E21💋 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup (ft. ChoNunMigookSaram ) || Beauty Beasts

E21💋 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup (ft. ChoNunMigookSaram ) || Beauty Beasts

Hey! Beauty Beasts! Welcome back! You can introduce yourself Oh, okay! My name is Megan Simon Bowen, but if you are on Line, I am known as Cho Nun Migook Saram Yeah! Yeah So, she has joined the Beauty Beasts family in that she is a guest in this episode and in continuing with the theme with Halloween, because Halloween is upon us Alright, so.


as you can- I don't know if you can already tell by the hair, the outfits that we are obviously-Can you guess? What?I'm sorry Your little clip in the back Ohh It was too big Alright so we are going to get ready in front of the camera, I guess and.

You're just basically gonna watch us slap makeup upon our faces and chit-chat So! Let the Harley Quinn Makeup commence! Hap- pap! So, instead of, you know, re-doing the foundation and what not, which I am sure you guys have seen several foundation routines so just use whatever one you like Whatever foundation you like, and I'm going to erase my eyeballs While you do that While I do thisSo in my head, I am thinking Oh, Harley Quinn is supposed to have like a really pale face Right.

wait a moment Aah! The Naerys Targaryen!!! Where are my dragons! From the Game of Thrones So Harley Quinn's makeup is usually really sloppy anyways So what about I just Leave those pieces of black because they ain't coming off Unless I like dunk my head in water.

It's fine Honestly though, if you saw last few episodes of Beauty Beasts, even the ones that we recorded haven't come out yet- all messy, don't know what I am doing She's like, "right" She's like, 'RIGHT" "Right" She was here to witness itWell you know, we do this for fun It's for fun, y'all! It's not cause were some professional- I know I ain't a professional, I got like three makeup videos In my four and a half Youtube career I was watching your Nom Nom vlogs the other day The old ones????? Oh, lord I hate to be that person thats like "Oh my gawd! I was like watching your old videos" But like.

I was watching you when you didn't look as good! And when your editing sucked! Oh my gosh, the iconic white background I see what he try'na say Saying I ain't look as good MmHmm I feel like you literally look the same, just different hair *Maniacal laughter* So should I wait for you to finish your foundation and then we do our eyes together? If you want Okay, I'll wait for you I'm baking You're baking, okay I'll wait for you to bake, while you're baking, I will have some baked potatoes Really? Did you bring it with you?Of course~ Did you bring it? Well you're baking, so I have to.

*gibberish* psssst! Harley Quinn has some very dark eyebrows She does! Very dark You know she ain't no natural blonde Oh really? Like the actress? Mmhmmm~ I can't take it, seriously!!! Oh my god!!!! I'm crying, my bake is- Sorry I'm not experienced at all I have no idea She's always like "I'm not experienced" to me and she like pulls out like this Bomb eye I just be guessing If I put colors here -Bitch you guessed it! Do you think they'll know what that is?! She's right I don't think they'll know The left eye is.

Blue, because the hair is blue on the left and the pants are blue on the left So I'm assuming this is the blue eye What happens if you get it wrong? No, it's right No it's wrong She's right! We already went over that! Ok, alright, I guess the left eye is blue, and the right eye is red So I guess I will just take this lovely red color and apply it over my right eye If you need to change colors, you can use this About the same in America, this is called color switch If you.

when you have a brush and you are done with the color you try to wipe it off the rest of the hand This takes up all the colorIs it wet? No, it's dry.

It's the same material as like hair donuts It feels like turf, like, you know, when you go to the park Yeah, yeah the park right- the soft It feels like Do Do Do~ Okay! So! I'm going to do this with blue color on my left eye Lisa left eye Lopez Megan Left Eye Megan Lighter blue color I'm gonna take the lighter blue color first and then I'll go over with a darker color Do you get hay fever? Yassss That's just when your eyes get itchy, right? When the seasons are changing Right, right, right Have ever used a Neti Pot? Oh yeah, I have one at home Oh yeah, if you don't know what a Neti Pot is, it's basically- looks like a tea kettle MmHmAnd you like put water in it and put one side in your nose And you do thisYeah But not just water though, they give youThat's gonna hurt! They give you like salt, a salt solution and sometimes they give you oils too.

So I've got like these oils, like teatree oils *sniffs* soothing So that way the water is saline, so that way you don't burn your nose and then you just put it in one side and tilt and then it falls out of the other It feels really weird at first Right! You feel like you are drowning Yeah, it's very, um, interesting I was doing my crease color just with just this one pencil that's- Oh, cause we've been talking.

But talking is good! It gives them more materials to edit- Gotta watch [editor's name] – just cuts out everything That's what he did with our other video No~ I'm just kidding Don't put him on blast like that You need to bring out the shady eyes Do you need me to bring out the shady eyes? MmmHmmmm Oh my god, I'm crying again! The shady eyes Like a deeper redI have another one like this that is- That is red, right? Because I was like I be needing that.

It was right in front of my face Whooooooo Oop Oop Oop Oop Oop Oop Oppa Gangnam Style Back at some point when I was like- "Oh my god do you like K-pop? I love K-pop!" Do you know Oppa Gangnam Style? Gangnam, Gangnam Style? It was so funny! My great grandmother, great grandmother She lives on the farm, she doesn't even have cable She just got it when they switched over and there's no more TV airing like in the air, you know? Like in America And so, when I talked to her, she was like Megan, "What's this Gangnam Style?" I was like, my great grandmother, she doesn't even have cell phone or cable TV, she's been living on the farm Since she was like a little girl living in the same town and she knows about Gangnam Style She knows about Gangnam Style, Gangnam Gangnam Style I don't know, drawing with gel- I used to do it at first but.

it just got annoying, cause you have to carry two things and it's bulkier cause it's a circle and a stick So they don't fit togetherInto your pouch With the brown color- Her eyeliner is not like the biggest thing, that like pops out It's usually.

just the freaky colorsSo just a light.


Perfect! So.

the blue eyeshadow, because it's a bit darker It seems a little bit darker on this side, so I'm going to put more like, dark.

under the here, right? Cause this one's just darker It's just I feel like, like the red you spread out in the middle A little more, yeah If you add more it'll be- Ok, so I think that my eye-eye are done I just have to smear it off Now! Smearing off eyes Oh my gosh That was too much, that was way too much Girl needs to calm down Okay I look like KISS Okay! I am happy with this blue side My crying makeup, from the rain The wetness Now move onto The pink- I mean the red side But now, I feel this is- it's good Even the A/C was off, I think we'd be good Take a break Ahhh! Wait, what does she do? Sippy Sippy!You ready?Sippy Sippy! Aaaah! So she has.

some red lipstick Or you- the red pencil, use that, she- for the lips oooooooooooooooo Okay so the left side of her lipstick is the one that's.

Like smudged?Smudged- it's the left side, right? Okay, it's on the red side Okay, it's on the red side and we've gotta do the heart and the rotten, too Bit difficult, she's a little difficult Yeah, like- I'm, look at this What am I supposed to do? Eh! We're all smudged up Are you basically done? So, I~ am done, baby! Done, baby, done, baby Check out my outfit It's a bit risqué, huh? I'm doing get ready's with other people, and they all finish first, and I'm just still like- Well, finishing first is not necessarily a good thing If you know what I mean Oh my god Megan! This is a family-friendly show I know! They're gonna edit it out You sure about that Megan? I like it! It's not better than the one that Leo, who is also- does shows on Beauty Beast, did for me before But it's still good It's really pretty though And I don't have my eyelash glue so I can't glue this part down So see, it looks like like a real hairline when you glue it down But see, I didn't bring the glue, so it's hello Like that, eh HelloHahahaha But your eye shape is like really pretty for eye makeup I think Because you have really deep set eyes So it just looks like- if you slap anything on, it looks really pretty But anyway!!!Are you negating my makeup skills?No!!!!!! No???? Ahh, so that was our little get ready with me- hA HA I hope you guys found that enjoyable Yes~ Yes~ hopefully you got a little inspiration A little inspiration from that, maybe Wait! You didn't draw my heart! Well, it's too late now- You already No!I don't want it! Too late IDONWANITEDWARD Okay, fine, fine Okay so~ make sure to follow Megan on her Youtube channel, which will be linked down below Follow us on Instagram, which will be down there And yeah!!! We'll see you in our next video Hopefully together, you'll be back, cause it's not your first time here- It's not gonna be your first time here It's not going to be your only time here-Yeah, I was like, you're right! I've been in this room for the past couple years ~I don't know what I'm doing~ So have a good Halloween, and we'll see you in the next episode Bye-Bye! Annyeong!.

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