I DO MY SISTERS MAKEUP! Makeup Transformation

I DO MY SISTERS MAKEUP! Makeup Transformation

Translated and subtitled by: @jeonlouis What's up guys? It's Jake and I'm here with my beautiful and graceful sister! Today we are doing the TAG: "Making the makeup of my sister.

" So we will do her makeup! – It really is not a person who is very glosses.

| – No.

It does not use type.


Every day.

So it will be fun to see what kind of visual can create for her today and.

Are you excited? Okay.

so excited! To get her look, let's start using the MAC Strobe Cream.

I will use the magic base, the base MAC Face and Body Studio And.

that's what we use today So now we have the.

I think her face ready.

I'll use the baton of Make Up Forever HD Just to cover a bit more where Studio Face and Body not covered.

Now, let's use the concealer Shape Tart to cover your dark circles.

Okay, now let's fix her face with translucent powder.

This here is the Laura Mercier.

So good to cover! Now going to my compact Mac Pro Longwear and.

– Bronzer.

– I'll use it for.

No, it's dust.

I will use to make its outline today.

Going to the illuminator, I will use this in the pie face lit areas.

Using this palette of shades of pie, I'll leave it with smoky eyes.

You will get if I just remove it all with scarves? Hm, no.

I'll just make her sit here and do it again.

– Guess.

– What? – More seventeen days of school.

– I know.

Oh, you hear that? – Uh-huh.

– It was my neck.

– Your back is breaking? – My neck! Its concave is scheduled to leave your smoky eye.

Uh, a nuisance in the ass.

[It would be a pain in the ass, but the following sentence would not make sense] One in that ass, girl? In mine, which is twice the size of yours! No! No! No! No! Put it! – I was going to ask you a pint.

– You have six years? No, I'm sixteen.

Okay, do not act as if he had six years has sixteen.

– Or I'll take your car.

– You can not take my car! So, we have made its shadow, we will continue.

I will use this glitter of Stila at the bottom, I love it.

You are so lucky to have me in your life.

You're lucky to have me.

– I'll teach you how to catch a ball.

– Oh my God! The camera's battery is almost over, so I'll finish the eyes, eyebrows and mouth without writing and I will return to show the final result.

So this is the result.

The idea of ​​a gorgeous smoky eye We use this matte lipstick, i love, love, love this lipstick and.

It really was good! So what did you think? You feel like a brilliant queen? Um, sure.

Okay, thank you to everyone who watched that video.


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