How To Get Fuller Lips | LaserAway

How To Get Fuller Lips | LaserAway

Hi, my name is Alyssa.

I'm a freelance makeupartist and educator, and I'm here today with LaserAway to show you guys how you can createfuller lips.

As a makeup artist, one of the most common questions that I get asked aboutis how to create fuller lips.

I would say that the reason why most people want theirlips to be a little bit fuller is it's a very common factor in youthfulness and lookingyoung, essentially.

Most people want to look as young as they possibly can.

One of thegreatest ways to do that is by achieving really nice, full, plump-looking lips.

We're goingto be doing that today in three simple steps.

The three items we're going to be using todayto create our fuller lips are three products you probably already have laying around inyour makeup bag.

We're going to be using a lip liner, a lipstick, and a lip gloss.

Areyou ready Katelyn? Our first step is going to be applying a lipliner.

In my opinion, the lip liner is going to be the most important because the entirepurpose is to create a shadow or a contour or contrast along the outer edges of the lipin order to create that fullness.

You want to make sure that you choose a lip liner thatis at least one to two shades if not more darker than the lip shade that you choose.

Our next step is going to be adding a lipstick into the center of the contour that we justcreated with our lip line.

The only thing that you really want to do is make sure thatyou're choosing a lipstick that is a couple shades lighter than the lip liner that you'veapplied and making sure that you're centralizing your lipstick application inside of your lipliner application.

Lastly, we are going to be applying a little bit of lip gloss to thevery center of the lips.

We want to make sure to keep this centralized in the lips as wellso that we focus most of the poutiness to the very middle of the lips creating a nicedoll shape.

This is our finished super-quick, simple,full, pouty lips.

This is definitely something that you can do whether or not you've hadany Juvederm in your lips already.

I would say that this is definitely a great idea ifyou maybe had Juvederm a couple months ago and it's starting to fade and you really wantthat nice plump, full lip once again, but definitely a technique that you can utilizefor any size lips, big or small.

If you guys are interested in trying Juvederm, I highlyrecommend it.

It was definitely a great choice of my own.

To try Juvederm, you can visitLaseraway.

Com or click the on-screen link for a web-exclusive offer.

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Thank youso much for watching.

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