would actually be the Milani eyeshadowprimer.

I thought this was a great drugstore primerfor me, but I was wrong.

When I recently swatched a whole bunch ofeyeshadows, I noticed that this turns very yellow on my skin.

That's a problem because that's part of whyI think I kept having problems with my eyeshadows where I would get like orangey-browny up herein my transition.

I was like "Why is this happening? What is going on?" It's because of this primer so this is nota good eyeshadow primer for me.

It's a good option, I'm sure, for a ton ofother people, and I thought it was a great drugstore option.

But no, not good for me.

Do not like.

Don't like it when things turn orange andbrown.

My other disappointing product would be theTarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Two.

Now this is a gorgeous looking palette.

It's supposed to be a cool tone palette, butlook at this palette.

Does this look cool toned to you? No.

It claims to be cool toned, but it's not.

It has two cool toned shades in it.

All of the rest of the colors are warm.

They are distinctly warm.

It claims to have a formula that doesn't needeyeshadow primer, but that is a lie at least on my hooded eyes.

In addition to that, one of the other problemsI ran into is that no matter what eyeshadow primer I used, in about 20 minutes at leastin certain places it would crease or wear off which really sucked.

Now I have to say that I like how this formulaapplies and feels much more so than the Tarteist Pro Palette or the Swamp Queen Palette.

I find this palette much easier to apply andto blend while those palettes I feel like take a lot more work on my part.

The fact that this basically will just comeoff and crease on me in like 20 minutes, that's no good.

That sucks.

I was completely disappointed with this.

I wish I could return it, but I don't thinkI can.

I think I've had it too long.

The only silver lining for me trying thispalette and hating it is that it kept me from buying the Unicorn palette which I think looksgorgeous, but I'm betting that that eyeshadow formula is not going to work for me anymorethan this eyeshadow formula does.

So, yeah.

Anyway those are my favorites and disappointingproducts for the month of March.

What were your favorites and disappointments? Please be sure to let me know in the commentsbelow.

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