Glitter Lips – How to Correctly Apply Glitter Lips – Available at Naio Nails

Glitter Lips – How to Correctly Apply Glitter Lips – Available at Naio Nails

HI I am Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails andin this video i am gonna show you a brand new product, that naio nails are now distributorsof, it's Glitter Lips.

I am so excited because i love glitter.

So we have our beautiful model JJ who is ourresident, i was gonna say DJ, You DJ pump this party (singing) She is too young for that song.

I know that, Oh you do? I have heard it So we are gonna be using JJ's beautiful lipsto show you how to correctly apply gorgeous glitter lips.

Those that don't know anythingabout glitter lips they are exactly that, glittery lips.

it's not a lip gloss, it'snot a lip stick, it's applied in two different ways, it stays on all day.

I have a friendthat wears this all of the time, she eats in it an allsorts and it still stays on.

iam like, really, how is that even staying on, i know it;'s amazing.

She wears it all of the time, she when shesweats, she sweats glitter honest, she's just that glittery, it's crazy.

So yeah it's a fantastic product it's greatfor christmas or any special event that you want to look a little bit sparkley for, solets crack on and show you the colours that we have.

This colour is Ruby Slippers believe it ornot it's red just like Ruby Slippers.

So i will show you what you get in the kit, youget everything you need apart from the lips you gotta like you know bring the lips tothe show.

So you get the adhesive, in here.

it's fresh,there we are opened it.

You can tell that's brand new needed some muscle toopen that.

This is your adhesive, it's like applyinglips gloss, it;'s that easy to do.

and then we have your brush, so you have got a spongeapplicator and a brush at the other end.

does the box open at two different ends.

Yeah, It opens at two different ends and ialways find it a bit of a nightmare to get out, because i can never shake it out.

Sowhat i do is i just get the end of a makeup brush and i just because you have loads of them.

i just push it out.

because no matter howmuch you shake like this it won't come out.

So just push it out.

so you have your glitterthere.

Step 1, apply adhesive.

This must be donereally precise, where ever this adhesive goes the glitter will stick.

So if you accidentlydrop it on your chin.

if your chin is as big as mine it, it's go on the chin.

Glitter Chin.

Okay open your mouth a little bit for me.

I am gonna do the top lip first, i am just gonna apply it really neatly as if i was applyingliquid lip stick, if you do apply the glitter after and it is not quite as neat as you wouldlike it, you can adjust it after ward, because this is quite transparent, you need a goodeye to get that neat line.

just gonna give it a thin layer.

At this point you don't wantthe lips to touch, make sure you cover all of the lip, you don't cover all of the lipyou will have gaps.

If your lips touch will they stick together.

They will stick together but not forever,thats a shame i was gonna glue your mouth shut.

Yeah we are not gluing her mouth shut.

Same again for the bottom lip, which is alittle bit easier to do.

now you want that to dry so it goes transparent and then weapply the glitter, sorry.

just got a bit excited.

So don;'t let the lips touch.

just let itdry naturally.

We are gonna put the applicator into the glitterand you can see that it picks up a small amount of glitter, you can apply it like that oryou can pop the brush in.

I think the brush gets a lot more on because it sort of scoopsit up, in a fashion, yeah.

so you can apply it either way but i do use the sponge afterwardsto press it nivce and flat.

This is where we do get pretty messy.

Now this stuff does get everywhere I am doingthe top lip first because that any glitter that falls on to the bottom lip is a bit ofa bonus, waste not want not.

It will take about 30 seconds to dry beforeyou can start to apply the glitter.

i am just gonna go over now, pressing it all down andadding any extra that is needed, don;'t forget this is only going to stick properly to wherethe adhesive is, so even though it has sort of gone everywhere as glitter does, when westart to brush over it, it will take away any of the excess, so we are gonna use a fanbrush to dust off the face and then we can get a smaller brush to just dust around thelips a little bit more.

So i am just using a brush to go around and to tidy up.

So that is what it looks like when it's allset and all glittery, we have just cleaned up the particles of glitter off her face becauseit gets everywhere but it didn't take a lot to get it off, you just literally go in witha (whistles) So it is definitely a good idea to have abit of powder on your face so it isn;t sticky, with oils from your skin as the glitter wouldstick even more.

I think it would be a good idea, you couldeven apply a lip liner and then put your adhesive over to get and even sharper edge, if youthink you are not gonna get it as crisp, as you would like, you can also put a lip lineron then your adhesive and then the glitter and shabang, gorgeous sparkly lips.

One other tip for you to do is to get yourclient or yourself to do this.

Like a fish? thats what fish do it's it.

well i suppose yeah.

That will make all of the particles of glitterlie flat so you will have a really even finish.

one last test to do, JJ the kiss test, comeon.

No glitter on my cheek.

it's even kiss proof.

Gonna have fun with that.

I hope you have enjoyed this video, and itwill help you to apply your glitter lips better than you ever have before We will see you in the next video.

Bye Come on JJ wave gis a wave just like that So you got go like that all the time, Can you count to ten.

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