How to get beautiful soft pink lips,the easy peasy ways!!!!

How to get beautiful soft pink lips,the easy peasy ways!!!!

Hi everyone , I hope you all are doing well A warm welcome to all my old buddies and new subscribers to my channel Have you ever seen ladies flaunting those beautiful pink plump soft lips we all want those i mean atleast Its my dream to get those kind of lips I'll be sharing with you few tips and tricks and few ideas which i have which can really help you in getting the perfect pout Okay so lets jump straight into the video before starting i just need to ask you one thing When did you last drink water today? My ques is very much relevant to the first problem almost everyone faces that is drying or chapping of lips So before applying any moisturizer, any chapstick,any lip balm just ask this ques to yourself And if the answer is "no" You know what to do So drink a good amount of water every day By drinking good amount of water you'll get rid of dryness,that chapping of lips And you'll get lighter and softer lips If you are a big time tea or coffee addict I'm not asking you to leave it right away what you can do it instead of drinking from the mug or cup directly you can use a straw because there are some darkening agents in the tea which can make your lips really dark.

Try to avoid someone else's lip products And if you are too keen to use it or you love some one else's lip colour too much Always use a brush very important!! And dont let people use yours without a brush Another bad bad bad bad very bad habit is smoking.

Quit it right away Its not good for your health for your body for your lips for your family its not good so quit smoking right away It can darken your lips too much and it may take like ages to get them back to the original colur leave all those lighters and pinks and all those shades when you brush your teeth in the morning do rub that toothbrush on your lips aswell you can use the same toothbrush or you can use a completely different one for your lips only Rub that toothbrush gently allover the lips and the dead skin will be gone.

While stepping out,always use a lipstick or a lip balm with a sun protection factor It can protect your lips from so many damaging effects of sun wind or dirt or dust So always wear SPF on your face aswell on your lips aswell its very very very important Always try to use lipsticks,lip balms or lip glosses whatsoever product you use on your lips or any product that you use on our face aswell please check the expiry of that product and if those products are already expired please don't use those products Also do check the quality of the product and go for a better brand, better product instead of oing for a cheap product My channel's name is punjabibeautyonduty so there is a saying in punjabi that is mehnga rove iko var, sasta rove var var if you can understand that perfectly fine otherwise the person who has spent more will cry just once because of the price but the person who has gone for a cheaper product will cry again and again because of the quality So yes i've said it all.

If you have chapped or dry lips,don't peel off the skin you are making the condition worse it'll start bleeding and first you'll try to stop the bleeding then you'll try to stop chapping so instead dont peel just apply a good moisturising lip balm to your lips and it'll take care of them before going to bed apply honey to your lips and just go to sleep,dont eat it its tasty but dont eat it ok just apply it all over your lips and you'll find soft and supple lips in the morning Apart from honey you can use almond oil,you can use it overnight or you can also massage your lips with it 5-10 mins evryday take asmall amount on your ring finger and you can massage it all over your lips almond oil has lightening properties so it can really help you in getting those lighter pink lips.

apart from that take care of your life style and your food eat green veggies a lot drink lots of juices try to eat vegetables which have more vitamin A C & E Try to go natural,avoid too much of makeup try to do yoga or any exercise that you may like.

you can also check my facial exercise video it'll help you a lot,i'll link it in the info box below.

also all the ideas that i've shared in this video,they may take alittle longer time before you start seeing the results But yes, be consistent and start giving attention to your lips and they'll start getting attention from others.

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