E5💋 DAISO KOREA MAKEUP HAUL ft. Seungmin ll Beauty Beasts

E5💋 DAISO KOREA MAKEUP HAUL ft. Seungmin ll Beauty Beasts

HelloBeauty Beasts In today's episode we're playing with dollar store makeup And for my guest I have Hi~ I am Lee Seungmin, and I'm thirty two years old I am working as a model at a home shopping company I was so nervous that yesterday night I drank lots of water.

but still couldn't get to sleep Anyway, so, me and my friend Seungmin over here Hopped on over the Daiso Where we were looking around we thought It would be fun to test out this dollar store make up because, who goes to Daiso to buy make up No one, so~ We decided to do it for you to ensure you whether it's like good or not so, yeah we're gonna do full, starting from skincare all the way to like a.

They don't have like blush or like eyeshadow but we'll make do with what we have here so yeah all the things we buy okay These are, here's the first item These are what is it? dung puffer? yup dung puff They came out with this recently, right? People don't want to get their fingers dirty So they put a handle on the sponge we'll start with skincare I picked up this cleansing water Here, take your also Daiso cotton because everyone goes to Daiso for their cotton pads so this is one of the ones, it's kind of like it looks like the nail polish remover because it has the puff here and he was saying that the ingredients are good so who know, maybe this is just nail polish remover It smells like lime? It smells like Tequila It's taking off the foundation pretty well -It works well-yeah But I don't know if If I had someone who had eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara I don't know if I would put this around my eyes because I feel like it would burn -a bit.

sensitive skin?-eem should be careful this items They should be really careful it works quite well you think so? I feel like it too hurts for those who wear a heavy makeup I think they can finish it in one day -we used this much already!-yeah Two thousand won -Two thousand won-so so we picked up some "skincare" That is really cute masks these animal masks? which one do you want? um.

tiger? monkey I'm a monkey I just check the ingredients of this mask and I think it's kind of good something like.

moisture elements it contains lots of moisture elements It doesn't taste good -and it doesn't have the waste paper-huahhhh it has the face!! Oh my god!! this is cute!! I cannot open this those are little scary because it just the whole face without the eyes so cute cute but kind of scary this looks cute too the tiger's cute too it's too big! I don't want to waste it this mask is huge use this on.

your arms can't let it go to waste that natural essence maybe you'll do the photoshot for Instagram One, two, three we look crazy it's like not even cute okay we'll leave this on for about ten minutes and we'll be right back so let's just take this off now take off umm oh my god my face is burning it hurts -now it's ah-it's very smooth feel like I'm getting beauty because you know they usually like toner.

or something, they don't really touch their face that's not how you do skincare do you wanna show your Nivea? They sell Nivea in Daiso as well Nivea cream it's famous.

everyone knows Nivea It's really really like.

how much is this? -three.

-two thousand one thousand won? -2 thousand-2 thousand?? Lafine vegetable suncream woooow~ isn't that too much? oh, usually I put a lot oh really? because I need protection from the sun oh my god -it was little too much-you cannot absorb that much It smells like a swimming pool -oh was it?-yeah like a swimming pool? so moist~ -moist?-yeah so you.

what did you want to use this for lips? I just.

because you're age just 24, I'm age 32 so So I'm worried about the eyes -eyes wrinkles?-so you use it for eye cream wow I will put it on my lips because my lips are always dry because, when my lips get dry they're like, um Hi I'm Edward this petroleum jelly.

three thousand? It's only three thousand.

three thousand won I'm eating it -It's made out of oil-I feel like everything we tried I feel like I'm eating some of it alright, I'm so full Anyway, uh, what's that we have BB cream so of course Lafine has the vegetable suncream they have to have the vegetable BB cream so you need this this right here that's quality right here do you see this packaging? That is high quality and then they had a men section so I feel like why not try this BB cream it's the men skin bracer, smart BB cream This was.

three thousand won To.

to apply that we're gonna use the thing that I showed earlier the dung puff see.


cuz this came after the dung puff when you wet the dung puff with water It gets bigger like double size But with this one, it doesn't really change like This is wet and this is dry like.

it didn't really change put some BB cream On my hand.


my god this is like old BB cream It's so grey this one has the old color too yours is more.

yours looks more like skin -oh really?-mine looks like a.

sun cream and this dung cream.

did I just say dung cream.

? what is it called.

? -for something like dung puff-hahaha -dung cream~-for something like this.

you know.

it's too small that for people who have a big face like me -it's like.

too small-Oh my god~ this This is like.

daily middle school girl make up wow~ they have like matt finish wow okay~ -I wanna try that too-okay, skin bracer you think it's good for men? No Why? because boys.

not many boys are this color especially if you're like in the 군대 or something? you get darker like.

he can't use this how is the.

coverage? how's the cover? It's okay.

not bad? but it's.


for scars or pimples.

you need like concealer and like.


this is, it's like coming off look at that what the heck Daiso it's okay I mean.

you can still.

even if it comes off the head, you can still use it but how is it? it's not bad? really? but your skin is good already -No-I have a lot of like.

what's the word.

spots? no no~ I'm old because my dark circle is too dark -lip pencil.

this is lip pencil-ohh~ helpful information for you how much is this? one thousand, one thousand won red color so if you mix it, it'd be like salmon color? and that will help correct the dark circle I used it for testing just now it kind of collapsed here but it's like this on both sides I think it would be better if it had brush on one side.

yeah -you put all that on your face?-yes You try this you try use it I put it already I'm going to make concealer mixed with this make up artist it becomes this color if you mix it apply it like this I think you're like, it looks like it's better now -we spent like 20 minutes-you're using too much! sorry~ I look like I'm drunk I think I'm drunk~ it looks cute Isn't he cute? he's cute! But I mean, the vegetable one is pretty good like if your skin is already good, it's good I think any of this is good if your skin is already good you can try them alright, next, I need to do my eyebrows because if I don't draw my eyebrows, it's like two little.

caterpillars two auto eyebrow pencils one in brown, and one in grey brown? honestly I think this might be good because I feel like all eyebrow pencils are the same yea like, what's the difference between how much is this? -one thousand!-one thousand -and like a, say, thirty thousand won-one thousand is really good like Benefit -eyebrow pencil and what's the difference?-hard formula yea the hard formula from shu uemura, which one do you want the brown or grey oh my god! wow~ next, what color do you want? -brown?-brown okay oh.

but this one is.

Number 2.

hold on a second -This color number 1?-number 5 -number five?-what's one three and four -Number one and.

the rest are limited edition I guess-limited edition! ah~okay so one side is like an oval shape actually no, they're both oval shaped but one is just smaller than the other -there's no brush?-no why would they do that? -haha good luck-why would they produce it like this? -hahaha good luck-why did they do this? working alright? -yeah~-yea it's pretty good-yeah It's very good It's very smooth but I can remove it easily too right.

oh that's not where my eyebrow is This is too light Too light it's kind of red for like a grey brown -It's not bad?-but I think, I like it oh yeah, definitely.

but honestly, just go to etude house that's for five years old? -what five years old toy makeup?-어 Children's make up? How do I look? Thanks~ I tried~ The color's not the same for my eyebrows -hahahahaha-The color's not the same -what the hahahah-The color's not right It's black here, but it's brown over here you use this one yeah I'm gonna use this It's not bad~ so when you're home, during midnight nothing else to do you can practice your eyebrows -This coud be very useful-yea you can use it for bronzer You draw it like this on your forehead as well look at that, a real make up artist in the house It works really well alright, here? like this? oh right, this is what I learnt If you want to, if you look at the singers, they do the shading here -but my neck is already like-Because when you make up, your neck looks too white, for male artists, It looks better if you do the shading here It gets red -okay, alright~ eyebrow pencil-Is it okay? next! I really wanna try the um.

the olive farm pen liner, the liquid eyeliner? Look at the picture here It's never going to be like this It's never like this that's like, it looks like the sam, the sam pen liner? yup wow~ that's really wet I will try the black one have you heard of that? just for Korean word, do you know comssa? -Never heard of that-You don't know? Anyone knows the felt tip pen eyeliner? oh computer? when you sign? when you buy something? yeah, some student, some child, primary school girls they're doing the computer sign pen and they're doing the eyeliner what? This is three thousand won This is three thousand, now they don't have to use the felt tip pen anymore Do you think a lot of men use the eyeliners lately? -Idols?-Idols just for idols just idols It's ruined wait a second you have to put in and like.

wait because for it to dry do you see.

do you see that right there? My BB cream is like.

in my wrinkles I used the wrinkle mask! This doesn't work!! I have lots of wrinkles still -why did I draw the eyeline here-just kidding It's so quiet now yes it looks like a dot I feel like CL cat's eye? I'm a bad girl(Korean song) -more more-more? oh yeah alright like up to here it's just like.

like a coloring book just chee chee chee look at this.

this one looks good but I can't do the other eye it's gonna.

this one's gonna be not the same it'd be like keck okay my eye is burning It hurts You're drawing this long? This one is too long so cute not really okay I'm done.

I need to stop because when I'm done, it'll be here it'll be like hweeek That's okay oh no that was too short Oh you removed it? I feel like cheetah so.

I also open this.

also this pencil Auto.

it's auto eyeliner pencil This was.

one thousand? -I'm gonna use this in the water line-That's really cheap of course, there's two sides this side is a point and the other side is a point what? why?? let's see if it ah~ it hurts never mind.

I don't want it hard.

it's too hard yea yea yea.

so it hurts if you have a lighter you can heat it and it soften it a little bit yeah that was a useful info for you~ I like it I like it so here's the thing this is the magic clear This is mascara that's clear but I actually really like this for my eyebrows so here's another good info for you I mean, if you use it for your eyebrows so you can hold it in place But you can also use it on your hair line like right here oh it works -oh.

-yeah I also picked up.

there's a lot of eyelashes in Daiso and they're actually really really cute are these Japanese? No They're Korean There are also several mascaras but I got the volume up one It looks really cheap to be honest with this kind of with this.

with this five hundred won eyelash curl the plastic eye That's curler They're really cheap and they work but.

They break really quickly what's like one time one use let's see oh my god I'm really scared oh it worked -It works?-yeah~ -it's good?-yeah and for those who have short eyes This could be useful these are different How does it look? It's the same, right? It's the same! It didn't do anything oh my god, oh my god It smells dangerous.

It smells dangerous The smell's really bad chemicals Here's another useful info for you If you put your eyelash you glue on.

don't eat it.

don't eat don't do this if you have like.

If you're doing someone else's make up, don't do this but if you're doing your own.

then I guess It's okay -How's it?-uh huh there's this.

like it's a little bit of a difference like a little.

from this side.

like here.

you can kind of see the difference, but.


it looks just like when I put mascara It looks kind of.

heavy? I think you should curl it once again? no~~ it's scary I'm scared~ What the heck~~ haha I worked so hard on that! -Try it again-It's your fault -No~ it's because you didn't stick it well so this is the lip liner in orange oh it's clear~ clear~ -one thousand.

it's even one thousand won-one thousand~ oh~ They do this.

they don't put brush on purpose Daiso is not doing that to save the expenses They are saying that they want us to use it in both directions two times? -Wow it's so nice-yeah~ Let me try it on my cheek The color's really good The color's really good.

I think I will buy this I'm gonna try this Orange this is a full face with.

dollar store makeup look at that.

and I also have this.

this cherry lip balm If you were to buy one? If you were to choose.

one item.

just one The number one eyebrow pencil -eyebrow pencil-maybe.

but if you don't really care for that, the lip pencil because you can use it on your cheeks too right? this is uh.

multi use product I think but yea there's our looks using dollar store makeup How do I look? -Staffs?-Pretty~ oh my god they're all like.

I guess not that good anyway.

I hope you enjoyed it and make sure you guys followed Beauty Beasts instagram which will be like.

down below and thank you for joining me Thank you he had a lot of.

he had a lot of useful info right here That's him alright I will see you guys in the next episode bye~ bye~.

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