#FACEAWARDSGERMANY ENTRY 2017 | Steampunk makeup tutorial |  Vasilikis Beauty Tips

#FACEAWARDSGERMANY ENTRY 2017 | Steampunk makeup tutorial | Vasilikis Beauty Tips

Hi!!This is my entry for the Nyx face awards Germany!!! Don’t forget to like this video and let’s get started!! To prime my face I use Prime and fine by Catrice cosmetics.

For foundation I use Infallible 24Hour Matt by Loreal.

With my Real Techniques sponge I blend the product on my skin.

I always apply a second layer on my cheeks near the sides of my nose because I want to cover the redness and the enlarged pores.

Next I use Instant anti age effect concealer by Maybelline.

I apply the product on my under eye circles and on top of my eyelids.

Very lightly I blend the concealer into my skin with my real techniques sponge.

Afterwards I use fixing powder by Zerva cosmetics to set my foundation.

Very gently I blend with my ring finger the concealer on my eyes and I set it with powder.

Here I define my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil by catrice cosmetics.

I blend the color with a spoolie for a natural finish.

For contouring I use the highlight and contour pro palette by nyx cosmetics.

I blend the shade Toffee on my cheekbones and forehead.

With a smaller brush I apply the same contouring shade on the sides of my nose to define the shape of it and then I blend very well.

To highlight my face I take the shade Ice Queen from the nyx palette and I blend it on my cheek bones, top of my nose and the sides of my lips.

For blush I apply the orange shade from the Color Riot eyeshadow palette by Nyx cosmetics, on the highest points of my cheeks.

Afterwards I take the shade Cream of the nyx palette and I use it to blend the edges of my blush application.

For my eyes I will do a cat eye makeup and I define the shape with black gel eyeliner by Maybelline with an angle brush.

I also use the gel eyeliner to fill in my eyelids with a flat brush.

I clean the edges with a makeup wipe.

I use gold face paint by Cryolan in my inner eyelid and inner corner with a small amount of water.

I apply eyeshadow Corrupt by makeup geek on top of the gel eyeliner.

I take gold eyeshadow No 49 by Inglot and I apply it on top of the gold face paint with a flat brush.

On top of that I apply rusty brown eyeshadow No 37 by Inglot to give a more metal effect on my eye look.

To highlight my brow bone I take the lightest shimmery shade from the Color riot palette with a flat brush.

And to highlight my inner corner I apply the shade Ice Queen from the contour & highlight palette by Nyx.

I apply black eye pencil by Tommy g cosmetics, in my waterline and I also tightline my eyes.

For eyeliner I use black gel eyeliner by maybelline.

For mascara I use falsies volume express by Maybelline.

To intensify my brows I use the same contouring shade and the gold eyeshadow I have used before.

I outline and fill in my lips with black eye pencil by Tommy g cosmetics.

And then I apply on top of it black lipstick by kiko cosmetics.

To give an ombre effect on my lips I apply the same metallic eyeshadows on the center of my lips.

I use nyx jumbo eye pencil in Milk with an angle brush to outline the wounds on my face.

Then I remove the foundation I applied because the wax sticks on clean skin.

I use pros aid by Alcone on top of my outline.

Afterwards I make little worms with Nose and scar wax by Ben nye and I place them on top of the pros aid.

Wax is very sticky so I use korres makeup remover on my fingers to blend the wax.

I blend the wax with my fingers to make them part of my skin.

I press the edges of the wax with my fingers to make it look like melted metal.

Wax is easy to work but melts very easy.

So I apply a coat of liquid latex by Alcone to set the wax in place.

I apply powder on the latex application to mattify it.

To give depth to my wound I apply black gel eyeliner and then I set it with corrupt eyeshadow.

To give the illusion of melted metal I apply gold face paint on the inside walls of my wound and I set it with the gold and rusty brown eyeshadows I used before.

I use the grey eyeshadow No 500 by Inglot on the walls of my wound to make it look like burnt metal.

Then I glue my gears inside the wounds.

With my black eyepencil I design the metal plates on my face and then I blend the lines with an angle brush.

I correct some of my lines and I continue with the highlighting of the metal plates.

I use the shade Soft Light from the nyx palette.

Afterwards I give depth to the metal plates with the grey eyeshadow and an angle brush.

I create the bolts of my metal plates with liquid eye pen by Revlon.

I contour my face with the gold and rusty brown eyeshadow to give a more metallic finish to my makeup look.

I start creating the outline of my neck piece with a black eye pencil and then I blend the lines.

I apply a darker foundation on the inside part of the neck piece and on top of it I apply the rusty brown eyeshadow.

To give texture to the darker part I use a sponge that I have destroyed, and I apply the burgundy eyeshadow of the Color riot palette.

I outline with the grey eyeshadow to give depth to my neck piece.

I apply gold eyeshadow to the rest of my neck piece with a flat brush.

With the liquid eye pen I create the holes and the laces.

I outline one more time with gel eyeliner and this is the finished look.

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I have.

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Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video! Byeeeeee.

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