How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller | Beauty and Skincare Tutorial

How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller | Beauty and Skincare Tutorial

Hi, I am Nikki DeRoest and I am a celebritymakeup artist in Los Angeles, California.

So today I am going to show you guys how tomake your lips look fuller.

It is a question I am asked a lot and it actually starts withthe prep before you actually put any color on.

I love carrying with me in my kit, fromMurad, the Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips and I put this on the model before I put anycolor on.

It is a clear product and you can go a little outside of the lines and I thinkthe real key to this is leaving the product on for a few minutes before you put your colorover the top, and the reason why we are going to let this settle into the lips for a fewminutes is that it is actually a treatment and it is going to moisturize and hydratethe lips and it really keeps them smooth.

And I know that is a big problem with a lotof people’s lips is that they are dry so when you try to put a lip product over thetop it looks a little bit flakey and a little bit crackey, but using this first it justsets your lip products up for success.

Ok so now that I have let this sit into the lipsfor a few minutes, I am going to apply the lip color and for creating a fuller lip Ilove to use a lip pencil.

Okay, so that we have lined the lips and I have filled in thelips as well so that it’s just a nice color all around.

I am going to use a slightly lightercolor lipstick just right in the center of the lips and this is going to create the illusionof a fuller lip.

You can see how combining those two products with the lip treatmentunderneath, just creates these full soft pillowy lips and I love the finish because it is notshiny or glossy it is just kind of a nice opaque finish.

Another tip with this productis that you can actually continue to use it throughout the day.

I know for me personallyI like keeping lipstick on my lips but sometimes they tend to get a little bit dry, so I justapply this right on top of my lipstick and it literally just sinks into my lips it doesn’tmove the lipstick around and it just leaves them feeling super moisturized and pillowy.

So I hope you guys have enjoyed my tips today on how to create a fuller lip.

We are sendingyou, lots of kisses.

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