FREE MAKEUP GRWM (Beauty Guru Parody) | Sarah May

FREE MAKEUP GRWM (Beauty Guru Parody) | Sarah May

Hi guys, it’s Stacey and welcome to my firstvideo here on YouTube, yay! I’ve been wanting to make videos for literallymy entire life but I’m finally doing itttt! I just have a passion for beauty, ya know? Like, I would literally die without makeup,so why not make videos about it? Cause making videos is super easy, right? But anyways, enough about little old me, todayI’m doing a get ready with me using this Rimmel London makeup! Look how cute this bag is omg! I’ve never actually, like, tried these productsbefore, but I was just, you know, sent them in the mail because I’m a beauty guru andcompanies send you products when you’re this important.

So I’m going to create a look with whatthey sent me, so let’s see what I have! Here we have BB cream in the shade Light,because I’m so white, can you see it?.

Can you see it? This is some Match Perfection foundation inthe shade Ivory, it’s a big bottle which is great because I do my makeup three timesa day, so I use a lot of it! Oh, my camera isn't focusing, it’s so silly! This is a Colour Precise eyeliner, as youcan see it’s one of the ones with a felt tip which is exciting because I’ve neverused one of those before.

Here we have a Glam-Eyes Quad eyeshadow palettein the shade Smokey Purple, as you can see it has instructions on the back which we won’tbe using because I’m a makeup professional, who do they think I am? Some kind of amateur? This is a Magnif’eyes mono eye shadow inthe shade Gold Record, no instructions on the back, thank god, I’m much less offendednow… why isn’t my camera FUCKING focusing? And this is some Moisture Renew lipstick inthe shade Fancy, which is a pinky kind of colour which is perfect… fucking USELESScamera And finally this is a Provocalips kiss prooflip colour in the shade Make Your Move, which is perfect for all the BOYS I’ll be kissingat the clubs tonight! Fuck it I give up.

I'm just going to start with the BB cream,I’m just going to put a little bit on my fingers like this and then just rub it all overmy face like this… Perfect! Oh thank god they got my colour right, I hatewhen makeup's just, you know, too orange for you, ya know? And now it’s time for foundation, you knowwhat they say, foundation is the foundation of the look! I’m just taking my brush – I know, itneeds a wash, it's so dirty, but I just can’t be bothered to wash it – relatable right? Make sure you get every part of your face,and that includes your ears… and over your eyelids… but make sure you NEVER put iton your neck, because foundation is for your face and your neck is not your face! So for my eyes I’m going to use the purpleones, but that means the gold one isn’t being used! So I’m going to take that, oops, open itand spill it all over the place, and use it as a gold, glittery highlight! It's almost as if this product was MADE forhighlights, beautiful! Now it's a little golder than what I'd usuallyuse for a highlight, but I think the glitter just makes my look just pop.

Now for the eyes, everyone says to start lightin the middle and then move darker towards the outside, but I’m a bit unconventional.

My face is a little bit wider so I think havingthe dark part in the middle really makes my face a lot slimmer.

Honestly, don't worry about blending becauseI think it looks perfectly fine as it is.

See? It really slims out my face and really drawsattention to my nose.

Not many people do this, but it’ll catch onsoon, I promise.

And now it’s time for eyeliner! Now I like to add a wing, which can be trickyto do, only us professionals know how to do it right, so just bring it up a bit further thanwhat you'd think you'd have to bring it up to, and then you fill it in, just like that.

Perfect! So now we've got that eye done, so we justhave to repeat it on the other eye! And don't worry if it's even because honestly,your face isn't symmetrical so why should your eyeliner be? And the very last step is my lips! So now we’ve got… two different products…why the fuck wouldn’t they realize I can only use one product at a time! God they’re so stupid!- I’m going to try this exciting looking oneright here, once again, there’s instructions, which is a rude assumption to make- Step 1 is to apply the colour, and if you’vegot small lips like me, make sure you do a Kylie Jenner and overline them, just a littlebit.

! There we go! So now we've got that Kylie Jenner look, wejust need to apply the clear stuff to set it into place like this.

And we’re done! This is my finished Rimmel London look, thankyou so much for sending me these products, please feel free to sponsor me so I can make more money! Overall I REALLY like these products, like,REALLY like them so please feel free to send me more, and other companies, you can send me more too.

If you liked my very first YouTube video pleasefeel free to give it a like because likes really help me out guys, like REALLY helpme out, and please feel free to leave a comment telling me how pretty this look is! But most importantly subscribe to my channelfor videos like this every single day and to join the Stacinator family! I love you, like, so much, like, you’rebeautiful, you’re amazing, keep watching my videos so I can make more money, and, like,bye! See you tomorrow! But seriously, I did actually get sent thismakeup.

So shoutout to Amplify, who are an Australia-basedcompany who run a touring YouTube show called Amplify Live which I think is similar to FanFest,I wouldn't be sure because I haven't been to either of them because I live in the middleof nowhere.

Amplify actually picked me as one of theirBreakthrough YouTubers, which is pretty cool, so a huge thank you to the Amplify team, I’llthrow a bunch of links in the description if you would like to check them out.

I hope you enjoyed this video and let me knowif you want Stacey to come back! I’m uploading twice a week in January so I willsee you very very soon with a brand new video, bye!.

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