Japanese Beauty Makeup by Minakata YUI | 皆方由衣♥キレイめメイク

Japanese Beauty Makeup by Minakata YUI | 皆方由衣♥キレイめメイク

Since it's a beautiful makeup, I want to tone it down a little The eyes will be extended sideways rather than making it round Making it droopy is cute, and giving wings will make it beautiful is what I thought Hello, I'm Yui Minakata I am usually doing cute looking makeups, but today I am doing beautiful looking makeup so hopefully you can try it out as well Start First is RMK's gel creamy foundation This spreads well and covers well but also gives a good shine so I like it Next is the concealer Menard Jupier Liquid Concealer This I use on daily base It's a brush type so it's easy for people with dry skin to apply I'm using it this time to hide the dark circles under the eyes Next is Cosme D'corte's face powder This one has glitter inside I wanted the beautiful makeup to have some shine in it so using one with glitter in it Next are the eyebrows Using the Blow lash EX It has a pencil and chip so it's very useful Since it's a beautiful makeup, even though I usually have the eyebrows done in droopy shape, but this time it won't be droopy and by pulling the line longer illustrating more of the beautiful look Next is the eyebrows mascara I'm applying an Ash type color here Usually it is a yellow and bright color but since it's a beautiful makeup, I wanted to tone it down a little that is why I'm using the well used ash color Next is CanMake's secret color eyes To make strong features, making the each parts stand out with the black color Where you want to stand out needs to be lighter and since I wanted to have strong features, I am using it here Next is Majolica Majorca's eyeshadow The top part in white is a cream type It doesn't come off easily and gives shine as well so I'm adding to the whole eyelid Since the color contact is in purple, using the purple-ish color and mixing it with brown for the eyeshadow Just adding these two mixed color on the double eyelid part only, This will give some depth to it, so that' how it goes Next is placing the fake eyelashes The fake eyelashes are decorative types that only goes on the outer corner This is to be placed a little looking toward the top and placing it more long to the side rather than making a round eye Next is the eyeliner The black one.

It is Maybelline's black eyeliner It's a thin one so it's something to fill in the black after placing the lashes It's for blending out and filling in the gap so it's the thin one For the outer corner, I gave quite some long wings Making it droopy is cute, and giving wings will give a beautiful impression is what I thought so, I gave it wings I had the lashes on a while ago but, there are times when the original and the fake become too separated, so to attach those two, I'm using the mascara There are people who use eyelash curlers, but since I have a reverse eyelash so instead of curlers I use the mascara to blend it out and attach it Next is Majolica Majorca's red pencil liner This is more like a reddish bordeau, and has glitter inside which is useful, This time it goes on the bottom It goes from the outer corner all the way down to midddle of the eyes I often use the brown color to do this, this makes the cuter side stand out too much so using the read in a position much closer to the eyes Drawing it in the length closer to the inner corner Next is the blush It's blush from Anna Sui It has many colors inside it just taking only the orange part with a brush placing it little higher than the cheeks and little to the outside in small circles and thinner than usual Next is lipstick from Revlon This is a crayon type but gives good color You kind of close your lips over it and spread it out, and you spread the color you put on the inside toward outside This will spread nicely The color of the grape, or should I say purple-ish color makes you look more mature That is why I chose this color For the hair arrangement, it's the beautiful style so, you don't curl your bangs to much but led it slide and all the hair on the sides will generally be straight For the hair you curl, it will be more beautiful style if you make the outer curl, it won't be girly Starting from outer curl and mixing curls to all of them The color contacts are Venus Eyes Edge Color in violet Since it's a beautiful makeup, even though I don't use purples much, I am using this natural looking purple to make it look beautiful Since it was a beautiful makeup I tried out many things at home beforehand, it turned out that extending the outer corner will make it beautiful-ish so I extended and gave wings to the outer corner to make it beautiful I tried on hats this time And, I do wear skirts a lot usually, but I tried on pants this time I'm using this to hide the dark circles under the eyes I'm talking like a company person For the fake lashes, Oh no Adding mascara first, not using the eyelash curler Eyebrow pencil is.

Where? What is this? Eyebrow.

Wait a second There are other videos like the Loli punk makeup and glasses makeup and fairy makeup and even more please check them out.

Bye bye Hello, I'm Yui Minakata I did the "falling in love" makeup this time The "falling in love" makeup is natural, and you can do it really easily so please take a look.

Start Starting with the skin RMK's gel creamy foundation Using it to spread widely and thin COSME DECORTE's face powder For this, I wanted to have a little shine remaining, so to utilize the shine of the foundation, So for the parts around the face where it gets sticky, or under the eyes where it gets wrinkles, is where we would concentrated on padding it in.

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