Hi guys, to start this tutorial, let's start Primer for putting on the eyelids I'm using my Remedial Too Faced to simply standardize the color of the eyelids Of course it has to complement the base with a translucent powder I'm using Mac powder And this will prevent nothing is grainy, making the shadows are put smoothly, okay? So the first shadow that will use the pallet of Huda Beauty called Sandlewood It is a kind a very light shade of brown and some orange accents And I will use it as my color transition with my brush from Sephora (Pro Crease) Therefore, we must apply this shadow across the middle line of the eyelid and a little above Just to make it glide beautifully.

Then I will use the shadow Henna And this is a darker brown with red tones.

and I put it in the middle part, not much on top And now I will use Bossy It is a dark reddish brown And I'm using the MAC 217 brush to put the shade in the middle row and focusing more on the outside of my eyelids This will serve to enhance the look and draw more attention to the middle of the eyelid area.

Now I will use a metal shadow call Dubai And it's like an olive but with many golden tones It is beautiful to the eye and smudge These metallic shadows, advise you to use your fingers or may use a synthetic brush and that's what I'm doing to catch the inner parts, which can not get because of my nails.

I got a very smooth synthetic brush It should be always with this type of synthetic shades and I put it on the inside and outside of the eyelids.

I am just distribute a little more this and try for any product that is in the brush on my eyelids.

Now, I will use the color #Blessed It's not as textured as Dubai but still has that 3D texture so I will use the same brush and I will just put the inner corner Just to lighten it, just a little I did not want a very bright look, so I chose this color.

Now, I will use the pallet Coco shadow and will strengthen the middle line, focusing on the top half of the eyelids.

And I will put a link to all the brushes I'm using in the description box.

but I believe this is the brush Murphy Now, we will do eyeliner and as always, I am using my Gel Liner from Sigma Called WICKED and it is one of my favorite because it's super intense and creamy, very easy to work with.

and this is my brush from MAC and first, I like to do a line, aligned with the eyelashes then extend that same line up near the eyebrows.

and then connect that line to the line of eyelashes.

However, soon I'll have a video on the channel to explain how to create a perfect wingliner.

Now I'm putting Hanna de novo.

and I will apply it on the bottom line of eyelashes, only to blur a little.

and this is a brush Sigma, I'll leave the link as well.

and to intensify the smoky, I put Bossy to add some of that red tone on the bottom row of eyelashes.

and I'm using the same brush mentioned above.

And now, I will put my base.

This is the Anastasia Bervelly Hills Stick Foundation My tone is a Warm Tan the tone seems a bit bad It seems a little too clear to me.

but I can confirm that the perfect shade for me.

and as I have the concealer, it seems even clearer under my eyes.

I am using the concealer Born This Way of Too Faced will link all down.

and this is my polished brush from Real Techniques And now for false eyelashes, I will use Samantha # 7 Huda Beauty.

These are a very beautiful eyelashes, long and very dramatic The end of the eyelashes are very cute and different.

I love style, but I have to be honest Not easy to use the eyelids of Huda Beauty because they are too thick.

so it is difficult to put them in the right place of the eye.

Now for the bronzer I will use the NARS Laguna COSMETICS And this is my brush 135 MAC My favorite brush to put the bronzer.

This serves to further inflame the skin Soon, you may want to put on the cheekbones, the corners of the face, jaw line and a bit in front of the nose I love using bronzer Now, I will use the color Bossy and I will use it as my blush I wanted to do a certain connection with the eyes and also explore the most of her pallet.

So I decided to use this color, which is a arosada color.

and should be placed lightly brush with a super cute and that's what I did here.

And I decided to use Moon Dust As my illuminator Look at this She gave me a beautiful shine.

kind, stunning.

The camera is not to do justice, but in person is really beautiful.

Soon, I love this color to use as illuminator Not will notice the texture or look strange anyway.

Now, for the lips I will use this kit lip of Huda Beauty I'm doing the lip line I do not remember the name, I'll leave the link below.

But I believe that the pencil to the lip is Trophy Wife First, I will outline the lips and then fill them inside.

I started over, I like emphasize the Arch of Cupid, a little because my lower lip is bigger than my upper lip.

Therefore, I emphasize the Arc Cupid lightly.

and my lower lip, I fill it completely because any lipstick that place seems clearer in my lower lip.

because my upper lip is more pigmented.

which is why, I always fill the lower lip.

and that's what I'm doing now.

Now, I use the liquid lipstick MUSE I like him very much.

I'm not a big fan of liquid lipsticks roses, all but I love the texture of these lipsticks They are super soft and pigmented And they seem like you have a silky layer on the lips.

Very comfortable to use.

There are those that last longer, but I love the formula so I do not care much.

Now I will put a fixative spray (Spray Fix Plus) in my entire face.

And it's all, folks.

Very thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed.

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To the next!.

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