How to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes | COVERGIRL Makeup Tutorial

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes | COVERGIRL Makeup Tutorial

I'm Brooke here with CoverGirl.

And today I'm going to show you guyshow to get the perfect eye if you've got blue or green eyes.

After all, your eyes tell thestory, so let's make it a good one! Let's start with oureyeshadow, shall we? Now I'm using CoverGirl EyeEnhancing Shadow in Goldmine.

What's great is that this is a totallynew color palette for your baby blues and greens.

You've got brown, taupe and bronzethat provides a great contrast, and your eyes won't getlost or muted or anything.

Let's put it on.

If you're using a multi-shade kit,apply the lightest color first.

Use a brush, finger,or applicator sponge.

The lightest shade shouldcover your center lid all the way to your brow bone.

Next, take the mediumshade and apply lightly on the bottom part of your eyelid.

You can also take this color tothe outer edges of your eyes, blending to create depth.

Finally, use the darkestshade in the crease.

It's eyeliner time.

This is CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner in Brown Blaze.

And what's super great about thisis it's a liquid-like formula, but it goes on like a pencil.

So you have total control.

And if you want, for blue eyes,navy and dark brown looks fabulous.

And for green eyes, how aboutsome camel or a light brown? Let's put it on.

When applying eyeliner, standabout six inches away from a mirror and tilt your chin up, so that when youlook down your nose into the mirror, you can see your entire eyelid.

Before applying liner, thinkabout the shape of your eyes.

If they're close set o round,line only the outer corners.

Otherwise, rim the entire upper lid.

Gently pull your eyelidtaught at the upward angle, and beginning at the inner corner,draw small connected dashes along the top line.

Be sure to stay closeto the roots so there's no skin visible betweenthe lashes and the liner.

To make eyes look bigger,extend the liner slightly beyond the outer corners.

Time for my favorite part.

Let's decorate our eyelashes, shall we? Now I'm using CoverGirlBombshell Mascara in Very Black.

This thing is amazing! If one mascara wasn't enough foryou, there's two in this bad boy, and it has extreme lasting power.

Now let's put some on.

First curl your lashes.

Clamp an eyelash curler atthe root of your upper lashes and hold for five seconds.

Repeat on the middle of lashes,and again near the tips.

Now grab your mascara.

This mascara has two steps withtwo different applicator wands.

It's a very unique product.

The first side has abigger brush, which is used to apply layernumber one for volume.

Start at your roots andwiggle as you move out.

Next, take side number two.

This is the black intensifying top coat.

Apply the same way.

Be warned, this mascarais very water resistant.

Use an oil-based emulsifieror mineral oil for removal.

Man, I love this look! I feel like my eyes are pretty muchpopping out of my face right now.

It has me feeling easy,breezy, and dare I say it? A little bit beautiful.

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