[ENG Subs] Unicorn Eyeshadow Inspired 🦄 | Colorful Makeup Tutorial

[ENG Subs] Unicorn Eyeshadow Inspired 🦄 | Colorful Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys, welcome back! Today's makeup will be a lil bit different than usual because I put some colorful colors.

And the theme is unicorn eyeshadow.

So if you wanna know how to achieve this look, please thumbs up this video and keep watching.

Apply white matte eyeshadow on the entire lid as base color.

Next, apply matte pink eyeshadow on top and around the crease area.

Apply matte purple eyeshadow to intensify the crease.

Create the 'halo' eyes gradient using blue eyeshadow color on the outer and inner eyelid.

Fill the center of eyelid with yellow eyeshadow, spray the setting spray on the brush to make the color pop up.

Apply silver glitter on the center of eyelid using a small brush.

Curl and apply mascara to your lashes and add false lashes to enhance the eye makeup.

Use the same blue eyeshadow color on outer of lower lash line and yellow color to highlight the inner corner of our eyes.

Apply base makeup for longlasting result.

For foundation, I use Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow shade no.

204 Highlight our face using liquid concealer, make sure to blend it really well because liquid concealer can make our makeup look cakey.

Next I use two way cake by Mineral Botanica, the result is good but feels heavier than Rimmel because of higher coverage.

Contour face using contour powder then apply pink blush on and highlighter.

For lips I use on of my fav which is Artemy Beauty in shade candy.

Well guys so that's all for today's vide, I hope you enjoy.

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Embrace your own beauty and keep inspiring, see you.

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