HUGE Beauty & Makeup Unboxing of FREE Stuff YOUTUBERS Get | Mar

HUGE Beauty & Makeup Unboxing of FREE Stuff YOUTUBERS Get | Mar

Hello girls, I'm Mar and today I just got back from vacation was in Bora Bora and it was fun, it was something I never saw before and if you are interested I posted videos on how was everything, even swam with sharks and I was very scared but I did and actually was fun and it was worth much face my fears.

I came back and was away for less than two weeks and I came many packages and I think it would be great to do a giant unboxing to tell what happens and there again, I tell them what I think about the different products and other talk about makeup, because I mean any excuse is good to talk about makeup because I enjoy a lot.

There are many things here so I want to spend them, I always get excited much everyone sees that I talk about new products I check and so if you want to see anything more in detail and want to tell you more about what I think of these products let me know they want to do a video because I'm here just doing as an unboxing, just me talking and we having a good time.

So yes, let me know if you want something more professional where I talk more product.

Oh and I forget, I was making a draw and the winner will mention below in the description box so look for your name and see if they are the winners.

Also, also, also, by the time this video has been posted I will be in Chicago I'll be there tomorrow and on Saturday April 8 and will be with Smashbox.

And Oh God, I've never been to Chicago and I'm very excited and actually today was recording some stuff with them I would say that I was recording something Chicago, it would be very rare, but with Smashbox and be there with Vlada and she's a makeup artist and she makes these lips.

in fact that she invented lips dripping that bone, in fact, she invented that, Kylie stole and she sued and won the lawsuit and bone is great that at the beginning was not recognized for his work but then yes, and a super large cosmetics brand like kylie and he is now working as the director think Smashbox lipsticks which I think is even cooler because they do great things and make incredible lip using their new lipsticks that by the way I came but not have it here because they arrived before I go.

But they are great lip.

Anyway, I always talk a lot and something completely different from what I originally started talking.

O God, my eye is doing this OH GOD I'M DOING IT AGAIN, Anyway, my eye has been doing this since we got holiday which is like spasms and I can not control, begins with spasms my friend said it might be lack of sleep, but I think.

I do not know what is honestly and will be in Chicago on April 8 at 2pm at Ulta Randalls Commons which it is not really Chicago, but Chicago's South Side, so if anyone is out there I'll be there with Vlada and probably only the two having a good time, so if you want to be the third person to spend with us, see the pass well, have many lipsticks, Vlada, design the look for this Meet and Greet so she'll be doing there for you if you want to have and be great.

Anyway, let's start with this, I wanted to start with this first because this is the only thing here that I did not open, I just received I knew I was going to record this video and I got this package and was Oh God I need to show it, and do not know how to pronounce this girls is Jouer, Jouer, Jouer, I love this brand, but would like to know Jouer pronounce it, I think it's like spring in Paris.

Shue comes in this beautiful box, it is very elegant.

Oh, I need to open it.

Oh God is very cute, looks like flower petals, is adorable.

this is very beautiful, good, here comes this illuminating powder, oh god girls tell me to make a video about it because it is beautiful.

ORO ROSA, it's beautiful, I'm trying to open it because I have not seen.

Oh la la.

Jouer, Jouer is beautiful, very pink I hope you can see it but again if you want proof or something.

I'll try to prove it here but I do not know if they can see that I'm just sitting in my room.

oh god, this is too much color, It's beautiful, it's amazing, beautiful.

Well, the only problem is that these like flowers.

that's how it goes confetti everywhere, my house, just cleaned.

They also have these lip.

oh god, my eye started with espamos because it seems to hit it off with this.

They are beautiful, girls see this, I have to put this on the lips right now, I think I should get both at the same time.

Here is a palette I believe, Spring in Paris, and I think they have a mirror that can be used, this is the palette I speak uhhh wow is beautiful, the box is large and small blade, the box is too big, see the size? I feel that my camera looks very white at least here but it looks very small, these colors are beautiful and have a mirror so you can see here, here are the mirror, the colors.

they have are enough for the day as candy or gold, but they also have purple and blue and black, is perfect, let me try these lipsticks.

wow, very creamy, you can see it from there, quite creamy, they are metallic say, this is Rose Gold metal.


very creamy I do not know, I do not think I should wear this on all lips but thought it would be so bright, and this is a Coverer lips and this is also pink gold so I'll put it in the middle, O God, my lips look great, I love them.

I love these colors look great and I am very happy with this collection and will actually today oh It says here that will be released on April 4 but this video will come a few days later because I have to edit Next Makeup Forever this box is for eyebrows, I think it's great, look like the box is opened and and you can see everything brow.

I need one, I can never open this.

and there you are different things for eyebrows and first, there are those eyebrow pencils and these gels and think how did the gels is interesting because they seem like lipsticks and are thus sent 1,2,3,4,5.

and here are 5 different tones, and also they have these eyebrow pencils that cause me very curious, so this eyeliner eyebrows, open it and you can outline your eyebrows This is like an eyeliner and use it well.

It's great and I feel it would be great for when.

you know when you have these unruly eyebrows and you have to draw each of the villi this would be great, I like and know that Make up forever is one of my favorite brands, is super good I think omenzar to use this to my eyebrows and I'm so used to using Eylure benefit or my eyebrows is what I use and change my routine of my eyebrows is not something I do very often but tomorrow I will make myself eyebrows with this girl I saw on instagram and send a direct message to let me accept his eyebrows and so we see how it goes.

Anyway, Smashbox.

I was so excited when I was sent this box because they sent this "Always outlined" These are many eyeliners and have great colors and I love super crazy when I say eyeliners and madmen are purple and teal no blue-green but they have this bright blue called "Bouncer" Let's see if you can see here would this color here, uhhh is very creamy, if very creamy, I hope they can see well and if not let me know so I taste better.

I know many people do these unboxings on Instagram or Snapchat but I wanted to sit down and talk with you because those stories Instagram or Snapchat make me feel I can not speak much as I want, so I thought I'd better sit down.

Anyway, I like these to add a little color to my make-up and is very practical because much use in the bottom of my lashes but you can also use as a full color or lip prebase but they brought these prebases for lips which have not used yet because I just got back from my vacation and usually for prebases use the Urban Decay Primer Potion but I'm a big fan of Smahsbox especially for prebases, I feel that Smashbox prebases are great so when I saw it I said yes.

Especially because I saw that it took these Smoke, black prebase and I like to use black in my eyes which do not do much because I feel that sometimes I feel it would be too dusty but I love it used to be like rock, while in those days, a little gothic and I looked super-funny but I used to always wear dark eyeliner and all dark and used to do my makeup as well, so I think that's coming back.

And buenoo, Makeup Forever again ernviaron this and in fact I published this in my stories Instagram and almost died this box is super heavy and I will not move from here indeed, but sent new needs and old favorites honestly, the old favorites is my favorite part and look at this, are bases Makeup Forever HD if they ever go to an event and need your skin look amazing especially for long They need this base of Makeup Forever HD.

Oh god my phone.

I'll silence.

Well need this base, it is my base of choice for these things, I have never had a base that is I always use The change much just because your skin can go through things, you can go through things, but this is something I think is very good have many shades, look at this, this is the darkest and this clearer.

Here you are, it is a good range and also sent this corrector also spoke earlier and I love this brand correctors and I received a lot and I love the last one I bought it cared so much and wanted it to last forever so now I have a few more.

Girls, I just realized that my zipper was open for a long time, sorry, I hope I have looked there.



these are the new needs that have to try, these bars Makeup Forever, would put the old favorites but they put new needs because they brought new colors and also have HD Ultra compact powder, loose powder and ULTRA HD, and this is as new because it is a new formula and I must prove this is the Ultra HD improver skin and this ULTRA HD, lip enhancer.

Why two? Are they different colors? oh one has color and the other is transparent.

So yeah.

Also I want to go in detail with everything and this is not the point of the video but I seriously want to.

Anyway, following is KISS sense lashes, and the lashes always have problems because I had to cut and I have as droopy eyes, drooping eyes and you can see more if you use fallen much larger tabs.

I feel that this makes no sense but I have a friendly face with Instagram I feel the style where you use Instagram giant eyelashes, it does not look good on me.

So these are tabs Kiss did not mean that these are not Instagrammy or something, it was more like having various types of tabs but they also have very natural that I love and are also very accessible which is a win win because I think sometimes there are tabs on instagram Super great but they are $ 30 each and you're like "ok, they are a bit expensive.

" uh uh uh, talking about things accessible, my favorite, this OH MY GOD, this box actually only saw a little, but I told myself that I wanted to open later because I'm very excited about that.

Colourpop girls, he took this monocromatica spring collection, so they took first orange and I was like "well colourpop, you can do better than that" and they did, took pink and sand and I'm more than excited.

In fact orange at first I did not like but then started to like a bit and said "ah okay" but the pink and sand, these are beautiful and this is the palette with compact powder pink and this is Bell of the ball and I love I love pink and use it for my makeup.

Look at these colors are not great, they are great, I want you to see.

There are beautiful things here, this is double play and got a flush and an illuminator that is for sand collection, Oh God, It's beautiful, oh I want to use it, I want it on my face.

This is also heavy hitter sand collection, this is the most usable of all, although I would say that all of the compact palette are very usable including orange and pink, pink is a rare color to use but the way they put together Colourpo feel has done a great job, I love Colourpop, every time I talk to Colourpop I never said anything bad about them because I love them.

Anyway, also they have these ultra matte lipsticks which I'm obsessed I feel this looks like pink valentine collection of which is that it is not but it is very different from that brought for valentine which I love because I feel I kept very cool.

It's very difficult, I want to use all of these right now but I can not.

I'm like "I want these!" Also MAC, contact me, which is very rare.

Many years ago I used a lot MAC I felt it was my favorite brand, nothing could be better or equal to MAC worse over the years think they were left behind and something that changed my perception of MAC is that they do not work with both influencers, and my whatever they say girls makeup on instagram or youtube, what they use, say, I need it because it looks very beautiful.

Not whether it be good or bad but anything I want it to use.

I feel that MAC has begun working with more and more people and I think that's them realizing how things work now because I remember many years ago, I had this friend who still works with MAC and said that MAC does public relations MAC does not need, MAC is the best brand in the world and I was good MAC itself is great but now I'm not so sure.

And they asked me do you need anything? and I said yes And there are things that we always use MAC's Studio Fix this powder MAC this I am using right now, whenever these powders are used, dust is my choice, if you ever change is because I can not find so pedi powders Studio Fix and also reached me this Select Cover Up because I feel this is a great corrector proque will cover much but if you want to use it naturally works perfect because it is not heavy or anything did not have one Porqu bought two, two weeks apart and lost both and I said "you know what? Anyway I will not keep buying things and lose MAC " and it was not their fault but mine MAC lose things so I asked for this and now I'm using, so I'm very happy and use it everyday but you can also use it to arm as loose powder or some bb cream when you want to look natural, but not so natural.

Last but not least, Tatcha.



was very excited to open this box, they have no idea when I received it and I received it yesterday, perhaps they saw in my Instagram because I was so excited because it has a great reputation and this is like that based on Asian skin care like geishas and have a great skin my grandmother is Asian and not even care so much about her and her skin is perfect, I feel it is in the genes and are lucky ones and if you also use this skin care you are covered for life, anyway.

I opened yesterday and last night was emcoionada to do the whole routine, I am very excited to talk about it so please ask me to do it so I have an excuse to do so, if they ask me to talk about it.

They sent a lot with step 1, 2.

3 and was going to do last night but was very tired and the first time I did this routine I wanted to do it alone and do it well and thought it was not appropriate to do so last night and are very famous for this mist eliminator Dewy Skin and here.

oh wow.

oh god.

is great, the packaging looks very luxurious, and have a smell.

and buenisimo if I should put on my makeup.

is not said to put it on your rosro for an instant for instant hidatración and a radiant silk finish, oh I will.

I will.

made in Japan.

oh god.

that felt so good and so refreshing and so light, smells so good, it feels like a spa, I did not think it would be like expected as normal to use as a sealant spray or something, wow, I'm so relaxed now.

Anyway, this definitely will do this routine night, really and tell them how I was for instagram, Yes, those are the new things let me know if quiren to talk about something more detail, but I love them a lot and do not forget you can follow me on instagram for more tips and unboxings I can do as the days pass.

But yes, I love them too and see in the next video.


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