Istanbul | Real Beauty From The Eyes Of Three Different Nations

Istanbul | Real Beauty From The Eyes Of Three Different Nations

There are seven continents on earth.

And two of them are in this city.

A geographical wonder! Now, we are ready to discover it! İstanbul! A city with a population of 17 million that divided in to two continents by bosphorus.

It’s an absolute craze! Do you ever think that you could encounter these cute animals in such a metropole? That’s the magic of Istanbul! Grandure, mixture of different cultures and the history made of those.

It’s a city that never sleeps and serves plenty of amazing things! I love Bread Festival in Istanbul! I really feel like I’m in France.

France is not that far away anymore! Just like I’am in Napoli! An incredible piece of art! Here we arrive to a spot of Istanbul which has one of the best views.

Enjoy it! There is always a nice surprise in every corner of Istanbul.

There is a unique experience in this city.

Intercontinental boat trip! I can see journeys and amazing places to discover in your future.

You got which city that I mean, didn’t you? Today was an amazing day on which we discovered stunning places together.

I just wanted to show how a day of me goes in Istanbul.

But it needs plenty of days more for the adventures of this city.

See you!.

Source: Youtube