Korean beauty : 여름이니까 망고민트 메이크업 – Mango-mint eyes makeup

Korean beauty : 여름이니까 망고민트 메이크업 – Mango-mint eyes makeup

Summer Mango-mint Makeup Sunmi Par, Makeup Artist at A-by BOM Today I teach how to do mint eyeliner makeup S1 : Apply eye primer around eyes to remove the oil and let shadows and eyeliner long-last.

Use your fingers and dab smoothly.

S2: Apply mango-colored shadows to lids of eyes.

This color makes mint-colored liner stading out.

S3: Apply pearl shadows under the eyes.

This makes eyes to get pure and clear appeal.

You need to carefully to put the shadows around the center part of under the eyes, not both edges.

Tip : Fill the waterlines using black eyeliners.

S4: Apply mint eyeliners from center part of the upper eyes to ends.

Putting inner corner of the eyes gets unsharp look.

Curl the lashes.

S5: Apply a mascara on the root of lashes lightly.

The eyelashes last longer if putting lightly.

Putting the mascara with brush on under the eyes as well.

And then comb them.

S7 : Apply soft-orange lip sticks with brush on your lips.

This helps focusing on eyeline and entire look.

Source: Youtube