Fillers for Fuller Lips

Fillers for Fuller Lips

We need to have very sensual, very beautiful lips, to do that we can refresh existing lips with fillers.

Everybody else was doing it and decided I wanted, you know, a little bit fuller lips, you know, bigger smile.

The problem with lips sometimes people get concerned about how unnatural is it going to look, is it going to look like duck lips or big lips and my approach to the treatment is veryconservative.

I always tell my patients, I don't mind you coming a few times.

We can do a little bit, but you wait for a few days and see how you like it.

If you feel you need more you come back again.

And that gives me the best results.

After I used Restylane, my lips were very soft, I loved it.

It was very.


Is that the word? (laugh) I don't remember any patients in my practice saying that their lips were too big.

The majority of people are very happy with my approach, and maybe if it is a little bit time consuming, they prefer to come a few times and to try it than be not looking natural.

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