Husband does my voiceover TAG – Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Make-up Tutorial (Subtitrari in Romana)

Husband does my voiceover TAG – Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Make-up Tutorial (Subtitrari in Romana)

Hi! I will do a makeup tutorial today I hope you enjoy OK I will arrange hair Perhaps more than I am so cute MMMMM So cute MMM YES Fix it! MMMM Cute, hair, mmmm Ok, aaammm YES! We start by putting a white eye And stretch the middle finger Because it must be done And stretch right under the brow And spread more and more And then put on the eye Scotch To look like Chinese Siiii.

Yay, we Jeffree Star makeup! And I start with pink I colored Scotch To make it look nice I will not make me laugh! And will keep Scotch And since it's stuck my face I will keep finger to sweep Ooops I colored outside the line Now I colored eyes You had to be colored only Scotch I will put still pink on the other eye I wanted to ask but to put pink green And I put more and it blenduiesc and blenduiesc and blenduiesc Now I know what show but to put it on the eye ala I think pink again So put pink on pink ??? so we to recap We then pink and white and pink? And then purple! We just little corner Yes, so, ihm Il stretch, yas, yas And put it inside Il stretch less And see if we connect the middle or not They are nice! So move away from my face scotch And begin to put even more purple Much more Little more Yes, more A lot more Ok, I do not know what color is this However put on eye I think it was NYX? SIIIIII I think it's silver, yeah, yeah Hmm, look good start Good choice! I try to mix Now remove Scotch Ouch! I tore a hair! And to put nisteeee white in the eye Because why not? More on the other side Ducky is I do not know what that is, we find out Yeah, it's eyeliner! I do beautiful, thin, fine Eyeliner Put more I was wrong, oops A fix Straight line Straight line More I made a mistake again Ok now I will put some The thing gene More, more, more volume Remember to put enough Mint to look like the final Put as many genes And colors of genes Now we face cream Because why not? We need hydration Yes, moisturizes face Now we cut, because why not? Looks like the Grinch, it's Christmas Little more Yes, I'm green are green super now! Then put white To cover green, I do not know why Do not ask me, I have no logic in this So a spread everywhere Throughout face, but remember not to put on eye For a broke white, pink, pink and purple so far Now does this just to be under the eyes Get rid of dark spots beautiful that I And put some waaaay Wow, looks gorgeous! I put a Hitler mustache Yes Now stretch everywhere Spread more Be careful.

Put enough to look like a ghost! Blenduiti more YASSS are so cute! And put the other side Remove excess.

I can see dust in the sky Is good! mmm are nice Ihmmmm I'll put some Outline? on face Only slightly with a giant brush And now we outline NYX Auditors again? I think that's outline, the other was blush Now we face Sleek Take it and put it everywhere You can take it directly to the hand and to give a hand How would Now put some enlightening Highlight on fleek! Ihmmmm And put the other side near lips Make them more shiny And now we.

brown? We do eyebrows Yes We make beautiful, sexy and arched ihm Great show! I managed to read this Eye make that Why not? Very little color Now put lipstick color them beautiful Oh, I was wrong, I have to put more Ihm, girl I look better now Highlight on fleek Eyebrows on fleek You have to love this chick! Ihm are dragutaaa Ihm, that's all dear That was tutorial today I hope you liked it Be careful, paaaaaa! MUAH!.

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