Makeup for Older Women: Define Your Eyes and Lips Over 70

Makeup for Older Women: Define Your Eyes and Lips Over 70

Makeup tutorial for Mature Women Hi! Should you wear eye makeup when youget into your seventies? Well of course you should in fact if you apply eye makeup you can lookprettier, healthier and of course younger.

My name is Tricia and I'm Founder and MD of Look FabulousForever and we make products specifically formulated for older eyes, faces and lips.

This video is going toshow you how to apply some really beautiful eye makeup so that you can bring back some contrastinto your face, to find your eyes better and look reallylovely.

Our model for this video is Angie and shehas given me permission to tell you that she is 74.

So she's a perfect model to show you eye makeup forher age group and our makeup artist is Linda and Linda is going to show you all thetechniques that she's going to use to make Angie's eyes look fabulous.

Linda is going to start with the eye primeronto Angie's eye lids.

This is a really useful product when you're older and as you can see with her eyes closed, Angie's eyelids are slightly discoloured.

The effect of the eye primer because its flesh coloured, is toneutralise that whole area.

And linda is putting it on with a brushand she smoothing it in and allowing it todry.

Can you see how that works really well and now on tothe other eye.

What's brilliant about the eye prime itwill make your eye makeup last a lot longer, as well as neutralising the colour on youreyelid.

So it has this dual function really.


Now the next area that we'regoing to deal with – can you see how that corner and inner part of Angie's eyes are quite blue.

The ageingprocess makes our eyes look quite hollow and anything that you can do to reduce theeffect of that hollowness is important and the best way to dealwith it is using concealer.

So our concealer is quite creamy and you can use the same colour as thebase that you have used.

So on Angie we've used Base 02.

So we're going to use conceal 02 now.

Both under her eyes and also into that innercorner.

You do have to be careful with concealeras you age because if your skin is extremely dry then it can look quite flakey on top of the skin.

One way around that is to make sure you drink lots of waterof course but also that you exfoliate regularly and that will get rid of any dry skin or scaly skin that you've got onthe surface.

It means you're putting the makeup ontoyour skin and not onto the dead skin cells on top.

So just blending that really wellmaking sure that there aren't any hard edges.

So can you see herehow Linda is concentrating that conceal really into that corner area as well asthe under eye area? It is very very important to cover that as much as you possiblycan, it will make a huge difference to the eye makeup once we've got it on.

if you do this properly, there we go, that's better.

So what we want to do, we want tomake Angie's eyelids lighter.

Because her eyes are quite deep-set it's quite important that webring that area forward rather than having it recede.

So Linda's using our Fabulous Light which is a highlighter and she's usingit as a kind of creamy eye shadow but it will do the jobperfectly well and will in fact look really good on Angie's eyes.

So the next product that we're going touse is the Silver Mist lid colour.

This is an eye smoothie and Linda's applying it with the spongeapplicator and you can see where she's putting it,all over the eyelid and up above the eyelid into that area there just underneath brow bone.

Can you see how pretty it looks? It's a lovely colour on her.

Angie's got gorgeous blue eyes and the Silver Mist Lid Colour is very very pretty on her eyes.

So onto theother eye.

and spreading them with a brush.

Next, Angie's eyebrows.

Angie's quite lucky because she 's still got some eyebrowsleft and although they are a bit sparse, you can see the line of the eyebrow and where you need to put the browshape.

So using light feathery strokes Linda's just putting the brow shape on in a natural arc of colour,following the natural line of Angie's eyebrows, and as you can see, using abrush just to make sure that it's going in and blending well.

We have brush numbersix which does this perfectly and you can hear Linda shaking it up, the brow shape, to ensure that it's as it should be when you put it on and you can see the effect of this extremely fine, delicate brush and it's almost like you'rerecreating the effect of individual hairs.

It's very clever and it worksbeautifully just to give that definition back to your eyebrows.

Lovely! So now a small amount of Taupe Eye Shade.

A fine brush and pushing it into the roots ofAngie's eyelashes so that they look as thick and luscious as possible.

What you don't want to have here is any kind of hard or harsh dark lines.

As we get older everything starts to fade.

The definition in our eyes, faces, lips becomes less strong and what you doing when you apply makeup is you're putting some of that definition back.

And that's what we're doing here, putting more definition into that areaaround the eyelashes.

We've defined the brows better and we've put a small amount of subtlecolour onto the eyelids to enhance the colour of Angie's eyes.

So what Linda's doing now, she's using thesame colour and this is Taupe shade and using samebrush and adding a small amount to thatouter corner.

Whisking off any fine particles that have dropped on the cheekbones.

You're certainly never too old to have your eyelashes curled and in fact it can make a really, really bigdifference to you how your whole eye makeup looks if you curl your eyelashes.

So you can see the effect and also how to do it – simple, quick, easy and enormously effective.

So using the mascara brush to add mascara to the bottom lashes and the top lashes.

So we've finished with the eye makeup now and we're just going to add a little touch of Peach Cream blush onto Angie's cheeks.

This is a cream to powder formulation which means that it goes on as a nice creamy texture, it'seasy to apply, you can control the amount that you puton and if you feel that you've put too much on you can get a brush and just take the excess off.

It's really quite easily done and youmight just want to use a brush just to blend it in if you prefer but it really is an easy product to use and to control.

That looks pretty damn gorgeous to me! And with Angie we just going to finishwith a lipstick which I suggest is Sweet Pea.

When Linda was putting on Angie's face makeup she applied a primer, a lip primer, which she's allowed to dry.

It's quite a good idea to put it on when you put your makeup on to begin with andso that by the time you come to do your lipstick it's nice and dry and you're ready to just pop your lipstick onand you'll be ready to go.

So using a brush, you don't have to use a brush but it is actually better if you do because youget a much sharper line and it generally looks prettier.

This is a lovely soft pink on Angie and it's going to complementthe eye colour, the Silver Mist Lid Colour really well.

I always think the moments that the facereally comes to life are when you put the blush on and then when you put lipstickon and it makes a huge difference.

So there we go! I think you'll agree that Angie looks absolutely lovely.

She's now got beautifully defined eyes and she's gotthat very pretty lipstick on.

Looking gorgeous!.

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