How to make your lips look bigger – 5 minute Lip Contour Tutorial | MIMI FLYS

How to make your lips look bigger – 5 minute Lip Contour Tutorial | MIMI FLYS

hi guys today I'm going to be talkingyou through a really quick five minute tutorial on how to create for lookinglips by contouring using products that you probably already going to have inyour makeup bag so let's get started so to prep the lips I'm just taking my beautyblender with a little bit of excess foundation on it and i'm just going toeven out the skin tone of the lips now i'm using a lip liner in a neutral shadesimilar to my own lip color but slightly more pink this one's by CharlotteTilbury and it's in the shade Pillow Talk as you can see I'm lining mylips from outer corners working my way in towards the center of my lips I'musing light feathery strokes to build up the color as I go along slightlyexaggerate your lip line as you go I like to add a little bit more above the Cupid's bow and below the bottom lip it just adds some extra fullness next I'm going to start to fill in the restof my lip using the same lip liner again i'm working from outside bringing it allthe way in just like before but this time I'm going to stop just before Ireach the center if you keep the center bare of lipliner that's what's going tocreate the illusion of fuller looking lips – so it's really important not to dragthe liner all the way into the center for this step.

I'm just going to repeatthat on base of the lips now next up I'm taking a colored lip pencilthis one is by love of colour (LOC) it's in a similar pinky tone to the lip liner thati was using before you could use a lipstick or whatever formulation youlike i'm going to apply this on the outer edges of the lips in towards the centerjust like i did with the liner this formulation slightly glossy but if youwant even more of a 3D effect try using a matte pencil for this step just try out different formulas andyou'll see you find out what works out best for you now is the time to apply a glass i lovethis lip plumper by dior because it's clear bit adds a rosy sheen and itreally helps to plump your lips too.

Apply the cross directly to the center of thelip the area that we didn't add any colour to earlier on you could also use a lighter shade inthis area to really help contour your lips and make it pop.

Next I'm takingmake up for ever's ultra-hd stick foundation and i'm applying it justbelow and above the lip to carve out the lips and make sure everything is lookingblended.

i'm using your Beautyblender to do this but you could use your fingersor a brush in the same way.

I'm going to repeat that step above the lip untileverything looks really smooth and even toned.

Next I'm taking a creamhighlighter – this is clinique's chubby stick highlight and I'm taking some on myfinger and just stamping it onto the cupid's bow – it's a really easy techniqueto get the product exactly where you want! now I'm going to follow that cream highlighterwith a powder highlighter – this is the middle shade from the ambient lightingpalette by Hourglass – this is going to add even more dimension to the cupids bow and make you look really pouty! it also helps to set the cream highlightto make it last even longer.

And finally i'm taking a contour powder – this is bySmashbox – and if you have a similar one or even a neutral toned brown eyeshadow that wouldapply this very lightly to spot underneath your bottom lip this creates a shadow that will help tomake your lips look so much bigger and it's one of my favourite tricks – just makesure that it's nice and blended so that it doesn't look too obvious.

i'musing a Beauty Blender just to smooth that out.

And there you have the before and afterit's very subtle very wearable for every day and it won't leave you looking tooKylie Jenner so there's nothing to worry about there! as you can see it'sreally evened out my upper lip thats fairly uneven and they're just looking reallyRosie and pouty and pretty! So I hope you enjoyed this tip Tuesday – I'll see you with a new video on friday and if you enjoyed this video then please don'tforget to Like share and subscribe! Until next time.

bye! Mwah! xxx.

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