Make-up in The City Blogger School w/ Beauty Jituš: Jak Na Obočí

Make-up in The City Blogger School w/ Beauty Jituš: Jak Na Obočí

Hello everyone, welcome you with a video of eyebrows.

What I like best product and how it is applied? Let's go! Eyebrow is a big trend and all of it terribly resolved.

I never really understood.

because I have naturally thick, dark eyebrows.

I do not need him to fill, or illustrate.

All you need is to fix it.

or fill tiny interstices which have not got little.

For example, now I have no eyebrows nothing and it looks perfectly normal.

Often, I even forget to paint eyebrows because it does not make such a difference.

The only thing I use is this Maybelline Brow Gel Brow Drama in shade Medium Brown.

It's actually a color gel for eyebrows, which also fills any interstices and also fixed.

I do not have the eyebrows do anything else.

Sometimes, when I want, it also attracts me and test eyebrow pencil.

I have the example of Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil.

which on the one hand, pen and other such brush.

which is great when I need only to comb brows, or you do not have to paint.

Then I got the Maybelline Blush Satin.

On the one hand, pencil and other such sponge powder rather with shadow laying eyebrows quickly and easily fills.

I tried both.

The only problem that I have with such products is, that I, when I fill a brow pencil or powder shadow.

so it seems to me that it got too strong.

I do not like it to me.

So these products so I do not use.

They are great, they work, but to me this is not like me.

Now we're at it, as I am using this gel.

Thus it looks like my eyebrows done.

I customize it easily.

It'll be absolutely everyone.

That's all for this video.

Keep the beautiful and again the next time.


Source: Youtube