E9💋 Korean dupes for high end makeup with Youngguk || Beauty Beasts

E9💋 Korean dupes for high end makeup with Youngguk || Beauty Beasts

Hey guysWelcome back to Beauty Beasts I'm really excited for today's episodebecause not only do I get to show you really awesome dupesfor really well-known expensive makeup but I'm gonna be showing you with.

My good friend and fellow Beauty Beasts member.

– Hi, everyone! This is Youngguk.

– You are supposed to say your name Okay! My name is Youngguk.

Beauty Beasts So! We are gonna start.

Well, I'm doing my whole.

Like a whole look – You are just doing your base makeup, right?- Yes So we are gonna be sharing like.

Kind of dupes and stuffs So for my first one.

"Benefit POREfessional"which is really famous In Korea,they've got like a dupe basically exactly the same As for Innisfree, "No sebum blur primer?" – You can literally buy four of these with the money you will be spending for the Benefit one.

– Yeah~ – They are exactly the same.

Just like a skin, flesh tone- Let me smell it – POREfessional smells very citrusy – It smells like powdery.

Korean products- It smells like chemicals – Yeah- It has very subtle.

You paid four dollars and you expect chemical smells, okay? So please accept it If you are going for cheap products(Laugh) Cheap and good productsBy the way – We look better because there's lights all around.

– Yeah, I know – Real Shinety- Real Shinety Even though in real life, we might look like.

You know Looking a bit busted.

I'm afraid like people.


If we have fan meeting.

-They'll be like "Oh.

You look better on camera"- Yeah! That's like non-photoshopped face – Photogenic and stuffs.

– But don't worry! – If we don't get popular,we won't have any fan meetings- OMG! Whatever! Anyway.

Next is foundationSo one other famous foundation from the department called Estee Lauder's Double Wear.

– I'm sorry! Serious face!- Estee Lauder's Double Wear~ You have to understand that in Korea, the department store brands are insanely more expensive – They are already expensive but you know.



– Really expensive So.

They both have that really thin.

High coverage,long wearing formula But the thing is.

I have this foundation called "Hanyul" It's called cover foundation This one is extremely similar to this one – Even from the smell and the texture.

And actually they are from the same company- Okay.

Uh huh – And they are both known for.

The dupes for the Estee Lauder's Double Wear- Ah~ – So I think.

You might.

Test this one out as well- Ah~ – Come on, okay?- No~Let me blend this out and then put out some.

So you can see.

– Yeah, sure.


I'm excited Which half is Etude House? I'm putting on Etude House.

Actually, I'm putting on the "Hanyul" one on my faceJust so there's a comparison – Ah~Okay- This is "Hanyul".

The "Hanyul" one has lighter color than my Etude House one.

Because I'm having the color tan.

What's your color? – Mine is tan- Okay.

But I know they came out four new shadeswhich is good – They're still on the ligher side like.

– Uh huh.

A kind of tan person In Korea, The fact that they have eighth shade is.

Good on you, Etude House! But still like.

If you.

I think it's good for like.

Most South East Asian skin.

At least? Yeah (x3)You can work it (x2) Yeah~Work it, girl~Work it~ – Sorry.

Was that too much?- Let's just kick him out (LoL) I really like this It looks like skin but it's long wearing, high coverage.

– Uh huh – They look very similar- Yeap, very similar – This one is very matte.

That one is really matte too- Uh huh – So I know you had a dupe for NARS creamy.


In custard- Yes – The one that everyone has~- I actually.

I bought the NARS concealer today.

– Is this not custard? (Gasp)- Yes Because um.

No one cares about any other colors The only color that everyone buys is the custard – Right (x3)- In Korea, at least.

Actually, do you want to show like.


What's your dupe? Luna? – Yes- So, Luna long-lasting tip concealer.

Long lasting tip.

※ "편집해주세요" ※ – Okay! If you laughed at that joke,that means you are dirty too! Okay? What I want you to do is actually.

One side you put one,and the other side you put the other one So.

Don't look, okay?- Yes, sir! Make me look like Kim KardashianGive me that triangle.

(x2) – I'm excited- Doesn't that look like jellyfish? – (Laugh)- You always do This is so much fun – I want to like poke your eyes- What?!?! – Just to make fun out of you.

– Why? Make fun of me and then I go blind?Is that funny? – They are really similar They look exactly the same?!- Let's see.

– The thing is that the blueness of your dark circle.

And this side is covered better- That's right – As you can see- Right (x2) – So which one do you think is the low-endand which one do yu think is the high-end? I feel like this one might be NARSand this is Luna.

ARE YOU SURE? I actually.

This side.


Okay, sorry.

I was pointing "THIS SIDE RIGHT HERE"(MIMICKING) – THIS IS NARS and THIS IS LUNA- This side! This side! Okay? – Stop! You are being so mean to me!- What are you doing! – I lost my direction, okay?- Point to the right direction, okay? This side! This side, everyone! Okay?This side Right here! – This side is the Luna concealer!- Ah~ – I actually.

Yeah!- Really? I felt like this one was a little bit better – The Luna concealor- I mean.

They are very very similar but.


– The Luna concealor actually performs better- Mmm~ But I do have another suggestionIt's the.

The Saem Tip concealer?- Uh huh – This is 5,000 Won in Korea- I think it's.

It's actually really famous in Korea The Saem is well known for their base products.

– This is like everyone's favorite- Everyone goes to the Saem (Pronunciation Error)"THE SAEM" (Making fun of Youngguk) Alright~So my next dupe is~ One that I'm sure that A lot of people would be excited forEspecially the ones with oily skin.


We all know Makeup Forever HD Powder.

– Everyone has it- Everyone knows.

Yeah, everyone has the HD Powder.

But! Makeup Forever runs for.

51,000 won But! Innisfree.

They've got you The No Sebum Mineral Powder~ I always show this one on my YouTube channel.

This is only 6,000 Won! but it performs exactly the same The HD Powder makes your skin look really.

Pretty! – Put it down- Coverage.


– It's my turn now, okay?- The puff or the brush?- Please use the brush I mean this is so small! Please use the brush!(Mimicking) I mean this is so smalland my face is like this gigantic thing – And then.

How do you like.

It's gonna take a year, okay?- Oh my god So I don't mind the brush But the thing is.


It was so popular that Innisfree came up with so many different really pretty pacakgings – So not only it has a grain colorbut it has like polka dots or pink or purple.

– "Princess Thank You" Yes, the one that says "Thank you" (Laugh)Innisfree wants to thank me.


Why not? Right~ – To make me feel importanteven though you are not really important- Important That's just you (Laugh)Hello? Show me the.


– Cause you have this beautiful thing- Yeah~- Which is actually Hannah's.

our manager's.

– Because we can't afford any expensive highlighters- We can't.

Hannah's like.

– You and I, we are like Etude House.

The Saem.

– Yeah But Hannah over here – I was like.

"Oh, you guys go there? That's cute"- She's like "Oh.



" Because we shop at the E-Mart's beauty sectionbut our manager shops.

We're like "Can we go to the clearance section first? Is there a sale?" – This guy, "I'll buy when it's one sale"- (Laugh) Right That's when you know you are suffering from poverty But don't worry!Okay? That's why Korean road shops exist For people like us! So as you can see There's multiple colors for each of little balls The purple.

They are all like color correcting Um.

But this is basically a powderthat you can use to set your whole face It'll give you like kind of glow This is not really like a highlighter!If it was a *highlighter, highlighter* then.

you would look like.

– A disco ball- A disco ball (Laugh) – You need to apply this with a really hard brush- Aha Like one of these brushes – She like.

gets the product on there- But.

But Ettude House.

Oopsy! That's like 5 dollars right there, okay?Don't do that – That was 10,000 Won right there- Yeah That was 10,000 Won So he's gonna do.

half of my face with the Guerlain – The fancy department store.

– You are looking like the LANEIGE I look like a very hard to deal with like French woman – What is he saying? Oh my god!- that only shops at Lafayette in Champs Elysees Like those ahjummas that go to L'occitane – "I don't know what I'm buying but what is this?"- Yes – "Oh, this one is really good" "Okay, let's buy it"- Yeah (x2), si vous plait (x2) Okay! Show us your Etude House one! Okay, this is a product that I actually use.

It's from Etude House and it has different colorsas you can see – The secret beam highlighter~- Yeah! It's really secretive.


But the thing is! This is an acutaly highlight, so!What we recommend is using a big.

– Oh, that brush would be good- Uh huh A big fluffy brush Would you like to do the honor.

? Because I did that for you!Okay? (Frowning)Friends help each other, okay? Today's Lession : "Friends help each other" He does not agree He's like, "I don't care, whatever~" – I actually look better.

– I kind of like it more, actually.

– Wow!- It's a little bit more obvious – Do you see it?- Yeah.

Oh my god.

I like this glow Do I look like Song Hye-Gyo from Laneige CF? She always looks this shiny! Wish I like.

Why do you look at me like?! I know I don't look like Song Hye-Gyo! Obviously!I'm a man! Next thing is.

Something that is very important to me and Eddy.

Youngguk It's shading! – We are gonna have that shaded face- Yeah because.


This sort of face size?only can be helped.

Right! I don't have to money to beginbotox shots for my chin.


We are going to be showing some shading.

This one I found from NARS actually.


This is actually one of Hannah's pallete It's the Narcissist's pallete! There's a bunch of shades and these are all individually sold but they.

It's like limited edition pallete I'm not sure how much this one is.

I think.

You were saying it's 30 dollars? Put the price like right here But! The dupe that I found is the SSIN Stealer! This is her contouring pallete There's four shades in it but.

– Oh my god! You were really using this product!- This.

Do you see this? – This is rare for me- Oh my god! I have so much makeup that I rarely do this But this shade right here is very very similar Actually.

Let me swatch the two.

Do you see that?They are like the same thing Identical? Pretty close.

So this is 18,000 Won You guys can't tell right now.


– I'm really hungry.

– I'll do my shading too – I'm really hungry- Me too – He and I shared a piece of pizza earlier.

– Yeah.

It was delicious But the thing is.

He gave me like He ate like all of it and he had a piece like this.

"Hey! Edward! Here!" I was like, "Oh.

Thank you"(Eating a leftover) The thing is.

The pizza we ate was from Pizza Schoolwhich is the dupe THE DUPE?!?! – Pizza School is a dupe for Papa Johns.

– We ate Pizza School which is a Korean.

Verry low-end pizza shop – It's a dupe for American Papa Johns.

– Oh my god! That's so funny That's the life that we are living honey So PLZ support our show! Okay? – Oh my god!- Just so we can have Papa Johns next time While he's doing his face, I want to talk about eyebrows Eyebrows are SO important to me And the thing is.

Really famous brand known for eyebrow products is.

– "Anastasia Beverly Hills"- Aha The dupe for the brow definer.

Is the Etude House one It's exactly the sameIt's a triangle.

And then the dupe for the brow powder duo is.

the Skinfood power cake As you can see That's actually only 3,900 Won.

Savings! Y'all! Savings! Why don't you use mine? There's another brand that's very famous in Korea for their brow product is Shuemura And I have their new.

The dupe from Aritaum It's called matte formula And this is their auto version -This is really good!- It's really nice, right? Because the pigmentation of this eyebrow pencilis not really hard – Just so it give you a very natural looking.

Of brows- Right- Yeah – even though it's a dupe for Shuemura's hard formula- Yeah, I know.

Because Shuemura's high formula.

The pigmentation of that is very ver weak too – Right (x2)- It does not appear even on bare skin and only appears where there's a fur.

I mean hair! – Oh? Fur?- No fur! You are not animal! If you translate the word 'Teol (Hair)',it comes out as fur.

– But there's hair on your body not fur.

– In Koran, it's "FUR" but in English, it's hair.

Okay? I learned my Enligsh hard in a private institute, okay?Sorry Apparently, I didn't pay them high enough.

– Wow!- Now I look like a human being.

– Yeah! Because.

Before I came into the studio, I saw Eddy.

– He removed all his makeup- Hey! – That's not right!- He came out from the wash room – I was like, "Who's that?"- Yeah, who's that? – It was like "OMG! Eddy, are you okay?"- Yeah! I'm fine What other.

Benefit is also known for all their.

Because they have like over 18 brow products The Benefit "Gimme Brow",a popular eyebrow mascara,is 34,000 Won But SSIN Stealer brow-cara is very similar to.

It has like really creamy formulathat really sets your eyebrows like glue and it thickens them up! But this one is only 8,900 Won So this is my really recent purchase from Aritaum It's the Mamonde – Ah~ Mamonde!- Two-step perfect brow And this is the perfect dupe for the Gimme Brow I used to love the Gimme Brow really much And I paid like $25 for the stuff – It looks like a spear- I know – With some feathers as decoration- It looks a little bit inappropriate but.

The thing is.

How you use it – You use this brush part to tint your eyebrowand use this part to actually draw your eyebrow- Ah~ The thing is I was outsidewith a really hot Korean weather and my eyebrow did not disappear – It was still there for the whole dayI was very impressed- Wow~ Because.

By the end of the day, all my makeup should.

They are supposed to melt off, right? But.

Only my eyebrow.

Yeah! Like always because I am using cheap products.

But my eyebrows were still thereI was like.

"THANK YOU" At least my eyebrows are there – I really really recommend this product, okay?- And they are really creamy.

We are not sponsored by MamondePlease sponsor us, though.

All the brands!Feel free to sponsor Beauty Beasts~ But we are not.

Even though the products we use are cheap,we are not cheap.


We'll choose the sponsor, okay? So.

You might sponsor us but we might not agree!Just so you know But feel free to contact us! Never look down belowBe hereI'm just kidding It's like "HOMESHOPPING" in Korea It's like.

"Please call us NOW!!!"Anyway.

This used to be my favorite highlighter – This is called High Beam- Oh, High Beam I actually love a lot of products from BenefitSo.

– I used to use the whole bunch of it when I was little.

When I was younger not little- Oh really? I actually find this This one is dupe Son&Park Highlight Cube which is gifted by HIM – I'm very.

– Because I don't use it and it's trash~- Thank you! That's really really nice~Hello~ For me, I wanna use MAC – We all like MAC, don't we?- Uh huh Especially beauty bloggers in Korea – This.


In America, this is 30 dollarsBut in Korea, it's like 45,000 Won!- Oh my god! But the SSIN Stealer highlighter.

One the skin comes off basically the same when you mix all the colors.

This one is 18,000 Won But there's ton of dupes that I want to show you guys We all know the Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallete The Naked 2 Pallete in Korea it costs 73,000 Won!That's ridiculous! But Etude House has a pallete that's.

Not exactly the same but has same like "FEELING" So I'm sure it'll be very similar on the eyes It's their "Color Eyes in The Cafe" palleteand that is 22,000 Won But! Another really popular item is that.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basic Pallete which is basically.

Took the Naked 2 Palleteand condensed it into like.

The colors everyone like? Now there's pallete from Aritaum It's 10,000 Won The Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics is.

42,000 Won – 42,000 Won- That's a lot of extra money for fried chicken- Yeap.

What? He's always like talking about food – He talks like everything is food- I'm hungry! – Oh no, I feel you there.

We'll eat after this- Yeah, we will.

The Lancome eyelienr is one of their famous.

Other than the mascara Their eyeliner.

Their Artliner.

Is really popular and famous – That is 40,000 Won in Korea- Oh my god – Yeah! For an eyeliner!- Yeah But.

You know what?I think people who are watching us Maybe some people might react like,"That's expensive? 40 dollars?" – If you are one of those like Asian woman from Canada- "That's the price of my socks!" Yeah.

They'll be like.

"40 dollars.

For me is not really.

" POCKET CHANGE! The CLIO Kill Brown Eyeliner Well.

It comes in Kill Brown and Kill Black Um.

It's 18,000 Won But you actually do.

It comes with another item with.

Like a kit – CLIO was really famous for their eyeliners- Yeah~ – It's got really good reviews online- Yeah~ Another popoular eye product is the MAC fluid line in black track – In Korea, that's 26,000 Won- Uh huh – But TONYMONLY! They are actually famous for making gel liners- Gel liners! Yes! Actually no, if I don't talk about this it would have been a waste to buy this rightYeah There's a really famousGivenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara – But! Holika Holika came out with this onewhich is very.

The same thing- Really? – Yeah- But this packaging really reminds me of.

– The.

– Sailor Moon? Do you know an emoji of um.

Like that? Please! Put a reference photo here(Laugh) Last! But not least.

-Yes, never the least We all know Benefit and their tints That the.

Of the.

Cha Cha tint, Bene tint And.

what's the other one? (Together)The Loli tint There are 45,000 won each If you want your lips to look on point then you have to pay 50 bucks Right here!All three of them will be right here – 45,000 Won- In Korea – But Etude House did us a favor- Yeah And they came out with three tintsthat are exactly the same thing But 4,000 Won.

This is cherry ade from um.

The water tint in cherry ade from Etude House 4,000 Won.

– Can I try it on my lips?- Yeah I hope you know that you have my jerms on your mouth OMG Eww.

(Laugh) Can we pause for a second?I'm not really friends with Edward.

I'm just kidding That was a lot of productsas there were lot of dupes – I know, right.

– So I actually calculated all the stuffs on the list If you were to use all the high-end stuffs.

It will come out to.

156,500 Won(Approx.


27 USD) – So 614,000 Won against 156,500 Won(558.

18 USD vs 142.

27 USD)- OH MY GOD! – Savings! (x2)- There you go (x2) (TOGETHER)YOU ARE WELCOME Oh my god!!! – Here, here!- You need to keep that! Don't edit it out That's friendship right there!Okay, honey? That's your goalThat's friendship Anyway, that was a long episode – I don't know what they are gonna cut out.

– They'll be like "We can't use this shit.

" I hope you guys enjoyed that!Make sure you follow Beauty Beasts Yes, please on our official Instagram And I will see you in the next episode~Bye (x2) Good bye~ – See ya~- Bye~.

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