Get it beauty  2016 컨실러 하나면 베이스메이크업 끝?! Base Makeup Done with Concealer 160928 EP.31

Get it beauty 2016 컨실러 하나면 베이스메이크업 끝?! Base Makeup Done with Concealer 160928 EP.31

I'll tell you how to do your makeup base | with a concealer.

Use a soft-type concealer on parts where you'd like to highlight such as under your eyes, sides of | your nose and next to your lips and use your fingers to | blend it in.

What type and color of concealer | should we use? First, the concealer should | have good coverage.

Then it must be applied smoothly.

I think that's the most crucial factor.

I think it's better to use | a soft-type concealer rather than a hard one.

Also, a concealer must come out | in various colors so that it could blend in well | on my skin to let others think | it's actually my skin.

You're not holding just | one concealer, right? I'm holding three colors.

Please show us.

– Wow.

– Aha.

They are in different tones.

I actually prefer using a concealer | as a makeup base.

I usually mix in a moisturizing balm with a concealer to make my face shine and | makeup lasts longer.

That's what I like.

Using three different tones of concealer It could give sufficient shadow effect and give us natural contouring.

That's what I think.

Since there are so many colors | in a concealer, it's good to match | your actual skin tone.

Also, depending on the use, | it could look more natural.

First, use a darker concealer to cover up the bags under the eyes.

That's how you can cover up | that purplish color.

Just one layer of concealer – could eliminate the darkness of this region.

– Right.

– It's true.

– I agree.

It covered the bags up very well.

Another important part is | next to your lips.

If you cover up this area with | lighter color, it could turn white and feel weird – when you talk a lot.

– Right.

I think it's important to cover up | dark areas with darker color concealer instead of | a brighter tone.

Another area to use a darker concealer | is the sides of your nose.

That part could turn red.

It's worse when it gets cold.

If you cover this area up | with a brighter color your nose could look like it's floating.

Cover it up like this.

Then use a concealer of your exact | skin color to cover up the blemishes.

Usually we use different type | of concealers depending on where you're covering.

But this is all of the same type, right |? Just of different tones? Yes, these are all of the same type.

Is it a good idea to do that? Just think of the concealer | as a thin layer of foundation.

It actually has better coverage and it stays close to your skin.

Lastly, use a brighter tone-concealer to highlight these areas.

Be sure to use just a small amount.

If you want to use concealers this way.

But just a thin layer of concealer It has brightened up her skin tone.

Then use a small concealer brush to cover up any blemishes you'd like to cover up more.

Is not that the toughest part? – This is the toughest part.

– Right.

It's hard to cover up blemishes by blending it in well to the skin.

The easiest way is to use the remaining concealer | left on your hand.

Use your fingers and pat on the blemish.

Just on top? Yes, but remember not | to press down too hard.

Just lightly with | the tip of your fingers.

That looks very natural.

The instructor did the right side and the left is what you did | at home, right? Two sides look different.

How were the master's skills different? First, I was surprised that | she used three tones of concealer.

I liked that she used a brush to cover up the blemishb but | keep the skin texture.

I think I can get good use out of all concealers I have at home.

I see.

I'm most curious about how it feels around your eyes.

Coverage is really good.

– But I could feel stuffy.

– That's right.

When I normally use concealer at home it felt like I had something heavy | around my eyes.

But right now, it feels moist and light.

It looks like she has good | makeup base on just with a concealer.

It's almost perfect.

That's how well makeup was put on.

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