Full Face Of Makeup Using NO Makeup!

Full Face Of Makeup Using NO Makeup!

Hey guys! You probably assumethere's lots of hair volume going on under this hat, but no.

That's why I'm wearing the hat.

So I've been watchingan excessive amount of beauty videos lately.


And that got me thinking,how fun would it be to watch someone try todo a full face of makeup using no makeup? Ohhhh! I had a back toschool giveaway where I gave away a MacBook Air.

And the only rule to enter wasthat you must be subscribed.

And that giveawayended on August 21st.

So I believe– so I believethat I owe you guys a winner.

When I was pickingthe winner for that, I felt really bad that I couldonly give it to one person.

So I decided that I'mpicking two winners that are both getting a MacBook Air.

So without further ado,the giveaway winners are– Yay! Congratulations, guys.

And don't be sadif you didn't win.

Be happy for others,and the world will be a beautiful place.

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I challenge anyone who'swatching this video to do this, by the way.

Don't do anything that you thinkwill harm your face or body.

This is not thecinnamon challenge.

Should I– should I dothe cinnamon challenge? (SINGING) Why not?(SPEAKING) Why not? Don't do this at home.

Hey guys, it's Rachel.


Let's get on with the video.

For a foundation– I don'tknow what to do for foundation, and I don't know if thiswill work or anything, but I found somechalk in my house.

This chalk had my shadesof face– lightly tan and then pale as heck.

I'm going to mix these twocolors as a foundation color, and I'm going to tryto just put water on it and see if that works.

And then grind it up.

This, honestly,looks about my shade, kind of, ish, a little bit.

Kind of.


So this gives nocoverage whatsoever.

I'll do to the samething for concealer.

If I thought did anything atall, it was already a miracle.

My face is justone-dimensional right now.

I'm Flat Stanley.

For the highlighter, I sawthese sprinkles that are pearls.

And I thought maybe Icould work with this.

Maybe if just pour them in myhand and put water in my hand, I can get the pearl off of it.

They're all slowlyfalling out of my hands.

[PEARLS RICOCHET ON THE FLOOR] So let me see if thislooks as good on my face as it looks on my hand.

I am shook right now.

OK, queen of DIYs right now.

Just kidding.

Literally, every singletime I film a DIY, I burn myself by accident.


And for contour, sinceI'm really basic, I'm going to use cocoa powder.

So just take a littlebit, dust off the extras.

Oh my god, there'sso much extras.

And you got to make thenose a little slope-y.

My nose looks soslope-y right now.

I want more highlight.

For eyebrows, I'm goingto take a colored pencil and put it in acup of warm water.

[WHISTLING THE JEOPARDY THEME] Well, this is not my color.

I'm going to mixblack and brown.

Look at how far backmy nose squishes.

I'm going to zoom in forthe eyebrow filling in.

That rhymed.

Just call me Chance the Rapper.

This is so dark.

I bet you guys were waitingfor me to say "like my soul," but no.

My soul is not dark.

My soul is pink.

Oh, me? No, my eyebrowsalways look like this.

They're not filled in.

(SINGING) Now we'reup to eyeshadow.

OK, for eyeshadow primer,I'm going to use Vaseline.


Is Vaseline considered make up? OK, would a guy with areally fragile masculinity use Vaseline? Yeah.

No, it's not make up.

You know what? I feel like this would bedoing the reverse effect.

For eyeshadow, I'mgoing to use the chalk.

Just going to scrapethis off a little bit.

Oh god.

It sounds like fingerson a chalkboard! Is there still chalkboardsin schools anymore? A little bit ofthe black, put it in the outer V.

Myeyelid literally naturally has thisline right here.

Don't judge the factthat this isn't blended because it is blended.

If I was likethis, it's blended.

But I naturally havea line that makes all eyeshadow look unblended.

By the way, guys, thisis not a DIY eyeshadow.

Don't use this if youdon't have eyeshadow.

I'm just doing thisfor the challenge.

I'm going to take this colorfor the rest of my eyelid.

And then I'm goingto take some purple.

I have such anugly eyeliner face.

Does this confuse anyoneelse like it confuses me? For mascara, I'm going to takethis brush and some aloe vera.

Now I'm going to take some andput some food coloring on it.

(SINGING) Mix, mix,mix, mix, mix, mix.

So this is going to be a tintedlip gloss, lipstick gloss.


What a life.

This is my full face inmake up, using no make up.


High five.

I hope that madeyou uncomfortable.

And my biggestaccomplishment to this day is figuring out that youcan make a highlighter with these sprinkles.

So I hope you guysenjoyed this video.

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OK? I love you guys so much! Bye!.

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