Korean Beauty.  귀엽고 순해보이는 강아지눈 메이크업 Puppy eyes makeup

Korean Beauty. 귀엽고 순해보이는 강아지눈 메이크업 Puppy eyes makeup

Chung Eunkyung, Makeup Artist at YoningWorks with Go Ara, Jung Woo, Hong Jonghyun, and Eric Q: Makeup for small eyes, inner double eyelids, upward slant.

Today I am going teach you how to do a cute puppy eye makeup on small, inner double eyelid, and upper slanting eyes.

S1: Apply eye primer all over eyelid and under the eyes.

Spread out evenly and thoroughly.

This primer will also prevent the eye shadow from smudging at the inner double eyelid crease.

S2: Apply a thin layer of transparent powder on the eyelid and under the eyes to avoid eye shadow from smudging at the crease.

S3: Curl the eyelashes for instantly bigger looking eyes.

S4: Apply a light beige-tone eye shadow all over the eyelids.

Tip: People with inner double eyelids should use shimmer-free shadow palettes to avoid looking like they have swollen eyes.

S5: Apply a 1-2 mm wide dark eye shadow on the eyelid so that the darker shadow can be slightly seen above the open eye.

This will adjust the upper eyeline to make the eyes look bigger.

Tip : For people with eyes that slant upwards, apply the shadow in a downward-sloping tail at the ends While the eyes are open, connect the tails of the eyes with the underline of the eyes and to create a triangle at the tail After drawing in the upper line, fill in the triangle at the tail section.

S6:Fill in the waterlines using a pencil-type eyeliner to make the eyes look more defined.

While your eyes are still open, draw out the tails of the upper eyeline to slant downwards from the natural end of the eye Use a deep eye shadow to go over the pencil eyeliner to cover any rough messy edges and prevent smudging Use a sponge to dust off any excess product that falls off under the eyes S7: For better puppy eyes, glue a false lashes from the center of the eyes to the tails of the eyes.

S8: Apply mascara to the roots of the upper and under lashes in flicking motions.

Also gently comb out the ends of the lashes with the mascara brush.

S9: To create the docile impression of the puppy eyes look, lightly color in the eyebrows in a horizontal and flat shape.

Don’t draw the head of the eyebrows slanting inwards and down but rather start from higher up.

Source: Youtube