[ENG] [The Show]

[ENG] [The Show]

Let me tell you the third Beau-word beforewe talk about the lip makeup.


Hwang Bang Hoon's third artist Beau-word is? It's two-tone lips.

I love it.

<Two-tone Lips> Nature is mixed with colors.

Let's harmonize two different colors.

I love two tone colors.

Please hurry up.

I'm looking forward to it.

The first color I chose is pink.




] Lipstick Candy Yam Yam> <Calm vs Delight> Put little pink on the center as if it's the center of a flower.

The color oozes out naturally.

Now I'm adding mat orange color over the pink.

<Curiosity> The texture is different.

<Pink and orange: miraculous collaboration> What you have to make sure about the two-ton lips is you must not talk too muchor the colors will be gone.

<Carp Nicole> There's pink on the center with orange color outside.

Now put some lip gloss inside.

<Glam line inside> <Lovely cherry blossom lips!> I want to be a gloss on her external lips.

<What a shock!!!> <Minors, please close your ears> – Is there something wrong.

?- No, that was what I actually meant.

– I knew that was your intention.

– 120% right.

We are done with the cherry blossom makeupto steal guys' heart.

<Before vs After>Preparing for date vs I'm Ready! <Skin Makeup>Light Cream Base- Brightening effect <Skin Makeup>Dumbbell blusher-coral color on cheeks <Skin Makeup>Dumbbell blusher-pink color on nose <Lip Makeup>Two tone lips-collaboration of pink and orange Cherry blossom makeup to steal your man's heart!.

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