Makeup for Hooded Eyes Tutorial – Easy Tips!  PLUS: Tightlining Trick! | L’BRI LUCY Tall Beauty

Makeup for Hooded Eyes Tutorial – Easy Tips! PLUS: Tightlining Trick! | L’BRI LUCY Tall Beauty

hi everybody so welcome back to mychannel if you are new to the channel welcome for the first time and thanksfor joining us and today wanna do something a little bit different I'mgoing to do a tutorial on makeup for hooded eyes and I have learned a lot oftechniques by watching other YouTube channels with actual professional makeupartist and there are women and and guys with hooded eyes and their techniquesand I've incorporated those with some techniques that have worked for me andmy husband dies so I am by no means a disclaimer I'm by no means aprofessional makeup artists but I've been doing my own makeup since I was inmy teens so I have just learn some techniques that work really well fordisguising my hooded eyes and making my eyes a little bit bigger so I hope thatyou can take something away from this tutorial that might help you with yourmakeup application a primer or concealer whatever youchoose to use all of your lives you want to apply a skin toned body shadow allover your lives and this just helps to keep your skin from being too tacky andgrabbing too much I should have color texture billion with a lighter color ofyour chosen palette and with a larger fluffy brush and just go in on the outercorner of your mobile I live and two the little there thats between yournatural crease I bro and you don't want to go furtherdown that the check your eyebrows go in with your darkest color and repeatthe process will go in on the outer corner of your mobile in right on that there that's over your actualcreased during your break out again you don't want to bring that down furtherthan the very tip of your I bro want to keep everything lifted and vertical as possible and harsh that will let that out to wherethere are not a sharp corner there so we take our same fluffy brush that we used for lighter and and we want to keep moving that towardthose who don't want to blend anything else or down toward art years or temples to make sure that we keep everything knows it's uplifted and then you want to repeat the process until you have the desired darkness the color that you've chosen sowe we apply the darker purple and now we're going back to blend that out so it just so it softened and you can see the first color that weuse it was skin tone also access our travel highlight and and next we want to put color on to ourmobile looted and and I gold color with some reflection is always ideal itjust helps bring that mobile out of it and helps highlight it but surely and you want to actually put a lot thereat your lash line because for us but it people that's mostly what their so we want to make sure to pass that onthere at the lash line in the open and look straight forwardand I see that I want to add a bit more however there's a bit white space or wider space there when Iopen my eye to to make sure that everything looks nice when I openedby straightforward so you just reach it's all a process and it's all layersso when you have one layer you just wanna look and see if you need toreadjust anything then if you want to use eyeliner this isthe process that I use for the lighter I don't do a traditional wings glider again I keep everything as affordable aspossible and I'm sorry that I'm out of the frame here so but you can kind of see what I'm doing Istart that we too way up high not down toward like a yearor here you can see outline that I've made kept the lowerliners about a third of the way and I've madethat street line down down from up to down filled everything does not have to be perfect because yourbusiness doesn't matter that it's all jackie now since I'm wearing pilot too right next to my lashes that is closed school and here we are taking our darkest Ishow and just going over that we made justtwo everything just a bit the smallest brush everything stays niceand tight helps jagged you're not worried / now I'm putting on 50 and i trick your mascara can also double she wore tight line is by that really onto the skin the base of my lashes so it gets in between my lashes I havenot found another method to where I can get your color between my lashes so this works reallyreally well just one quick and easy I'm really rushing that onto the skin andits blending all of that color between and my life that I put on so it works reallyreally well there but it's just really nice and darkcolor there's no skin and the lashes that are my all timefavorites are they are deal with peace and I like these because they don't havea band so it doesn't take up space so here is the completed look at my lasheson and I put some lower lash mascara on as well so it's quick and easy it reallyjust the techniques eg used to help keep your eyes lifted and looking quite sohow did so I hope this has been helpful for you and if you would like to havesome tips on applying false lashes I do have a previous tutorial that I've donethat I'll put the link for that and that might be helpful for you and if youenjoyed this video please give it a big bounce up and if you haven't yetsubscribed I'd love to have you as part of my youtube channel family and thanksso much for watching.

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