ENG[The Show]

ENG[The Show]

Everything about beauty care! It's time for Beau-word Makeup! We learned the magical small face swelling care solution.

I can't wait for the makeup tips this time.

Let us have today's makeup artist.


Hong, welcome! – Hello.

– Hello.

I'm a makeup artist Hong Mincheol.

2016 F/W Trend MakerMakeup Artist Hong Min Cheol <Small Face Tone-up Makeup> The most common mistake ladies make for skin tone-up is using a foundation that's brighter than their own skin color.

They think it will brighten their skin,but it makes your skin color noticeable and unnatural.

So we will use face oil this time.

Oil for tone-up? [Paula's Choice] Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster Heat two or three drops of the oil with your hands and we shall brighten the center and darken the edge for a small face.

<Press the eyebrow-lip line with oil> Using a foundation after this oil glowing naturally brightens your skin tone.

That's the perfect, ideal tone-up effect.

We will try contour shading to have a small face.

Do you mean contouring? It's similar.

Contouring can be unnatural but this is a natural contouring you can use in daily life.

It's a stick foundation[Nature Republic] Multiple Touch Stick #01 Light Beige It has a stick and a puff each side.

It's very easy to use.

Use the foundation alone the oil line we just put.

That stick foundation is really useful.

[Nature Republic] Multiple Touch Stick #05 Contour BeamThis is the similar item, highlighter.

Put the highlighter right next to the foundation line to be mixed together.

And on her nose and above the lips.

the glow above her lips give her face 3D effect.

And below her lips.

The highlighter makes her skin glow and gives her natural volume.

It's time for shading.

[Nature Republic] Multiple Touch Stick #11 Coconut Draw a line alone your hairline, chin and neck line.

On her neck line.

Even her neck line? – It's important.

– Yes.

Darkened neck line gives 3D effect to your face and makes it slim.

– Next to her nose.

– That is an important area.

I'll blend the colors at once to make a slim face.

I have a similar item at home.

But it was so mat that I couldn't use it softly.

This is so soft and it's easy to use.

It's soft and easy to use.

– There is a sponge at the other end.

– That is a brilliant idea.

Tap the foundation inside the face.

Her face is originally small and it gets smaller and smaller at every touch.

Her face may disappear soon.

I want a small face of mine.

<What?> – Where?- On my cheekbone.

That's right, you told us before.

Sir? Can you help me? Slim 3D effect.

Tone-down the upper area.

You can touch your chine line also if you want a contour.

– You look totally different?- Can you be more specific? You look more like a man.

– You don't look like a boy anymore.

– Really? Thank you, sir.

<Young boy vs masculine man> It's time for blusher.

[Nature Republic] Multiple Touch Stick #Cozy PinkOn her cheek.

I love the color.

<Lively makeup> Let's quickly finish the eye makeup.

Put small amount at once and apply the secondary base over the first one.

Then in the middle.

– It complete natural gradation.

– Beautiful.

Natural and deep eyes.

Let's finish the eye makeup with diamond pearl glitter.

[Make Up For Ever] Diamond Powder Champagne The fine pearl in the center of her eyes gives the face 3D effect.

She's got a small face, large eyes.

The last step is lip makeup.

[Iope] Dual Lip blender #Pink BlendingIt's a two-toned lipstick.

In the middle of her lips.

Blending the two colors gives her 3D effect.

<Attractive and mysterious> – Something mysterious.

– Shading even on her lips.

This is all for Small Face Tone-up Makeup.


Hong, thank you for the tips to make a slim toned-up face.

<Naked skin / Small Face Tone-up Makeup> <Face Tone-up 3D Line>.

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